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  1. Ricstudioc That's what it's all about! Nice, thanks for yours reply guys and that's what I'm going to start doing :) I was a little afraid about latency but there is nothing to be afraid of. :) I'll check it out at my next gig :) One more time, thanks to you guys :)
  2. That wasn't quite the point. Sometimes we play with our own sound engeener and each of us can set ourselves aux and mix to iem/wedge on our ipads. (EQ on aux channel and every instrument itp.) But sometimes we've got random guy, without mixer with WiFi and he hasn't got time to setup EQ on aux to wedge/iem. In front stage speaker you know, sounds briliant but EQ in aux/return signal to IEM is flat or bad and there is no time to setup EQ on aux channel. So, can I take only band signal from main mixer to my mixer and in second channel add signal directly from my Helix by headphones out to my mixer (1th channel band aux without my guitar. 2nd channel my Helix from headphones out). Will there be no delays beetwen direct out helix and aux from main mixer? In this case I can bypass bad EQ on aux signal in sound engeener mixer. That ruin my preset sound in IEM and that sounds bad with whole band mixing :( I need to play with one headphone out from my ear to hear in front. Thanks for info :)
  3. Hi! I have a question. I would like to connect my Helix directly to my mixer and than to my headphones IEM or wedge. Sometimes sound from engineer console to my wedge or IEM is bad.. Eq is terible. So I thought maybe I can take only band mix (without my guitar) from sound engeener into my 1th channel in mixer and in 2nd channel I can plug my Helix from headphones out? Than mix this two channel and that is done. My band and well sounding presets from helix :D Will it work? There're be no input lags between my Helix and global console? I use two XLR outputs so better to use is 2xXlr and headphones out or maybe 2XLR and left 1/4 jack? Thanks for your reply or various tips :)
  4. Hi bro! May you again upload or send a link to download your IR's ? :) I will be very thankful becouse I bought Helix and I really want good IR's for my bass. Thank you in advance :) Matt
  5. Hi guys :) I am a new purchaser of the Helix LT. I bought it from, a friend who had it since 2017. Helix had never been updated and plugged into, a PC. I updated it to version 3.0.1 without any problems. I made the first presets and pedal was working. Suddenly it stopped working without any touch when it was connected to PC by USB. I disassembled it, cleaned it and noticed that the sensor was not reading movement. I gently clean the sensor and I toutched couple times and after few tries it started to work. I put it back together and it worked fine. The sensor is not mechanically damaged (i think so) because moving and hitting Helix cover did not stop it from working. After a few days I plugged the helix back to PC and after uploading patches pedal again stopped working after a while.... and suddenly I noticed that the tap switch is not responding to touch and the tempo was responding to strong pedal movement... I recorded it on video. (It was like there was some kind of short circuit between these two?) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RbVWOrTN1yIlT_TvqSEBvJStuFP7wFL1/view?usp=sharing After a reboot and when there is no usb , tap switch works normally.... But wah doesn't work again like earlier and I have to unscrew the Helix again to get the sensor working again. Is it a fault of bad usb cable which caused short circuit ? Or is it a sensor fault and the whole sensor board should be replaced? Maybe I need to clean all the wires and connections only? My Helix is without warranty, so can I write to support and have them send me the sensor board to Europe or to service in my country? Thank you in advance and best regards! :)
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