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  1. Hi, Joe! Thank you for your response. I have few more questions then: 1.) Since you are saying that each band member can control his own mix; How many iPads can simultaneously control M20D? 2.) Can I create restrictions for each user so he can only control his own mix without affecting any other parameters? 3.) The iTunes app is for iPad only or can the user own mix be controlled thru iPhone as well? 4.) Can all these settings be saved and quickly recalled just with the press of the button? Thank you, Dusan
  2. Hello! I'm new to this forum and have intention on buying StageScape M20D, however have a question to Line6 about a possible expandability in future. If this was already asked please direct me to right answer. Thank you. Is it possible and does Line6 plans on releasing a functionality and device for M20D where each musician can control their own monitor mix for IEMs utilizing L6 Link? What I'm referring to is something that Behringer has in form of P16-M Personal Monitor Mixers or Allen-Heath ME-1 personal mixers for QU digital mixer series. So basically the ability to daisy chain these personal mixer devices thru L6 Link so each musician can mix his own monitor mix using iPhone for example. I believe that L6 Link carries enough data to allow such a functionality. I know that there are 4 AUXes for monitors but it is only 4 of them or you can link them to 2 stereo pairs. So it is kind of limited. I believe that personal mixer device would bring the value of the StageScape to a brand new level. P.S.: Or is this kind of feature M20D replacement will have? Thank you.
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