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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, Would love to see the current Workbench or Editor software ported over to the iPad. Much easier to perform with an iPad than my laptop.
  2. I think I've discovered perhaps why sometimes the iPad app just won't connect to the m20d Stagescape at all, maybe..would love to hear if anyone else has experienced similar issue to confirm my findings. Here's the usual scenario, and it happened again about two weeks ago: Mixer is already setup and on etc, I do some sound checks, i start recording, then I try connecting ipad but it just gets stuck searching or something and can't connect to it. I try everything like rebooting iPAD a couple times, making sure iPAD is connected to the same wifi hotspot. The StageScape is connected by WIRED ETHERNET (via USB ethernet dongle) to a good powerful 3 antenna wifi access point, when it does connect usually works fine close and far also. So I tried disconnecting from wifi network, reconnecting, all kinds of things to no avail. I even tried removing power from the Wifi Access point and rebooting the wifi router and then reconnecting ipad and trying to reconnect to the Stagescape with the ipad app and still the exact same thing. Nothing I tried worked. I ended up having to stand up (yea sucked no tall stool available and m20d was up kinda high) for an hour or more when I already was feeling light-headed that day so wasn't fun at all, the remote control was the reason to get that m20d so I really hope we can improve on these connection issues. Interestingly and luckily the recording ran out of SDCARD space right when live event finished, I haven't had a chance to look at the files, I'm hoping they weren't corrupted due to having run out of space while recording. Now I think what would have FIXED my issue, is REBOOTING the m20d Stagescape. Many times that's what I do if I have connection issues but unfortunately sometimes I don't have time to mess with the iPAD first so I get the audio done quick and then if event is already underway I can't really "Reboot" the Stagescape to fix iPAD connection issues. What I think is happening is that I'm guessing that sometimes there's a glitch and when the M20D is Booting it does not get a PROPER IP or something, so during that bootup process either the router wasn't ready to hand-out or the Stagescape glitched somehow in grabbing it via dhcp, anyway somekind of network glitch results in the Stagescape not getting a proper network connection on bootup. BUT there should be a way for us to RESET the NETWORKING on the Stagescape without having to reboot the mixer completely. Is there any info panel anywhere that will show us more detailed networking information on the Stagescape? It would be very useful for diagnosing. I'm thining though that likely the current firmware doesn't provide a good way to reset the networking and it might only happen properly by rebooting the stagescape. Has anyone had similar experience where they could not connect to the Stagescape from the ipad app until they REBOOTED the mixer? I'm hoping this can be fixed in a firmware update where we can have a method to tell mixer to try and 'renew' IP ADDRESS or reset network or something like that without requiring a reboot to clear its brains. I do recommend to everyone though to ditch any of the USB wifi dongles and just connect a good wifi access point to the stagescape via USB ethernet. I tried with USB wifi dongles but its just much better with wifi router. If we can get some feature to reset networking on stagescape etc I think it will really help establishing successful remote connection if it fails on first try. Otherwise if somehow there's a proper way to reset the m20d networking without rebooting, that I've missed, I'd love to know, thanks! (maybe unplugging USB ethernet dongle and plugging it back in? I can't remember if I tried that or if I just unpowered the wifi router or temporarily unplugged cat5e ethernet cable)
  3. Hello Line6 Support Team, just wanted to know if the IPad app is already tested with iOS8 and if I can install version 8 next week without having troubles with the M20d remote app?
  4. Hi all, I was just thinking about how the Ipad App for the M20D could get somewhat better. What about if the Ipad App could accept something like midi program changes on the Ipad or an Audiobus Signal, so, that when you have a setlist app for all your songs and you go and flip to the next the M20 automatically changes the scene to the corresponded song. Without having to sort all the scenes on the M20. Would love to see something like this. Just imagine: You flip the lyrics on your set list app, the M20D changes the scene and all your lights switch to the right mood.. all your devices are set up by just one click or tap :)
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