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  1. Yrp. Found out about that bloody clip today! Nightmare! Still, got it sorted in the end. Very non-roadworthy design, though!
  2. Hi, guys. Our M20D has just started a thing where the monitor outputs will just go silent. According to the meters, there's still sound coming out, but it's actually muted. There seems to be a sound from inside the mixer when it happens - like a switch or a relay. Has anybody else experienced this?
  3. Heh...you don't wanna know about the one problem we had...total human error. Was confused as feck! But the desk (and our new EV pa) were just flawless. Next time, nobody but me is allowed to touch even a single cable!
  4. So, in my few posts here, I've been a bit scathing about various aspects of the M20D and the manual, so I thought that - for a change - I'd say something nice. We took it out for a first run last Saturday and it worked like an absolute charm. Recording, dongle, eq, fx, monitors, everything. An absolute pleasure in every respect. Hopefully this will continue...
  5. When I got my M20D, I thought it was a missed opportunity that a basic ability to overdub was overlooked. Would be amazing if the box had basic portastudio functionality. Not a deal-breaker, by any means, but a worthwhile addition.
  6. Yep. It's the ABCD outputs. As long as I know there's a reason for it, then it's not a problem. Cheers, guys!
  7. Heyup. I may well be missing something, but my M20D doesn't seem to be saving levels for the monitor outputs, either as part of a scene or a setup. It's by no means a big deal, but it seems either an odd omission or I'm not doing something right. I did a quick search on here, but came up with nothing. Any ideas? V1.20, by the way.
  8. Some guy on here suggested a simple USB extension lead would help, as he figured the steel case of the mixer itself was interfering with the wifi signal. I was having real problems with mine (the enGenius one), so thought I'd give it a try. So far it's worked amazingly well for me. From previously being inable to maintain a connection for no more than a few minutes, It's now able to hold a so,id connection for several hours at a time - and all it's taken is a little four-or-five inch USB extension lead I had lying around.
  9. ...except I've just tried it now and it works precisely as you've said. Now my head hurts. Thank you guys.
  10. Cheers guys, but that's not happening for me. When I recall (either scenes or setups), I get a stage populated with phantom inputs. It's not a biggie, but it's surely something L6 must have noticed.
  11. Embarassingly, I think it was a dodgy wire in the headphones I was using, causing some sort of phase-cancellation when the sources were panned centrally - sounds became audible when they were panned to either side. Not something I've experienced before. Guess it's solderin' time.
  12. Hey, guys. Quick question - when I recall a scene or setup, the display not only shows the channels I've saved but also assigns mics and di inputs to anything else I have plugged in, so say I''ve saved a scene or a setup for a gig where both a full band and an acoustic duo are playing, if I recall the scene for the duo, their stage layout becomes festooned with additional icons which I then have to delete. Is there any way I can recall scenes/setups with only the inputs I last saved showing?
  13. Welcoming. I'm feelng a real sense of community. Also, I'm from the UK, so it's more accurate to call me "Alf Garnett" than "Archie Bunker"...
  14. The ridiculous atrocity which passes for a pdf manual on this beast is making me want to set fire to myself. Why can't a product which lists at £1400 ship with a printed frigging manual, you cheapskates? I know that there are gonna be firmware updates, but surely the basic architecture is gonna remain pretty much the same. Anyhoo, where do the sound go when the solo buttons are pressed? I'd assumed that, bearing in mind there's a picture of a set of headphones on them, then that's where the signal would go - to the headphone output. Not so, it would seem. Please don't refer me to the "manual". As far as I can tell the entirety of its reference to the solo buttons is the phrase "solo buttons", and if I have to look through it again I may have to drown a puppy.
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