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  1. Great idea, but...... let's see now ........ let me think. Oh yeah, uhmm, the missus has a slightly different opinion about that. Yupp, she da man in da house! :-))
  2. OK, thanks for the bad news anyway. I won't shoot the messenger! Now I at least know it's useless to wait for an update. If I only had known this, I would have settled for a HD500 instead, but oh well .... I'd better start scouting eBay for a VDI/USB-interface then.
  3. @TheRealZap Everything between the HD500X and the Variax 600 is communicating OK. The HD500X shows correctly when I'm changing presets on my Variax. But, Workbench 1.75 just says "No connection or no device" and does not react to what I do on the Variax. When I refresh the Workbench window to the right, it scans, beeps and says "no connection". So, it seems that I'm stuck with the presets I have on the Variax 600 until Line6 fixes Workbench. I sure did not see this problem coming when I happily updated from my XTLive to the HD500X.
  4. @TheRealZap OK, thanks for the quick reply. I assume that you're referring to WorkBench HD 2.0? Sorry, No can do, since I have a Variax 600 :-(( Cheers / Chris
  5. @RealZap Hi, You were expecting a fix from Line6 soon in the beginning of August for this issue. Now it's mid-October and no fix in sight yet! It seems that everybody is content with the VDI/USB work-around ?!? Personally I threw away my USB interface years ago when I bought an XTLive, which I recently sold and got a HD500X. Any news about the Workbench fix for HD500X? Do I really have to buy another Workbench kit? Cheers / Chris from Sweden
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