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  1. The Helix is a great tool. Im sure the others are as well but, I chose the Helix because of the support. I believe Line 6 is owned by Yamaha, so repair support should be available for a while. That said, I have the Headrush 8" & had the PowerCab 112+. I encountered the same issue with the PC+ that most run into with tube amps, it has to be too loud to sound decent. I sold the PC & the HR gathers dust because the ROI is too low to bother. I use the Helix 4cm with a DSL40C & get a lot of my tones bypassing the Marshall Preamp. The Placater dirty is by far my favorite amp in the Helix. I also use several others for cleaner stuff. The DSL has a WGS ET-65 speaker, which I mic with a 57. I split the signal inside Helix & record a separate track to my DAW & add an IR. I also record the dry guitar on another track to use with AMP software. I almost always prefer the miced amp, followed closely by the direct signal thru an amp sim. The Helix sounds good & some would prefer it I'm sure. Monitoring thru the DSL "feels" the same to me as the playing thru the DSL pre. These are IMO & YMMV. BTW, I did not start to hear the differences until I upgraded my interface to an RME. I used a 2nd gen Scarlet & used the Helix as my interface for a while. IMO, the sound quality of the Helix is much better than the Scarlett.
  2. I disconnected my Scarlett & used the Helix rack as my interface for awhile. The sound difference was pretty significant to my ears, with the Helix the clear winner. I ran into a few limitations though & purchased an RME UCX interface. i definitely would not sell the BF Pro. When I listen to CD's on my system now, I hear stuff that I never knew was there before.
  3. I have used my DSL40C in 4CM & split the signal to my DAW with impulses. The 40C's loop is instrument level, so I set the Helix loop to -10db. I would use the Aux in.
  4. tmingle

    Power Cabs?

    Where are you located? I think i'm going to sell my PC112+. 2 months old.
  5. Im trying to setup the Powercab+ & keep running into "BUGS". Setting a 63 sping reverb mix 19% as the last block in the chain, the reverb is quite present going into the FX rtrn of my DSL1. I need to set the reverb level to 70% to be audible using the digital signal sent to the Powercab. Is this normal?
  6. If I get time this weekend, Im going to do the same test with the 1/4 & XLR's into my new interface.
  7. The Multi output is the default & I was surprised how the sound changed when I changed it. I did not expect that. I was using the Helix as my interface, but decided to add an RME UCX to my setup as well. The XLR goes into my fireface analog ins. The fireface doesn't have a s/pdif input. I like the global EQ because of the visual curve. As far as using the Powercab out into the interface, I just haven't got that far yet.
  8. I use the Global EQ on the 1/4 out to the power cab & plan to split the XLR out before the cabinet. I will then add a cabinet in Reaper for playback. I generally use the Powercab as a monitor when recording. I also use the Powercab when I just play or practice. " The MULTI Out DEFINITELY sounds different, light blanket over the amp effect? " Mine turns to pure MUD. Maybe its my ears.
  9. I am connected using 1 of the 1/4 outputs to the Powercab + input #1. I also have the L6 link connected to control the Powercab. The Digital output level is set to -120db. I am experiencing a major change in sound when the patch's output is set to Multi, rather than 1/4". Is this normal?
  10. Awesome. I knew it could be done!
  11. I'm pretty sure this can be done, but I cant seem to figure it out. I recently purchased A PC+ to use with my Helix. I also use the Helix as my main interface. I connect to the PC+ via the L6 link. I would like to be able to route the PC audio(Youtube, Reaper, etc) through my studio monitors only & use the PC+ to monitor only the Guitar amps. I was able to do this using 1 of the FX sends to the PC+, but when I try to use Helix edit to control the PC+, I cannot seem to mute the other audio. The Helix ,to my ears sounds quite a bit better than my Scarlett. I am currently shopping for an interface, but hopefully this can be done. Thanks in advance.
  12. Is there a utilty or other way to export settings & IRs to a csv/xls or other format for easier reference. Im currently sorting through a bunch of IR's & would like to note which ones I prefer, plus keep track of amp settings as starting points. Thanks in advance.
  13. I recently eliminated my Scarlett 6i6 & started using the Helix as my main interface. I have Kali LP-6 monitors, a DSL40C & a Headrush FRFR-108. YMMV but, I cannot recommend the Headrush speaker. It just seems harsh & abrasive. I split the signal & send the amp with no IR to the 40c & add an IR to the other path. I also mic the amp(USB 8) & record the dry guitar signal(USB 7). The flexibility is insane. If your not going to gig, I recommend saving for the Helix rack unit.
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