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  1. OwnHammer (r)Evolution pack for multi IR pack that has most classic speakers and cabs you'll need for many amp types. OwnHammer Heavy Hitter 2 for metal. The (r)Evolution pack should get you covered for everything, including metal. https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=192_193&products_id=449
  2. Exactly the same thing happened to me updating my brand new Helix to 2.80. Change USB port. Preferably one on the back of your computer. What strange that it was working on the first USB port and started updating, but died during update.... I had to change USB ports for the Helix to be recognized again.
  3. Another big thing I have to mention with Helix modeling is the power amp controls (Master Volume, Presense, Resonance) behave like on the real amp they modeled, while on the Axe-Fx they are tweaked to be more "ear-pleasing" and might not represent the real amp. Especially the Master Volume and Presence controls. Most real power amps already distorting at master volume of 2-3 as on the Helix,, while on the Axe-Fx 3 the the power amp is still clean at 5. That's one of the biggest differences people hear between the two. Try a Master Volume setting of 1.5-2 on the Helix to be equal to AxeFx on 5,, especially with high gain amps. As I already said,, the Helix uses a modeling behavior technology which measured from the real amps and represents them much more accurately than the AxeFx which is approximated from the schematics.
  4. Two completely different modeling technologies. AxeFx uses SPICE schematic modeling which might not be exactly accurate as the real amp even though all components in the schematic are drawn according to the schematic. Helix team measures each gain stage in a REAL AMP and get frequency response in each node of the REAL AMP they model, and only then model the behavior of each node digitally, thus creating an almost identical digital representation of the real amp they used. This behavior modeling includes all the knobs and complex relationships from input to speaker, (negative feedback. impedance curve, power and output transformers, etc..). If you think AxeFx is more accurate you are wrong. Helix amp models are fundamentally more accurate as explained above.
  5. v2.91 will fix that, and boot time should remain as fast as v2.90. Can't think why this huge bug wasn't caught in almost 9 months of beta testing. What, for 9 months no beta tester turned the volume knob or used the footswitches immediately after turning on the unit?
  6. From Digital Igloo: Reboot again. Don't touch anything for 30 seconds. Should be fine. 2.91 hot fix coming very soon.
  7. Can't wait for this option in v3.0.
  8. I think it is off too. And they didn't emulate the bright cap either. I think it's time for them to redo the old models which they ported form the HD series to the Helix. I said it on TGP,, they had to nail the Marshall models FIRST, Marshall's are the benchmark for any amp modeler,, and the Helix Marshall's sounding different to other available modelers. The Trainwreck and Cartographer are amazing though and can do the Marshall sound even better. EDIT: I have to be clearer here. The Helix has infinitely more useful amp models than the JCM800 or Plexi,, but new users will usually go to these amps to benchmark the modeling quality, so they have to be as accurate as possible.
  9. I just canceled my G10S order, luckily they didn't ship it for a week. Nothing wrong with a cable at home or rehearsal, and I get to keep 250$.
  10. Customize Encoder Knob Rates https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Customize-Encoder-Knob-Rates/823438-23508 It's an old one but should be upvoted for them to see it.
  11. At least that means there was no hardware revision yet, and that's good. Yes, hopefully they will fix the 1/3 original battery life issue ASAP in the next firmware. They probably erroneously reduced the full charge capacity from 3.7v to 3v which resulted NOT in 80% battery capacity but more like 30%. Same thing with a 9V battery, if it's down to 7v that's not 80% but a dead battery. Seems like their math was off or something along those lines. Quick fixes without proper testing often produce such results, figures. Old batteries will not go to full Voltage capacity and that's what probably caused the overheating of old batteries, because the charger did not stop the charging,, (the provided transmitter USB charger cable for example). A proper charger will stop charging according to the Current derivative (charging rate/speed), NOT voltage capacity !! Once the current derivative is below certain threshold it should stop charging,, NOT VOLTAGE CAPACITY,,, and that accommodates any battery age. They destroyed the life span and usefulness for ALL G10/S owners, old and new alike,, all because of 4 reports, and poorly tested firmware. Line 6 should know better.
  12. Battery life or indication leds,, something went wrong after this firmware update according to many users. It could be a mis-calibration between the battery charge and indication leds of the transmitter and receiver. But does the battery actually die after mere 2 hours from full charge? Can anyone confirm/deny this besides phil_m? It's not healthy for a Lithium-Ion batteries to be discharged to zero, that's what actually shortens their life. If the indication leds are miscalibrated, how are we to know now? Should people just ignore the indication leds now? If it's just a charge calibration issue and the LEDs are wonky, there should be some kind of recalibration procedure.
  13. I bought a G10S this morning at a local shop, and started gathering information on the internet,, lots of praise on youtube,, total let down after that firmware update. I am going to cancel my order ASAP before they ship it to me,, I think that 2 hours is unacceptable. A reply by Line6: As in Hardware "updated"? I think Line 6 pulled all G10 unit from shelves because they do need some kind of hardware revision and not only firmware update. Otherwise they would not have pulled it if a simple firmware update is all that needed to fix the issue. All current transmitters are basically 'crippled' by this update to not supposedly overheat. They will replace the old transmitter but not clearly state that the current hardware is flawed?
  14. So has there been a transmitter hardware revision or not? What was the purpose of the entire G10 lineup hardware recall if all that was needed is a firmware update? I bought a G10S a few hours ago, and would really appreciate a sincere reply.
  15. https://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-amp-models/ https://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-effect-models/ https://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-cabinet-models/
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