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  1. I’m looking into the powercab vs buying a small combo. I use the helix direct but there are cases where I need an amp. I still use the helix for my effects with my Marshall’s but was wondering thoughts on advantages where you would use a small amp for gigs etc. thoughts?
  2. Thanks all for the input. I am still undecided what to do but am thinking I may update just so I can sync my phone and iPad.
  3. Thanks all for the advice. I am going to hold off as long as I can. I just use the hex edit and garage band with headphones out of the helix most of the time using the helix lt as my audio interface.
  4. HI all, Any update on when we will be able to update? Apple is asking me to do this to be able to sync my phone which I really need to do.
  5. Has anyone had any luck getting a good Duane allman tone on the helix? Any tips? Looking for that Duane searing sound with bark.
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