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  1. Digital-sound's post in Fbs For Guitar Signal Chain Possible? was marked as the answer   
    I believe you have to select it as a "mic'd" instrument and have it plugged into a channel from 1-12. Then you can engage the FBS. Channels 13-16 don't have the FBS option. As well, I don't think the presets for "direct" instruments will allow you to engage the FBS.
  2. Digital-sound's post in Best Way To Use L6 Link was marked as the answer   
    If you are using the m20d, the best way is to use the second method you mention. If you don't have an M20d mixer, then the first method is the best way.
    M20d and all stagesource speakers = L6 link from the board and all around.
    No M20d = L& R analogue to the first sub, and then L6 the rest of the way.
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