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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, I was wondering if I can route this way: 1) Bass through the Main-Ins to Main-Out. 2) The In-ear-Mix (the signal that normally goes to the "Body-Pack") through the returns. 3) Listen via Headphone-Jack to both Bass and In-Ear-Mix. So far I got: 1) and 2) working correctly... but I only hear the bass through the headphone-jack - without the In-Ear-Mix (coming from Returns) :-( Can you guys help? Thank you in advance! Alex.
  2. Hi! I have a question. I would like to connect my Helix directly to my mixer and than to my headphones IEM or wedge. Sometimes sound from engineer console to my wedge or IEM is bad.. Eq is terible. So I thought maybe I can take only band mix (without my guitar) from sound engeener into my 1th channel in mixer and in 2nd channel I can plug my Helix from headphones out? Than mix this two channel and that is done. My band and well sounding presets from helix :D Will it work? There're be no input lags between my Helix and global console? I use two XLR outputs so better to use is 2xXlr and headphones out or maybe 2XLR and left 1/4 jack? Thanks for your reply or various tips :)
  3. I want to share this idea with you guys. (I already shared this idea on FB's Hx stomp page, I hope this is ok with the forum) What if we could use the HX Stomp (and nothing else) as a two channel personal in ear monitor mixer? We are already able to use the Return as an AUX IN so that we can jam on backing tracks, hearing both guitar and our external source. In a similar way we could feed to the AUX IN the signal (mono or stereo) coming from a mixing board's monitor out with, let's say, drums, bass and vocals, and mix it with our guitar, so that we have exactly the in ear mix we need. There's only one major problem: what you hear in your headphones is the same as what gets out from the L/R OUTPUTS, even if you set the VOLUME control to act only on the headphones. By having the option of routing the AUX signal ONLY to the headphones this would be feasible, maybe adding an AUX IN volume control (in Global settings - Ins/Outs). Is it just me or this would be awesome?
  4. Wanted to share a quick story on today's gig. L6 customer service recommended this approach in response to my IEM Aviom monitoring question I had posted. Tweaked my main patch I was using to work with ss template (10 minutes) and boom! Stereo personal monitoring with aviom mix into effects returns, great for P&W or any one else with a quiet stage requirement. FOH only gets me, don' forget to mute your channel from the aviom feed. The other guitarist toaster and my helix sounded amazing together. The FOH mix was identical for both rigs, flat EQ and input gain. The other guy is a professional and he was totally impressed. Thanks DI, Frank, Ben and all those that we don't know by name responsible for this great piece of gear. His name is digital igloo right...!
  5. Hello I have to decide which one to get between those 4 models, JH13v2 UE18 JH10x3 UE7. I play guitar and I will use them live on stage Please, Tell me if you had any experience with those IEMs Thank you
  6. Hello! I'm new to this forum and have intention on buying StageScape M20D, however have a question to Line6 about a possible expandability in future. If this was already asked please direct me to right answer. Thank you. Is it possible and does Line6 plans on releasing a functionality and device for M20D where each musician can control their own monitor mix for IEMs utilizing L6 Link? What I'm referring to is something that Behringer has in form of P16-M Personal Monitor Mixers or Allen-Heath ME-1 personal mixers for QU digital mixer series. So basically the ability to daisy chain these personal mixer devices thru L6 Link so each musician can mix his own monitor mix using iPhone for example. I believe that L6 Link carries enough data to allow such a functionality. I know that there are 4 AUXes for monitors but it is only 4 of them or you can link them to 2 stereo pairs. So it is kind of limited. I believe that personal mixer device would bring the value of the StageScape to a brand new level. P.S.: Or is this kind of feature M20D replacement will have? Thank you.
  7. Hi Line6-Team, I know that there are indeed TONS of threads regarding to this topic, but I didn´t want to do thread-necromancy of older threads. I also know that you are tired of answering this question (and maybe you just cannot ;)), but: Will we see a Line6 IEM in the near or middle future? Just asking because at the end of this year I will not be able (or better said not allowed) to use my Sennheiser IEM´s in Germany anymore (they sold the frequencies to LTE providers) and I just wanted to know if we should invest to other Systems or if we can save our money to spend it on Line6 products that will fit into our dreamstage setup. :) 4 l2t´s would also do the job I think, but since I am the Drummer and I have a lot of Percussion things and stands to carry around, I don´t want to buy a new car just to get all things transported to a gig :) Is there any news you can share on this one? Cheers Thomas
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