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  1. It would be great if Line6 could set up a function that allows a subscribers, for any single product he wants, to receive an alert as soon was a new software update is released. We could thus avoid checking each and every day on the site, to know if a new software update is on.
  2. I didn't realize my english was so bad ;( I was not able to explain my thought. Let me try and explain once more what I was complaining for. Let's assume you buy a Helix Floor because you want to take a tour in the "digital world". Let's say you pay 1.400 $ for it. After some months you realize that's not for you and you try and sell your Helix. 1.100 $ be a reasonable price for a mint condition Helix floor. This could be the case before Helix Native showed up. In the Helix Native era, should you decide to sell the same stuff (possibly having also paid 99 $ for Native) the buyer will possibly tell you he'd like to have Native too. Your Helix will not be worth more than 800/900 $. Maybe I'm wrong but I guess the buyer is wright. Line 6 do have to take into consideration "used" value of their equipment: it affects people attitude to by expensive products.
  3. At the end of the day Native is lowering Helix cureent owners value. I'm sure that was not Lime6 goal but it is a problem that has to be fixed. A poosible solution could be allowing gifting with Native.
  4. I bought Helix Floor one year ago and I bought Native as soon as it was released (99 $). I' m now selling Helix and I will not use Native any more. I should be allowed to sell Helix Floor together with Native licence (which I paid for). If this will not be the case, Line6 Native price policy will penalize current Helix owners. In fact the value of pre-owned Helix Floor should drop roughly 300 usd just because they are not eligible for Helix native discount. If you then buy Native, like I did, you loose 99 $ more. IMMO there's something wrong. Native was intended to add value to Helix not to reduce it...
  5. strao61

    Coming soon...

    I'm having the second one and the third will be...coming soon! :rolleyes:
  6. strao61

    Coming soon...

    Any idea when soon will be?
  7. I've been told 2017 spring's end seems to have a huge latency... maybe a couple of months...
  8. Travelling with my guitar+mac, coming home with new sounds and plug them into my helix it's not just a nice to have. That's a way to really boost Helix power. I'm leaving there again tomorrow and I'll miss Native!
  9. strao61

    Firmware Update

    The link just worked for a couple of minutes. Then they realized they forgot to resad last 1327 ideascale topics and they restarted the development proced. But for sure we'll get a nice gift for Chistmas...2019 ;)))
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