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  1. Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has experienced a similar error. Yesterday I updated my Helix Floor to version 3.15 and until an hour ago it worked perfectly. But suddenly, this error has started to appear "Failed to load preset. Timeout waiting for a response from device. [code -8212]" The device hangs and the HELIX EDIT application does not detect the Helix, which is connected by usb to an Imac with High Sierra 10,13,6 I have to reboot every two minutes. Could someone help me? Thanks a lot
  2. SenseiJuancho

    IRs Doubt

    Hello friends, maybe it's an obvious question, but when I download Customtone presets, many times I find that they have IR's in the chain, but they don't appear. Is there any way to know what kind of IR's should be put in that empty space to get closer to the original sound of whoever created it? Or unfortunately it is a matter of trying one by one until you get a good sound? I hope your kind help. Thanks a lot
  3. II didn't press the parameter button before turning it, that was the silly mistake. Thanks a million, now it works perfectly
  4. I´m trying to create a few snapshots for my presets , but i can´t understand why nothing works... My real example is i try to change the drive level in a overdrive pedal that i ve in sshot 1 (2.0 dB) and put it in sshot 2 modified to 4.0 dB. But when i go back to the Sshot1 is in 4.0 db too. What i´m doing wrong? Do i have to save pressing any key or button? I´ve tried too with another parameters like delay or chorus and nothing again...any suggestion? Thanks, people !
  5. I use the Helix as a audio interface but i hear the sound using the Imac output to the speakers
  6. I´m recording guitars in Logic X, (I EDITED MY POST)
  7. Yesterday I was RECORDING GUITARS with the Helix connected via USB to my Imac and suddenly My guitar stopped playing in real time and began to be heard in a delayed way, as if there was a latency of two or more seconds between what I played and what was sounded through of the Helix. I would like to know if any colleague on this forum has had a similar situation. It is quite an inconvenient problem since I had to restart both the Pedalboard and the iMac on several occasions. And it does not give me any guarantee of safety, Go to a work session with a problem like this, which forces me to restart or delay the job continuously. My workflow is guitar to Helix (FIRM 3.01) to IMAC High Sierra (OSX 10.13.6) via USB. Thank you all for your support and advice.
  8. Hello friends, I think this is an easy question and if so I apologize, but I have been more than two months with my Helix in the technical service and with many problems with the product distributor in my area and I want to check the device in detail . In principle, I think it is finally fixed, but I have a doubt. When I press the BANK button (bank up or bank down) to access a new bank of sounds, do the presets of the new bank I arrive at have to flash until I press one of them? It may be normal, but with so much tension built up, I've completely forgotten about it. Thanks everyone for your help.
  9. hello again, a new problem has appeared in this madness that I have suffered since Saturday. The helix does not respond to the simultaneous pressing of buttons 6 and 12, which prevents me from entering update mode. It also does not react to other combinations. The firmware name, the red load line appears on the screen, but nothing else happens. Is there any way to totally reset the machine? I have installed old versions (2.91 and 2.92), from mac and PC ... and the result is the same. I have followed the steps of the technical service but I can't get anything ... Has something like this happened to anyone else? The device is new, it has not suffered shocks, electric shocks, humidity, smoke ... This is painfully strange!
  10. Thank you all for your recommendations. I did all the processes from the beginning, uninstalled all the drivers on my imac and reinstalled them. I used the Updater and with the Helix in Update Mode (pressing the 6 + 12 buttons) I tried to install the previous version of the firmware that did not give me problems, 2.92. And the result is the one I show in the attached video, the random change of programs and buttons continues. Someone suggested to me that there might be some problems with OSx and Helix. Would it be a good idea to try to install it from a Windows PC? Vídeo (1).MOV
  11. datacommandoI have followed all the steps carefully, but unfortunately I have not been able to fix the problem. I have tried all the button combinations but nothing changes. When HELIX finishes loading the firmware, the programs change randomly and without responding to the buttons. No lights or letters in the rectangles, no button works by pressing, only the dance between programs that I can watch synchronously in the HX edit in the iMac screen. And one last thing, when I restart the Helix by pressing buttons 6 and 12, Hx Edit does not recognize the device. I can't believe this disaster...
  12. thanks for your answer. I have installed the latest Line6 Updater updates, I have turned on the Helix in Update mode, pressing buttons 6 and 12, until "Entered Update mode!" Has appeared on the screen. But the iMac does not detect the Helix. "Select device to update" appears on the Updater screen, but there is nothing to choose, it is a black box. I don´t know how to install the flash memory in other way, is it possible? I think I'm going to uninstall all the line 6 items in my iMac and reinstall them again, to see if something new happens.
  13. My Helix has died. I have tried to start it up after a week off and I have found the unpleasant surprise that when it has finished loading the firmware 3.01 that it has installed, programs have started to appear on the screen jumping from one to another and without me play nothing, the 31B to the 1C to the 30A and the 1B .... Completely crazy. The 12 metal buttons did not work and except for 11 it was lit red and 12 was flashing red. They also didn't work when pressing any of the black buttons below the screen. No names or lights appeared above the metal buttons. I have made several attempts and the same result has always come out when I turn it on. Desperate, I have decided to try to restore its factory settings by turning on the propeller while pressing buttons 11 and 12 at the same time but it has not worked either. So I have connected it via USB to my iMac with High Sierra 10.13.6. I have installed the latest update of HX Edit and it recognized the helix but when I wanted to click on a present I got an error message saying "Failed to load preset. Timeout waiting for a response from device. I have tried different USB cables, different usb ports, also rebooting by pressing buttons 7 and 8. I have tried to import and export .hlx files in HX EDIT with success, but I have not been able to recover previous backups with the extension .hxb. Nothing has worked, my helix is not responding to anything and I desperately need this device to work. Please, I beg any ideas to fix it. I apologize for my English, it is not my mother tongue, I hope I was understood. Thanks a lot. Juancho (PD: Photo 1 buttons 11 and 12 are in red. Photo2, only 11 )
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