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  1. that's the thing I've had it professionally checked out .. and they cant see anything wrong with it , but its clearly has an issue. has any one else seen anything like this ?
  2. Ok really annoyed .. I've invested thousands in line 6 Live sound, so the mixer and L3T tops etc. all have been great and the 6 support has been excellent but .. Needed a Sub to go with it so bought a L3S second hand as brand new they are very very expensive. . and im so glad I didn't get this brand new the sub is REALLY under powered, the drivers are a pair of 250 watt and no where near the 1200 watt advertised.!!!!!! the sound is muddy and weak see below .. The issue I experienced was when I turn up passed 12 o'clock I'm getting all kinds of ugly distortion and everything just shakes rumbles .. because I don't have another to compare too I assumed this is how they sound , but had a VERY experienced speaker engineer/ technician take a look at it out and he sent me the following report , I need to know if anyone has had the same issue or if this is normal operation ???????????? " This Line 6 L3s was presented to us for repair/inspection along with the complaint of poor output levels and poor Bass performance. Upon inspection, the lower bass driver in enclosure exhibited signs of mild breakup. No physical damage was visible, however, an AC impedance measurement yielded a possible shorted turn at an impedance of 2.13ohms @1khz. A driver replacement was recommended, but we feel this would not significantly improve matters in terms of increased bass levels. The amplifier modules were then tested at 200hz applied to the rear input panel and the loudspeaker outputs were terminated into a precision 4-ohm dummy load. Both modules produced an output of 21 volts RMS each which equates to 110.25 watts RMS per module into each 4-ohm driver @200hz. At this time the internal limiter came into operation and no further increase in output was possible. Due to the fact, there are no alignment procedures in the service manual, We were unable to confirm if this very conservative amount of limiting is implimentd to protect the drivers and amplifier modules, and is indeed correct or if an issue exists. However, It is also interesting to note in the published specifications Line 6 only lists a "peak" output power of 622w per amplifier and not a continuous RMS output. We are of the opinion this figure is somewhat meaningless In a real world environment and precludes us from quantifying any measurements. Given that the Hypex amplifier modules used in this product are only rated at 250w RMS And the drivers are rated at 350w RMS coupled with the limited amount of specifications and calibration data available to us, We are of the opinion this unit is functioning within the manufacturer's designed criteria. " over to you guys have I just wasted £800 or can something be done ???
  3. ok my Md20 just developed a white screen, the buttons all light up etc but the screen is just white after leaving it booted up for a while and then a few power cycles it come back eventually at the moment.. any idea how i can tfix it ? its a great mixer and get loads of comments on how it all sounds esp now we have the l3t's to go with it
  4. were a 5 piece rockband "kamikazee millionaires " mettalica, shinedown, black stone cherry etc..we use the md20 and two l3t's and some passive subs and its way big enough for us .. but love the sound on those subs
  5. if its updated to the 1.2 firmware then go to perform mode, select fader view then press outs .. use the master out fader instead of the nob
  6. had the mixer for about 2 years now and just bought 2x l3t's they sound great far paly and setup for us is about 4o minutes with a load in time of about 15 great product but my mixer just decided to stop working.. just displays a white screen
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