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  1. ...but I'm very scared about this thing: I owned an HELIX LT and I had to change it with a Floor beacuse of this high gain that is not handled by the guitar in of helix (but by the aux input). So...if anyone has ever used relay systems with active bass and expecially with a G&L M2500.....
  2. Hello everybody. I'd like to buy a G10. I would use it with my g&l m2500. This bass has a very high output and for example, using my line6 helix I have tu use aux input instead regular guitar in. Is anybody out there who is using it with such a high output bass? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I'd like to connect an old roland GI-10 to helix and play some vst that i have on my pc. Does helix forward midi notes from the midi in to usb as it does any audio interface with midi ports?
  4. Well but I have the LT version, so no aux. I think the only way is to use a return or to low down the volume before entering in helix....
  5. I solved using a return setted on "line" instead of the guitar in......it's very strange....
  6. Hello everybody, I raan in an issue. I've jyst bought a G&L M2500...great bass, great tone, but it has a really High volume. Even with pad switched on, it clips the A/D converter. Is there any way to decrease the input level on helix LT?
  7. Yes...there some proces difference. But.....Helix is really really awesome....
  8. Thank you. You have bene very exhaustive...however i have in mind helix lt not the biggest Sister. So the Price difference is 2x. By the Way...i have to find a pod and a helix and...try them
  9. Thank you very much 😀😀😀
  10. Is possible send on xlr output a modelled signal (amp cab and so on) and on 1/4 Jack only a preamp signal to send to bass head like helix does?
  11. Hello everybody, i'm a bass player. I felt in love with helix but...it's so expensive, and I don't know if it worths the price for a bassa player. My need is to use some effects (comp. ocatvers, synths, wah) and sometimes amp models becaus I don't wanto to carrie all my stack. Now I have a zoom b3, a mark bass super synth and an ebs compressor, but I don't think b3 is good for amp simulation. My question is.....shall I consider POD HD 500x for bass or Helix is however better and worths the price? Shall I look for a used POD x3? I don't know what to do. It seems helix is designed expecially for guitar players (I know the firmware update introduced lots of amps for bass), and so the Pod HD (of course I would buy tha bass expansion pack), but pod hd costs about the half of Helix HD. Can you share your experiences with me? Can you give me some good advice please?
  12. Hello everybody. I'm thinking to switch to helix and replace my actual pedalboard that is nothing special but has some useful effects for me. I have zoom b3, a mark bass super synth and an ebs compressor. The markbass pedal is used almost as an octaver....the synths are good too but for my needs the b3 is enough. The synths on b3 are pretty usable and so the octaver even if it not tracks always very well. I can not find any review about synths, ocatver and pitch bend (...yes I have to play one song in Eb). Can someone help me? Can somebody tell me how does these effects works on bass? Can I have any sample or review?? I will appreciate it!!! Thank you!!!!
  13. Thank you! Awesome sounds but unfortunally no synth and octaver demo
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