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  1. Can fit in a standard backpack.
  2. Description We are offering the following modifications for the Helix: Helix Premium Mod ($495) – Guitar In: signal path cap and op-amp upgrades – Mic In: signal path cap upgrade, phantom power filtration, preamp chip power filtration – Sends: op-amp upgrades, D/A converter decoupling – Returns: op-amp and signal path cap upgrades, A/D converter decoupling – A/D/A Converter: premium power decoupling – Headphones: multiple stage op-amp and signal path cap upgrades – Outputs: multiple stage op-amp and signal path cap upgrades Helix LT Premium Mod ($395) – Same as regular Helix, but no microphone upgrades, no signal path caps on Returns, and no dedicated D/A chips Get ready to hear your Helix like never before! Well... they charge a lot for that. I do not know if it's worth it, but I'd also like to hear the opinion of someone who has tried it.
  3. Ed_Saxman

    What's next?

    Given the current Helix market positioning (a clear market domination position) I would'n expect a Helix 2 in a looooooooong time. So, as amsdenj said, keep playing, enjoy your Helix and take care of every precious life on earth.
  4. I was highly interested in the Yamaha DXR series, but then I readed somewhere that using the AES/EBU digital conector the hum/electric noise were non-existent, so I bought a Stagesource L2T instead. Soooooo glad I did that!! The AES way is dead silent !!! No hum, no strange noises coming from the computer or other gear!. Then add my Variax and I'm 100% on a digital realm with absolute zero noise. Just wonderful!! Still considering a pair of Yamaha MSP7 for my studio, but regarding to the Helix the Stagesource (or the new powered cabs) are the (digital silent) way to go, IMO.
  5. Line 6 is the only one who can make that happens, as they are using their own propietary protocol. The standard MIDI implementation is pretty limited, but at least you can build your own MIDI template to load presets, replicate FS with buttons, change snapshots, control the looper, activate tuner, etc This is my MIDI template: https://www.flickr.com/photos/159493056@N07/sets/72157694109073184
  6. Please add a 10 Stomp snapshots mode to the Helix Floor/LT/Rack, also !!
  7. Ed_Saxman

    Vocal FX

    Good idea! Although I can see some inconveniences doing so: — The L6 Link provides effective isolation against ground/electrical noise (in my experience) — The volume using the L2T analog inputs seems to sound noticeably lower than using the L6 Link digital input. — This implies an additional D/A + A/D conversion Still, this is definitely something I have to try, thank you!
  8. Ed_Saxman

    Vocal FX

    I think the anti-feedback would be the most interesting feature to add. Recently I have bought an Stagesource L2T and his anti-feedback feature works really well, but I lose it when using my mic connected to the Helix Floor and then to the L2T via L6 Link. Not having that feature in the Helix makes the L2T even dangerous to your ears, using certain effects with the mic. As a previous VL3 Extreme user (sold to finance a Helix Floor), I have to say that there was no anti-feedback feature either. In addition, I wasn't happy with the VL3. It has a obnoxius latency, probably due to a 10 years old DSP, and the worst of all: they have a high failure rate and a very poor post-sale technical support where you have to send your machine overseas to repair it. The harmony features are limited to basic harmonies (triads or 7th chords) with poor tracking capabilities (dont try to play chords with some tensions, it doesnt work). It was a machine with interesting ideas inside, with better external MIDI implementation than Helix, though. But overall, it wasn't for me. I would like L6 to develop a kind of vocal pack, it would be very useful for many of us, but since half of the Helix line doesn't have mic input (Helix LT, HX Effects) I find it quite unlikely.
  9. I believe there was an answer from Hurghanico in this same thread but maybe it was lost in the latest changes in the forum. Anyway... this is a small update about my personal situation: I've traded my Variax Bass 705 for a Stagesource L2T. Since I'm not a bassist, I can't keep a instrument that is long time discontinued, with such amount of electronics inside, and no replacement parts available. If something fails, then the value drops immediately to zero. Having said that... Long life to the Variax Bass! It really was a great instrument, but at this moment I'm going to get much more out of my Stagesource, so I'm glad I swapped it. Thank you everyone!
  10. Unfourtunately for me, I'm still having dropouts using S/PDIF after this 2.54 update ( Helix Floor > Roland Octa-Capture ) :-(
  11. Yeah.. I had the money for the LT, but a guy offered me a 2 months used Floor for just a little more, so... At the same time, I losed the opportunity to get a Helix Rack + Controller for even a better compared price, but I was afraid that I could be too tempted to give it a home-only use. I really like the aestetics of the rack+controller format, but I suspect it is not very practical to grab & go. Having to carry too many devices too often can make you lazy. The LT could have covered my basic needs, but well ... Actually those scribble trips are a kind of hallmark in the Helix line, right? Anyway... One day to go! :lol:
  12. Ended up buying a Floor!! :lol: (waiting for delivery) Thank you guys! ;)
  13. Pretty obvious: I'll have to get a Helix ASAP. Still self-debating which model it will be, but now I'm biased to the LT, as it seems the most direct replacement to the basic HD500 functionallity. I have read many posts here an there about serious issues regarding both Helix Rack and Floor about fragile mic preamp and faulty scribble strips, so I think it'll be much safer to me to use an external mic preamp, and get a device with a single screen (LT) over devices with 14 screens onboard and dubious durability mic preamps. Regarding this POD HD subforum, thank you very much to everyone with whom I have shared so much here. I hope to see you soon in the Helix subforum! Ed.
  14. C'mon man! Just sell those old devices you have there and then raise the bar buying a single, quality one. You have plenty of choices nowadays: Helix Floor/Rack/LT/FX, Boss GT-1000, Headrush, Amplifire 12/6/3, Fractal AX8/FX8... All of them around 1000$, that's true, but these are the times when you have to sell all your old stuff to make room for the new quality standards. Of course, you can keep yourself buying and collecting dozens of cheap/old-fashioned devices, instead.
  15. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line-6-releasing-something-new-at-namm.1900513/page-12#post-25604287 The main differences I've noticed was not in the tones (that certainly exist), but in the dynamics. Something hard to feel hearing clips or a video, but very noticeable when you're actually playing. The Helix is way easier to use, and to dial good tones, as well. The HD can be a tweak-a-lot nightmare. By the way, Hurghanico is a great player (and a better person), he would probably sound good with any device.
  16. As a long term HD500 user, I'd say: don't buy an HD if you really want a Helix. I have enjoyed the HD, but lately, after trying the Helix Native (15 days free trial) I've put my HD500 on sale (just to buy the LT) Wait for the Winter NAMM, to see if something new is coming.
  17. Try this too: Insert a "MID Focus EQ" on the first block after the amp. Settings: HP Freq: 14 (Q 50%) LP Freq: 55 (Q 50%) Gain: 0
  18. I thought about that, but then I lose the advantage of using a Variax. It can work for my other electric guitar, though. The downside is that it's a cheap Behringer I-Axe Metalien, my first electric guitar (with a pair of Fender Custom Shop 69 single coils and a Fender Diamond Humbucker that I bought second hand, and installed myself) I kept the original Behringer electronics, so the sound is not optimal, although it's not bad. I also think that the Variax sounds better using the VDI than the analog output, so maybe I should think of the HD500+Variax as my digital rig and not add too much to the FXloop. The Qtron+ sounds great, and I have ordered a Glab "Wowee Wah" just for that amazing "touch mode" it has. I'll be quite happy if I get these two to work well connected in the Fxloop. So my Love Squeeze compressor is sadly out of the HD500's FXloop now, but still is useful to me with my acoustic rig or straight to my amps. It improves the sound in a very pleasant way when connected to an amp, but it seems that the HD500's Fxloop is somehow not happy with it (in fact, probably no compressor will work noiseless placed in the HD500's Fxloop, but using a Variax+HD500 without the VDI seems a serious drawback to me). Thanks for your answers, Hurghanico!!! I really appreciate it.
  19. Tried both. In Stomp mode the noise is higher. Edit: More tests I did: —A noise gate placed after the FXloop (pre position) get rid of the noise while is closed. But when opened the noise is, of course, still there. side note: There is nothing but the FXloop in my "pre" chain.
  20. Recently I have been testing some effects placed on the FX loop of my POD HD500, something I had not tried before for reasons that are irrelevant now. The first one I tried is an Electro Harmonix "Q-tron+", with satisfactory results. No noise and the FX loop gives me the ability to mix dry/wet, great! The second one I tried is my Rothwell "Love Squeeze" compressor. To my surprise, there is a great added noise when I put the FXloop block before the amplifier block. Noise does not occur when I put the Fxloop block after the amp block, but the resulting sound is not as satisfying. Unlike what happened with the Q-tron+, the mix level of the FXloop has to be 100%, but then the resulting noise is stronger. — The noise goes away when the FXloop mix level is 0. — Noise remains entirely when the FXloop block is off (mix level 100%). — The noise is the same (only that stronger), whether the pedal is on or off. — Noise is lower when using a low gain amp model (JC-120, Fender) and louder using medium gain models (AC-30, AC-30 fawn). Of course is very loud using a Hi-gain amp model. I have tried the Love Squeeze both with power supply and with a 9V battery, with the same result. This pedal is usually not noisy at all. I usually use it for my acoustic guitar connected to a Roland AC-90, or with my electric guitar connected to a Roland Cube 80XL. In both cases it is totally silent, so I do not understand why it's making such noise in the HD500 loop. BTW, I'm using a Variax JTV-89 connected by VDI, so the guitar is not the source of the noise. Any ideas? Or should I give up using an external compressor on the FXloop of my HD500?
  21. Lucky you! My experience is the opposite, always had problems. Tried with different interfaces and cables, then I gave up. When the S/PDIF drop happens, my interface (Roland Octa-Capture) even hangs, having to close Logic Pro X, turn off my audio monitors, and so on, in order to restart the whole thing again. It's a real shame, becouse the S/PDIF signal is great, way louder and clearer than any other. And the Helix suffers from the same desease, so I think I will keep the money in my pocket for a while. Fortunately for us, the next "Helix 2" are probably on early stage of developement with a fancy S/PDIF that works for more than half an hour without losing sync. Finally! :rolleyes:
  22. There is a difference: the S/PDIF loses sync, just like the Helix does: http://line6.com/support/topic/19234-helix-spdif-out-loses-sync-too-often/ It seems that Line 6 never managed to have a reliable S/PDIF connection, no matter the model you have.
  23. Great! I have finally been able to rename the amps!! My amps are now properly named ( Roland JC-120, Fender, Gibson... ) Thank you, sir!
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