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  1. Is there a utilty or other way to export settings & IRs to a csv/xls or other format for easier reference. Im currently sorting through a bunch of IR's & would like to note which ones I prefer, plus keep track of amp settings as starting points. Thanks in advance.
  2. I recently eliminated my Scarlett 6i6 & started using the Helix as my main interface. I have Kali LP-6 monitors, a DSL40C & a Headrush FRFR-108. YMMV but, I cannot recommend the Headrush speaker. It just seems harsh & abrasive. I split the signal & send the amp with no IR to the 40c & add an IR to the other path. I also mic the amp(USB 8) & record the dry guitar signal(USB 7). The flexibility is insane. If your not going to gig, I recommend saving for the Helix rack unit.
  3. Is there a method to disable PC sound(Youtube, etc.) from going to 1/4 outs & playing thru the fx return of my guitar amp. I play along with youtube lessons & would like to hear the lessons thru my monitors & myself playing thru the amp. Thanks
  4. I have both a Helix rack & a Scarlett 6i6 2nd gen interface. Maybe its my old ears but, the difference in sound quality between these 2 units is immense. The Helix has much better stereo imaging & seems to have more headroom. I use Kali Audio 6" monitors for playback. In 6 months, the Helix has replaced a box full of pedals & DI boxes.
  5. When I export presets to HX edit & recall them, they are not the same preset I exported. All the routing is gone. Is this a bug? I have had several presets written with splits & different EQ to the FX return of my 40C via 1/4" out & split to XLR with an IR. I had some pretty serious EQ going to the amp & it is all gone. Very frustrating!
  6. I have the Head Rush 8" & so far have not been very impressed with it. To my ears, the Helix sounds a lot better into FX return of my DSL40C.
  7. After several days of messing about, the Helix doesn't quite meet my needs as an interface. I was able to figure the routing mentioned above, but I also have a small mixer, Countyman direct box & the line out from a home brew attenuator for my 40C. I will be shopping for a new interface to replace the Scarlett. It may be my ears but, the Helix seems to sound a lot better than the Scarlett during playback. I will certainly be keeping the Helix though. Here is the link for the attenuator for anyone that is interested. It works really well. http://www.marshallforum.com/threads/simple-attenuators-design-and-testing.98285/
  8. I have just purchased a Helix rack unit. I am attempting to eliminate the Scarlett from my recording setup & have a routing question. Can my DSL40C be used in 4CM & route the other audio thru the monitors only? I am sure it can & I just don't understand the internal routing yet. Thanks in advance. If there is a document explaining all of this it would be great.
  9. Thanks. I'll give that a try
  10. I seem to run out of processing power pretty easily on this unit. I do realize that there is a 6 block limit. I assume it does not have the same processor as the larger units. Is this true? I try to run 2 IR blocks like a lot of vids & cant. I run a pretty basic chain, 808, amp, reverb, IR & EQ.
  11. I have had an HX Stomp for about 10 days & can say that 6 blocks is not enough for me. I am currently evaluating the direct sounds I can get from this thing(very impressed so far) & run into routing issues with my current setup.
  12. I cant say how they will work with the HELIX as I dont have 1 yet(SOON!), but I have a set of the Kali LP-6 & can say that they are excellent speakers for the money. I'm coming off of M-Audio BX5A & Mackie MR-5 monitors & the Kali's sound incredible. Please keep in mind that near feild monitors are designed to be heard at a short distance.
  13. After much time with a DSL401, Blackstar HT-5 and a VHT special 6 ultra, I can quite honestly advise you to forget about the 4CM altogether. It works, but if you are at all fussy about your tone the volume drop at the FX send is too nuch to overcome. I sold mine and am going to try pedals for awhile. The HD did sound pretty good when I just went staight to the FX return of the DSL, so I may pick up an HD bean at some point.
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