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  1. Fastest way to get iphone app, Android app, Windows PC/MAC OSX apps, and more:
  2. When you had your disconnection issues, was there an issue with your iPAD wifi link to your router? In other words do you know if you lost actual WIFI connectivity from your router to the iPAD or was it just the connection to m20d that went dead? I'm guessing you may have not tested to ascertain that so I'm thinking in your case your iPAD was dropping wifi connection and reconnecting etc. In my case iPAD wifi was working perfectly no problem, just couldn't connect to Stagescape that's why it seems like the StageScape did not have a proper working connection to the wifi router and would only be fixable on rebooting the m20d. Maybe dboomer can check to see if there's any diagnostics info on the Stagescape we can access somehow, or if he can confirm what the Stagescape does if it initially fails with dhcp/obtaining IP etc, does it try to recreate/renew connection or how can we force the stagescape to reset its own network connection without having to reboot it entirely which of course is not really an option during a live event.
  3. Thanks, that would be yes and no. I did not try that in the particular incident I mentioned above, but I did try that before other times and it did not help. Is there a way to make the stagescape show us some more info? some secret tap here tap there and get some detailed network stats/settings etc? In other words I want a way to check if the m20d thinks it is connected to the router properly and if its sending and receiving packets from it. Since if its not, which is what I think was happening, it can't be fixed from ipad side, it won't work until the link between the Stagescape itself and the router is fixed. If there isn't a way now to check, I really think you guys should add some way to access a network diagnostics info panel through a firmware update since it should greatly help diagnose any connection issues. Sometimes the connection problem might indeed be between iPad and Wifi router, but in my case I think connection issue was between Wifi router and m20d via the wired usb ethernet adapter because the iPAD was communicating fine with the Wifi Router so it makes sense that the issue was likely with the Stagescape's direct wired connection to the router.
  4. I think I've discovered perhaps why sometimes the iPad app just won't connect to the m20d Stagescape at all, maybe..would love to hear if anyone else has experienced similar issue to confirm my findings. Here's the usual scenario, and it happened again about two weeks ago: Mixer is already setup and on etc, I do some sound checks, i start recording, then I try connecting ipad but it just gets stuck searching or something and can't connect to it. I try everything like rebooting iPAD a couple times, making sure iPAD is connected to the same wifi hotspot. The StageScape is connected by WIRED ETHERNET (via USB ethernet dongle) to a good powerful 3 antenna wifi access point, when it does connect usually works fine close and far also. So I tried disconnecting from wifi network, reconnecting, all kinds of things to no avail. I even tried removing power from the Wifi Access point and rebooting the wifi router and then reconnecting ipad and trying to reconnect to the Stagescape with the ipad app and still the exact same thing. Nothing I tried worked. I ended up having to stand up (yea sucked no tall stool available and m20d was up kinda high) for an hour or more when I already was feeling light-headed that day so wasn't fun at all, the remote control was the reason to get that m20d so I really hope we can improve on these connection issues. Interestingly and luckily the recording ran out of SDCARD space right when live event finished, I haven't had a chance to look at the files, I'm hoping they weren't corrupted due to having run out of space while recording. Now I think what would have FIXED my issue, is REBOOTING the m20d Stagescape. Many times that's what I do if I have connection issues but unfortunately sometimes I don't have time to mess with the iPAD first so I get the audio done quick and then if event is already underway I can't really "Reboot" the Stagescape to fix iPAD connection issues. What I think is happening is that I'm guessing that sometimes there's a glitch and when the M20D is Booting it does not get a PROPER IP or something, so during that bootup process either the router wasn't ready to hand-out or the Stagescape glitched somehow in grabbing it via dhcp, anyway somekind of network glitch results in the Stagescape not getting a proper network connection on bootup. BUT there should be a way for us to RESET the NETWORKING on the Stagescape without having to reboot the mixer completely. Is there any info panel anywhere that will show us more detailed networking information on the Stagescape? It would be very useful for diagnosing. I'm thining though that likely the current firmware doesn't provide a good way to reset the networking and it might only happen properly by rebooting the stagescape. Has anyone had similar experience where they could not connect to the Stagescape from the ipad app until they REBOOTED the mixer? I'm hoping this can be fixed in a firmware update where we can have a method to tell mixer to try and 'renew' IP ADDRESS or reset network or something like that without requiring a reboot to clear its brains. I do recommend to everyone though to ditch any of the USB wifi dongles and just connect a good wifi access point to the stagescape via USB ethernet. I tried with USB wifi dongles but its just much better with wifi router. If we can get some feature to reset networking on stagescape etc I think it will really help establishing successful remote connection if it fails on first try. Otherwise if somehow there's a proper way to reset the m20d networking without rebooting, that I've missed, I'd love to know, thanks! (maybe unplugging USB ethernet dongle and plugging it back in? I can't remember if I tried that or if I just unpowered the wifi router or temporarily unplugged cat5e ethernet cable)
  5. Yep that's why I strongly recommended, even many months ago over private emails with Line6 that they open up a "Developer API", I even offered to create the Android App. The other way to have done this was install a webserver inside the m20d and then anyone could access it from "ANY" device over HTML5 but this will require more work on their part for the changes. My proposal that they release a "Developer API" is quite simple for them to do, and would allow anyone with some programming ability to create Apps on "Any" platform to communicate with the m20d/Stagescape. This way tons of the feature requests can be implemented by the community without Line6 having to lift a finger :) The reason this is simple is basically the iPAD app is simply 'talking' sending messages back and forth to the m20d/stagescape. All you have to know is the "Alphabet" of that lingo/language that they talk with and you can talk with the StageScape m20d very easily from "any" platform, imagine making small monitor only apps for small devices/phones or even for ANDROID SMART-Watches, band member can swipe up or down to change their own volume by a little bit etc...or imagine controlling the StageScape from a Windows 7 PC or Windows 8 PC or MAC OS X or even LINUX or 'any' device. Yes, the community can make all of this a reality, if only they had a simple "Developer Api" describing the communication protocol between the m20d and the iPAD. I've looked at 'all' of the requests posted on ideascale and the majority of them can be implemented by the community if we had a Developer Api.
  6. I was able to change my username/nickname now from Ideascale user profile settings so that's good, I changed it to more closely match my user on here.
  7. I hope someone at Line6 has stock in Ideascale or something, otherwise I don't see why they decided on it versus setting something up yourselves. I'm not impressed with ideascale at all. You could have easily installed open source Pligg I just registered on Ideascale: 1. There was no place to choose a nickname, I think it takes the stuff before the @ in our email address we use and uses that as our nickname visible on the forum? They say they don't display your "email address" for privacy but when everyone uses gmail or one other, its kind of funny using everything before the @ as the nickname and then claiming protection of your email address. Good thing I used another junk email address of mine when I registered with them. 2. I didn't get prompted to choose a password and I didn't even get an email with a password, I had to use the 'forgot password' on their site and then I did get a link to 'reset' my password. I think they assumed everyone would sign in with their Facebook account or twitter and their regular registration system is iffy... (ok so these are minor complaints.) 3. IT's just a JUNGLE out there! No moderation it seems! Duplicated or similar Ideas/Feature-requests which should be merged. Also its much more useful to let us vote in a way that shows our PRIORITIES, the way the setup is now is very disorganized and I can not show that although I voted for several features, I can not give MORE WEIGHT to particular feature compared to the others I voted on also. That's the benefit of a more customizable POLL where one can vote on a certain subset of features to be given priority over others. Anyway I will use the system for now since its there and people already started using it so would be too late to switch this late but I hope in the future Line6 would consider doing these kind of things in-house instead of outsourcing to other sites. Perhaps the marketers thought Ideascale must be something hip and happening that was going to bring them more 'buzz' just for having a presence on there, 'ala facebook. I'll try and go over my past recommendations and vote on existing ones over there or make new entries.
  8. Hi Arne, thanks for the affirmation on that, its reassuring. Appreciate all the time you've taken in reading my emails over quite some time. Many thanks! Dboomer, I appreciate the explanation on ideascale, it does sound good that there's a voting method etc. I wish we could login with our Line6 username/password instead of make a new one. But if its the best way to get a request implemented I may have no choice but to join. I honestly always disliked such 'crowd-sourcing' companies though, having found them to be quite greedy and make easy money off the backs of others' hard work through hefty 'fees', many times even hidden fees. So I would have preferred if Line6 had their own Forum where I'm sure many of us would have volunteered to take suggestions inside of a thread and break them up into a POLL of features that everyone could then VOTE on. This would accomplish exactly the SAME thing Ideascale does, wouldn't it? Even on Ideascale I assume someone has to regurgitate our rambling/feature-requests into a more concise format that can be voted on more easily such that it would become evident which features are the most urgently requested. Who is doing that on Ideascale? (Yes I will go ahead and grudgingly register :D ) Also it would be good to know/differentiate between voting on something for a firmware update, versus something that may only be doable on StageScape II etc.
  9. I Agree! I don't want or need yet 'another' account somewhere. Setup a FORUM on here dedicated for it and its enough. Who is Ideascale? Do I really want to open an account with them? Sure you can login easily with Facebook or twitter etc but what if we don't use all those time-wasters? Also its a bit frustrating that I spent a lot of time thinking of things and giving you what I think is good feedback, and then I'm told, oh by the way, you should post your ideas and suggestions at ideascale because, the managers/decision-makers/higherups will actually see them then. So basically that made it seem that whatever we've emailed you guys and suggested just evaporated into thin air and went nowhere, now sorry if that's not the case and I hope it isn't but I'm just saying that's kind of how it came across. So I second the suggestion by jamin that you would consider a forum thread over here for suggestions instead of using other services/ideascale etc. Here's a couple suggestions that would have come in handy today, a couple of these suggestions I'm sure I already made by email quite some time ago. 1. Make it so that Recording could be triggered based on Audio 'level' detection on a particular input. So when say Input #4 hits certain volume/level, meaning someone started talking through the microphone, auto-start the recording. And/or even time based, start recording 15minutes from now and stop 1hr later. (Since m20d doesn't have a clock to know time, although as I've said you can sync date/timestamp from a connected iPAD and even use it to date-timestamp folders automatically to enable easy recording, just hit Record button and it records to date-timestamp folder) I've had times where I "forgot" to hit record and also later on forgot to hit stop record so have about 30-50minutes of trailing silence in the wavs to clean. 2. The FADERS view is a GREAT addition in v1.2firmware! THANK YOU!! Previously I had complained of the anxiety in trying to deal with those circular knobs on the iPAD. Now its MUCH MUCH Better! I would further appreciate some "Limits", at least on the iPAD side, where i can set locks so that I can't "Accidently" put the MASTER VOLUME way to low and silence everything by accident during a live event which I've done before! Same thing for the inputs, so would be nice if I can set some presets for the RANGE of level/volume on each input and the Master that i will let myself be able to move within by using the sliders. That way even if accidently swipe the screen some way, it will only change audio within specific limit/range. And you should be able to enable/disable these locks easily. In fact I would love to have a GLOBAL LOCK mode on the ipad so that I can keep the iPAD on the PERFORM and SETUP view but basically not worry about making 'changes', in other words a VIEW ONLY mode on the iPAD that lets you muck around go to different views, be able to see what's going on without worrying about accidently pressing something and messing up the live event. What would be REALLY nice is being able to PREVIEW to headphones on iPAD EFFECTS/Equalizer etc changes and then apply them. This wouldn't have to run real 'realtime', could even just record a snippet of audio, let you preview that snippet and then you can "apply" those presets etc you played with if sounds good and let the changes go out to live speakers. Yea, I know you're gonna say that's what Sound-Check time "before"-hand is for, but unfortunately many times just doesn't happen, main person may show up late etc. 3. Perhaps have a software MUTE-ALL button, I realize the Hardware button on the m20d the mute on there is not connected to software, but what I'm talking about is similar to how we can mute /silence any indiviual input while on the PERFORM mode. This is not a big deal for me but I thought might be good if who knows what happens that triggers killer feedback then you zap that emergency button, gives you a popup, sure you want to Mute All? Yes or No. (Most buttons for potentially 'dangerous' settings should have recallable preference whether to ask for confirmation or not...) I'll be happy to move my suggestions to a dedicated forum on line6 when/if that becomes available. Thanks!
  10. oh and i'm not 'that' lazy i just don't have it here right now to test and see for myself :D (and about the above question in previous post in between the recordings the m20d would be powered off, so idea is power on the m20d, plugin the new SDcard/HD or one with previous recordings on it, and be able to record again by just pressing record and thats it, without browsing sd/hd or selecting folder etc..)
  11. Ah ok i think i know the problem then, I was taking the SDcard out in between to download data after recording. Would this technique work by: 1. Plugin an SDCARD that has previous recordings on it. 2. Just press record without doing anything else? Or 1. Plugin an Empty SDCARD or Hard Drive 2. Just press record without doing anything else? This is the kind of functionality I was looking for, means a non-techie can put in their sdcard and press record, and voila a folder would be auto created for them on the sdcard and recording would commence. If it does work that would that'd be GREAT, will have to try it, i always assumed that after plugging in SDcard or HD, that i had to navigate to sdcard first, choose or make dir etc and only after hit record button...
  12. That would be great, are you talking about the m20d StageScape? I thought stevekc was withthe touchmix. If the StageScape does that, wonderful, can't wait to try it, strange that I wasn't corrected by Line6 when i asked for the feature, i've always gone to the root of the drive and clicked to create a new folder, typed a name etc, selected it , then hit record.
  13. @Racereese you should NOT worry and just enjoy your m20d stagescape, if its worked great for you so far it most likely will continue to work great, most of the issues you hear of on here showed up pretty quick, so if anything was wrong you'd have seen it by now. On the other hand, I do agree with you that it would be "wonderful' if Line6 would give some concrete 'confirmation' that they're working on future incarnations of the StageScape and/or new firmwares for the current one. Even Apple and other big manufacturers, as secretive as they like to be, even they HINT of new devices when competitors are on their heels so that customers remain loyal and don't go buying a Samsung Galaxy right away because it just came out. In the same way LINE6 should take heed and try to keep people from jumping on the new TouchMix by giving some hint of something new coming from them in the near future. Without this, many people are going to assume there isn't anything in the works. I REALLY hope that the StageScape II is under development and honestly @jaminj, the v1.1 update i don't think did much, was more like final patches/fixes but the v1.2 firmware DID add some nice things like faders, but there's LOTS more they could do, so most here would love to see more firmware updates soon or maybe a new StageScape II :) Come on take our money! Give us YamaLine StageScape II!
  14. Hi stevekc, Can you give more opinions on the QSC TouchMix versus StageScape? How is the Recording? Especially how cumbersome or quick/easy is it to immediately start recording? I recommended to Line6 that it would be great to have a mode to quickly record, like 1-button press and a new folder is automatically created and starts recording in there. I'd also like to know how long it takes the TouchMix to detect a 1TB drive since it takes the StageScape 3 to 4 minutes until my Voyager 1TB drive is detected so that I can record to it. Any other thoughts on the differences both pro and con? thanks!
  15. @TheRealZap Can you please be a little more specific? DO you know anything more specific? you said: "I'm not in a position to say anything specific even if i knew anything specific." Just wondering if you do know any info that everyone here is not privy to. thanks
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