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  1. No, it isn't. At least no when I tried, time ago, to replace L6 amp names with real ones. It would have been great to be able to do it, though
  2. In my experience, the POD HD Bass Pack is awesome for the price. The Gallien-Krueger amp sim is easily the only bass amp I could ever need. So, if you find an used HD500, you can have a capable machine for a few hundreds. The Helix is way better, for sure. More bass amps and far better modeling overall. Take a look at the new BOSS GT-1B also, but I'n not sure about the quality of the amp modeling here. I've tried the GT-001 for guitar and I was not impressed at all. Sold it after a week, keeping my HD500.
  3. Now try to use the wah for a while with the HD Edit software running. Get your true Wow! moment. ;)
  4. Get the vintage pack, try the JC-120, then compare cleans. Until the JC-120 arrival there wasn't a completely clean amp on the HD500. The same goes for bass amps. The Gallien Krueger on the HD bass pack is amazing.
  5. Some amps have all the dirt in the "Pre" while many others have it on the poweramp (modeled in the full amps) Unless you have a DT amp, It does not make much sense to use the Pre versions.
  6. My Setup: JTV89 [VDI]>> HD500[Line Out L/R]>> [Line IN L/R] Roland GA-212 (Master volume around 9 o'clock for home use) My config: —Output mode: Stack Power Amp (This mode doesn't include "bass boost") See http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/setup#outputBass —Global EQ: ON Low Cut: 100Hz High Cut: 7Khz (Try between 6-8 Khz, YMMV) —Input 1 Source: Variax —Input 2 Source: AUX (any unused) —Guitar IN-Z: N/A. When using Variax VDI input. —Inputs Setup: Global —Mics: N/A. Disabled in any mode other than Studio/Direct. —Amps: Full models (not Pres). —CAB MODELS: ON. (When using any mode other than Studio/Direct, "Cab simulation" is the wrong name. By itself, it does not come close to the frequency response changes made by real guitar speakers - it is designed to supplement, not replace, a real guitar cabinet) http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/setup#outputLiveCabs —CAB Parameters: N/A. Disabled in any mode other than Studio/Direct. —AMP BASS: Always lower than 50%. Usually between 25-40%. You'll likely have to do a combination the amp model's presence and treble controls to fine-tune your high end. —AMP TREBLE: Usually around 50% or less. —AMP PRESENCE: It depends a lot of the amp choice. I.E: AC-30 near 0%, Fender Deluxe near 50%(+-10), JC-120 (Very variable) —AMP MASTER: About 75% or less. (I'm not a high gain amps user. YMMV, but If you are, try starting with a very low value) You'll have to do a combination the amp model's drive and Ch.Vol to fine-tune the desired amount of preamp distortion and the overall Volume. DRIVE: at will CH.VOL: at will
  7. Then you probably need a good audio interface. The Roland Quad Capture can be a great choice for you, since it have S/PDIF, plus an additional pair of combo inputs. I'm using the Octa-Capture, btw. Never tried to use the POD as audio interface. Not once. The Roland interfaces have far lower latency and probably better converters. When you're using S/PDIF, the interface will not colour your sound in any way.
  8. Get a Helix. While it also have such gap between presets, you can have up to four paths in the same preset, so you're virtually covered. This kind of small details can be a powerful sales pitch for users like you, so let the G.A.S begin to flow thru your veins. Resistance is futile.
  9. Here is the post I was refering to: http://line6.com/support/topic/1563-hd500-vs-hd500x-comparison-video/?do=findComment&comment=75559 The user was talking about the HD500 DSP Vs. the HD500X. On the other hand, I have read some users complaining in the opposite way, claiming the HD500X sounded somewhat worse, so take all this with a grain of salt. I personally can't hear any kind of sound degradation by adding or removing some FX blocks.
  10. ¿? To me, the POD tones are much better in both examples. That BIAS examples sound horrible to me, shrill, disgraceful, harsh... Personally, I can't stand any of the actual software modellers, except S-Gear Scuffman Amps. Try the 15 days demo and wait for the release of Helix Native plug-in before purchase anything. I'm curious about this. What do you mean "loses resolution"? I remember have read something about the POD "losing resolution" when you reach certain percentage of DSP usage.
  11. This whole topic reminds me my particular experience about this: I am using the "Stack Power Amp" mode to feed my Roland GA-212 (stereo line INs), and I was always making adjustments that were useless: —The mic sims does't have any effect in any other mode but Studio/Direct (they are effectively off the chain) —The CAB parameters neither. (I mean the so-called "deep cab parameters": Low Cut, Res level, Thump, Decay) But I could not be sure, I really believed I was hearing changes, so I needed evidence. Then I made some tests feeding a Sine Wave (Tone Gen Pro app, IOS) to the POD's input. Then I could empirically prove how my brain and my ears were deceiving me. You can read the whole topic here: http://line6.com/support/topic/12972-cab-dep-parameter-measurements/ This story could end here but .... I have to confess that I have a bad memory, and because of this, I forgot my own check on the Cabs in some point. And for the last few months I was adjusting the Cab Parameters again, in a complete nonsense!! Therefore, my brain was deceiving me doubly. Thanks for talking about this again, guys, you reminded me that I can not trust my brain, not anymore.
  12. Today I have been comparing Amplitube 4 and Scuffman Amps S-Gear Vs. my POD HD500. And guess what... I have much prefered the POD. Not becouse the overall sound only, but the playing feel. I definitely can perceive the latency (despite being using 32 samples) of the software and I can hear a excesive compression overall. In both cases I have heard some glitches while playing (even trying with a greater sample rate), so definitely this isn't something I would use live (not to practice at home, either). I think the software can be useful for reamping, though. Interesting! I'm doing quite the same. Currently I'm using just one bank, and the number of my amps choices has been dramatically reduced to: —JC-120 —Fender Deluxe/Twin —AC-30 TB/Fawn —JC-120 amp + Deluxe cab (a great combination, btw) I have realized that by limiting my choices I've ended with a better understanding of each amp, and with a clearer idea of what kind of tones I was pursuing. I have created presets for the styles I play: I use the Fenders mostly for funk presets, the Roland (or the JC amp+Deluxe cab) for Jazz, and the VOX mostly for leads, and some eventual crunch. This is all I really need/like. And the truth is, that I'm actually far more happy with my tone than with my guitar playing, so I guess I have reached to a certain point of maturity using the POD HD, finally!. A great machine... when you finally get to know her thoroughly. So don't give up! ...unless of course, that you have the money and enough guitar skills. If ithis is your case, then do yourself a favor and get rid of the HD and buy one of those fancy Helices. I would do the same !
  13. I want to make it clear that I did not want to underestimate the object of your thread. I completely agree that the cab simulation is the worst of the HD Pod, so honestly I think you've probably found a good solution. In fact, seeing people like you, who really makes an economic profit working with a POD HD, proves that people like me (who am just a saxophonist who also has a guitar, or in other words, an amateur guitarist) doesn't need a Helix at all, but keep practicing and avoid the G.A.S madness. Forgive my ignorance, but isn't the IRs supossed to be after the preamp but before the post FX (mod, reverb, delay)? Looking at the A/DA GCS-2, I can see it only have a single input, so do you run the POD in mono?
  14. So are you using the FX loop after the amp sim, or do you place the ADA cab sim at the end of the entire chain? Anyway, I wonder how many of us could be interested in the umpteenth method to improve our humble POD HD at this stage. I mean... with the Helix LT already on the shelves.
  15. My 705 sunburst is also working perfectly so far. And yes, its a very good bass, except for the weight (that it's insane). I love the string spacing. Together with the Musicman Sting Ray model (Manta) this bass is simply awesome for slapping, very very close to the real thing. I bought mine second hand 5 years ago, the original owner was a pro bassist, so it's almost mint and have a pro setup as well, with a very low action, a real pleasure to play. So please let us know if/when you find any solution, becouse most of us are still loving our Variax Bass but have no clue of how a Ghost can be installed there (specially when L6 says they won't fit the saddles). Another option if/when everything else fails could be a Roland GK-3B pickup, but then you have to get an GR55 as well. In this situation I'm not sure if the 705 worth the expense, being such a heavy instrument... Something like the Yamaha TRB 1005 TBL would be a good replacement If you like the 705 neck feel (as I do). I think the string spacing its very similar, and the active electronics seems to give a broad sound palette. By the way, Arislaf, are you already a member of the Variax Bass club? (I am member #12): https://www.talkbass.com/threads/the-official-variax-bass-club.932650/
  16. G&B Pickups (KHL Corporation Korea) http://wolfguitar.tradekorea.com/product/detail/P293140/33559/Pickups--G-&-B.html http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=18662.0
  17. An updated DSP would have less latency (although currently it's only a issue with the synths models) I think the "fidelity" improvement may be achiveved with better converters (not a concern if you're using VDI, becouse in this way the conversion is made on the POD or Helix), with better saddles/piezos (actually seems impossible to find any saddle replacement for the Variax Bass), or with a entirely different modeling engine (as the "HD" firmware was to the Variax guitars. This was not a great improvement per se, imho) I would happy to see a new line of Variax-Yamaha basses. Something in the 1000$ range, 4/5 strings, modern look and light weight (kinda Yamaha RBX A2), and of course with full Helix support... would be awesome.
  18. Really bad! At least still there are compatible piezo pickup replacements: http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/114557-Line-6-11-11-0001 But... how long could the stock last? What are you planning to do with your 705, Arislaf? Do you think is still a good idea keeping a ten year old product for which it is not easy to get parts?
  19. Hi, Arislaf! Did you found anything so far? I'm deliberating if the moment to sell my 705 has arrived. I don't want a time bomb on my hands, and the LT is tempting me.
  20. In the sub-1000 range, Line 6, for sure. Owned the GT-001 for a week, being long term HD500 user. The Boss amps were way worse.
  21. So, the 500X has somewhat different "IRs" for cabs? I have heard some differences on youtube comparision videos where the HD500X seems to be brighter. Thank you for your advice. I have already a potential buyer for my HD500 but now the X is not so attractive to me anymore. Any other user experiencie out there?
  22. Look that pretty FBV 3... easily the most appealing MIDI foot controller out there. But they have again missed the opportunity to have the best MIDI foot controller by omitting MIDI DIN connections. You still can get a MIDI-USB to MIDI-DIN converter as the Kenton MIDI USB Host MKII but... at 125€. A very expensive price for a device that only does one thing. But .. what would have been the supplement in the price of the FBV3 if already included MIDI DIN In/Out? Probably just a few dollars. At least they are considering adding the possibility of changing the color of the LEDs, based on the proposal I made in ideascale. But it bothers me a lot to have to spend 125 € extra on a fcking USB converter due to a bad design decision, which in addition they have already committed many times, again and again, with all those prior FBVs. All this could also be applied to the Helix controller, of course. Here the case is even more blatant, because it can not even be used as a USB MIDI controller. Guys, have you seen the sad panorama regarding MIDI foot controllers? Old models such as the Boss FC-300 or the Yamaha MFC10, expensive and limited. Or other very expensive artifacts offered by esoteric brands... When you have the one (or two) that could be the best MIDI foot controler in the market, only if you add MIDI DIN inputs and outputs. You also missed the IOS connectivity by ommiting a direct standard 9V AC connector. (as the ipad cannot feed enough juice to the FBV3 thru USB) Why, Line 6, WHY? What strange reasoning has led you to omit such things?
  23. Someone there knows if such difference also exists between the HD500 and the HD500X? I recently put my HD500 on sale just to get the 500X (I like the red rings), but if it will sound worse I´ll keep it, for sure.
  24. Sure, many people out there using cheapo computer speakers. I usually set the Bass parameter around 20-40%, and never beyond 50. Additionally, I use the global EQ to cut unwanted extremes of the spectrum, the Low Cut cab parameter, and even the Mid Focus EQ, if needed. So yes, these frequencies definitely need to be tamed. As a general rule for elecric guitar, you can safely cut under 100-120Hz to avoid boomyness, and above 6-7Khz to mitigate the shrillness.
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