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  1. Sorry for the offtopic, but I can't find a better place to post it. Anyone seeing this oddity too with Firefox? I've started seeing this in the past month or so. I don't know who the administrators is so I don't know who to tag about this issue.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/350135866929391 So sad it is on facebook only. :(
  3. This. Please keep bluetooth, ipads, iphones, iclouds, and all other obsolete-next-year toys far away from professional guitar gear.
  4. Did you solve this? Did you try rolling back to 3.00? I am certain that if it is a software problem, it is solvable.
  5. FS 6+12 update mode only works with Line 6 Updater not HX Edit. Try running the Updater first, then powering on the Helix with 6+12. Change USB pot.
  6. Try reflashing the firmware with Line6 Updater. Boot the helix in Update Mode (hold footswitches 6 + 12, power on), and use the Updater to flash the "Flash Memory (5MB)" of v3.01 you can find in the download section. Don't worry about presets, and backups now, first resurrect your Helix.
  7. First try the headphones output on your LT. How do you connect your LT to the audio system, USB, SPDIF, XLR, 1/4", audio interface? Please describe the entire chain from helix to speakers., need more information.
  8. There are multiple ways as you suggested. You can Bypass Assign a single footswitch with multiple blocks to it to enable lead sound, and assign MIDI CC# 0-69 to it. ie. overdrive, parametric eq with mid push and 5db gain boost. Or you can change Snapshots with MIDI CC# 69, 0-7, as you said. Both work equally well. edit: If you want to change a parameter (Gain, Volume) on a already ON block via MIDI you would use Controller Assign. So there, three ways to activate Lead sound with MIDI in a single patch. Which way is 'better' is completely up to you.
  9. I don't use any converters. RCA cable from Helix to Focusrite. I also use Helix Floor so there is no Clock Source setting in the Helix, I believe it is always Internal.
  10. Are you absolutely sure that the Tendak is not causing any issues? Try to switch the clock sources of the Apollo to Internal, so both are Internal and check if you get any sound. My Focusrite Saffire doesn't lock sync with SPDIF when its Sync Source is set to External.
  11. Yes, in "Global Settings" at "Preset Mode Switches" you can mix Snapshots/Stomp/Preset. Or you can use the Command Center to mix just about everything with everything in the Helix.
  12. That's for sure. Have we ever got a 0.1 update without any new stuff? Nope. I bought my Helix Floor back in March 2020 with firmware 2.72, and every firmware I updated since delivered plenty of new goodies. I love the Helix platform.
  13. I bet a million bucks this ease-of-life "issue" will be attended and fixed in v3.1.
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