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  1. Hi, This must be a simple problem unique to me. Because I can’t find any info on it anywhere. I just purchased a HX Stomp. I then purchased a couple preset packs (definitely jumped the gun on that as I didn’t even have HX Edit installed). I now have HX Edit installed and working for me. But I cannot find anywhere how to download the preset packs I purchased. I have looked all over....I think. But nothing. I sure I am overlooking something obvious! I can see them in my purchases and there is an activation code there. But I can’t figure out how to get them. Thanks for the help.
  2. I was very annoyed with my G70. Drop outs. Updated and scan for best channel at every gig and still drop outs. I always kept it in my pocket. Like they say not to do but was never a problem with the G55. I finally purchased a wireless pouch for my strap and dropouts are gone. I still scan for channels but I am getting lazy about it because no more dropouts. For me, it has become a very solid unit. I was days away from selling it and going back to the G55. Glad I kept it.
  3. I didn’t know why they never have. We worked hard on this and tried to get them to through several post on their idea page. It’s been a long time since I have posted, so I’m not sure where that is now. But I do get email alerts from time to time. It has been suggested many times for sure. I would get some the day I heard they were out!
  4. I haven't been around for a while. Thought I would stop by and see how things were going. I traded my m20d in about 6 months ago or something like that. It is a great mixer. Made my life very easy for over a year. I wasn't looking do updates. What I really wanted was expandability. It was amazing with our four piece band. And using it with 2 l3s's, 2 l3t's, and a couple of l2m's made setting up, and getting almost instantly good sound in any room is something I must admit I haven't really seen since. It still amazes me how well all those units work together (speakers and mixer). I still have all the speakers. And I really like them and do get s good sound. But when it came to doing more live sound for other bands, and especially outdoors where you want 5 mics on just the drums, a stereo keyboard, a couple guitars and 4 vocals, etc, the outputs really got eaten up fast. Yes, possible, but limited for sure. I have gone with the behringer x32rack. Again, the m20d was great, and I never would have gotten rid of it if they just came out with a digital stage box that allowed more inputs, or something like that. And a couple more monitor mixes which I thought would be not too hard with their Link technology. But, I know nothing about what is under the hood. Love my line 6 products. Speakers, g55 wireless and xd75 wireless mic. Great stuff!
  5. Hijacking the thread a bit. There are a few options but the best by far has been a router, hard wired via ethernet cable to the M20D using an Apple branded USB to ethernet adapter. Then, connect your ipad via the router.
  6. You are right, I didn't test, but for me, I am almost certain it was because of all the 2.4GHz in the room. So likely not the same as your problem. It never happened when the venue was empty during sound check, just later on when the venue was full. Empty room - no problem, full room - dropped connection.
  7. I have been a big supporter of Line 6 M20D and the speakers. Have 2 L3s's, 2 L3t's, and 3 L2m's. Love them. Had an M20D for almost 2 years maybe and it was flawless. So have the speakers been. No complaints. But with no updates in a year, and no talk of it, and also having "maxed out" the board capacity more than not in the end, I sold it and picked up one of the new rack units that have come out. A few companies have them now, and they are as small and light, and even more powerful. I love it. And it sounds great through the speakers. But I do miss the L6 link technology. Two things will happen. Either the M20D is done (but still great for a small band), or they will soon "wow" us. I hope not the latter now that mine is gone!
  8. I have never had a problem connecting, but did go through a period of constantly losing connection and reconnecting. Using a router with 5GHz (airport express for me, but there are others) ended the problem. Good connection and stays connected.
  9. I personally waited for well over a year for such expansion. I agree the L6 Link should have the ability to do more. And so much has happened in the last couple years. I finally sold my board and replaced with one of the newer rack systems. It's great. I kept all my line 6 speakers. They still impress me.
  10. I have this as well. A reboot and the headphone jack works fine. Then, it eventually loses one side, and then both. Reboot...all good. Need to get it serviced I guess. Just don't use the headphone jack that much.
  11. That buzz when playing E F or D is a known issue and all of the speakers with the issue are to be covered at no cost to you, and they should not even be sold any longer in that con diction. Line 6 recognized the problem, and addressed it with a fix. You dealer should cover it with a new part from line 6. It is the fan if I remember. Do a search on the forum for the annoying buzz! Info there.
  12. I would get in touch with Line 6 right away. They will tell you where to send it. Sooner the better.
  13. It has better than a red light. It has a meter! Shows exactly where you are. Set it so it is just bouncing around the "0db" mark Try it! Sounds like you have already done it. In fader view, you can also set it to be one of the meters you can constantly view (I set level as the main, with inout gain at the bottom). I knew it was in the other modes too, just didn't know you did so I started with one way. I think you know what to do. Don't set it to hit the top (or side) as the clip. But wherever the setting ends up, as long as it is not clipping, then you are good right? It goes from nothing to a distorted clip. You will find it. Like I said, I set mine to line that would be the "0db" mark. I have lots of level, and a lot of headroom with the levels. I then set trim tracking to on, so I know I won't clip during the night. Works awesome.
  14. I set mine manually. At the top left of the screen beside the "Setups" box, there is a green "level" button. Press it and you can change it to "trim" (I think it is trim....going on memory here...but I know it is red). Then, your encoder knobs will set the gain. You can set the gain with all levels completely off. Just like an old analog board.
  15. That in the picture above my post, is exactly what line 6 needs to incorporate into the m20d. I don't know how...not my job...but I think I want one. Damn! I thought I was done buying gear for a while! I bet the line 6 speakers would sound just as awesome through a mackie board! I find myself doing more sound than playing these days. Would sure love more ins and outs.
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