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  1. Hello, Im still new to the digital world and Im in the learning curve with the HX Stomp. I have done some presets but I still don't feel 100% satisfied with them I know I can have a preset that will sound even better. Is there out there an all around preset that I can download?.. something good for classic rock and blues stuff... something I can use to play from Eric Clapton to Led Zeppelin.
  2. sdahe

    HX Stomp into an Amp

    Well I have only try the OCD, SL Drive and the Tumnus. I really like the SL Drive and Im still getting to know the Tumnus since I haven't play much with it. I just want to know if it will sound good to use the boosters from the HXS.. or it's better to use an analog booster. I don't mind about the HXS blocks.. Im not using many of them
  3. sdahe

    HX Stomp into an Amp

    Hello, So my main option for now is to use the HX Stomp as another pedal in my pedalboard (mainly for modulation effects like delay, reverb, tremolo, etc..). I have some questions about the overdrive section. How good or which OD in the HX Stomp sounds good when using a tube amp?.. Im gonna upload a photo of my pedalboard for reference. My other question is... Im using a Tumnus mini and I would like to know if its a good idea to usa a booster from the HX Stomp or buy an analog booster?. Im using a Fender Blues Deluxe Tube Amp and the HXS is connected with the 4CM so I can put my modulations through the amp's effects loop.
  4. I don't have another free block so I did it in the IR and it's sounding a lot better... thanks!!
  5. Hello, Well I got the Headrush FRFR 108 speaker today and connected the HX Stomp to it but I think Im not doing it right. Many of the distortions don't sound so well.. not even close to the videos I've seen in Youtube. I change the output of the HX Stomp to line (instead of instrument) and connected the cable to the input of the Headrush speaker. The cleans sound nice but when I put a over drive pedal or rise the drive on any amp it doesn't sound that good. Am I doing something wrong?... is there anything else I have to set in the HX Stomp or the Headrush
  6. sdahe

    Tweaking the HX STOMP

    One question about the Headrush FRFR108... when I connect the HX Stomp to it.. I set my HX Stomp to LINE/OUT right?
  7. sdahe

    Tweaking the HX STOMP

    Im gonna buy the Headrush FRFR108.. I think its the best way to go
  8. sdahe

    Tweaking the HX STOMP

    And I can imagine that I can use the Headrush FRFR-108 as my monitor when playing live
  9. Hello, Im new at this new digital world so be gentle.. haha.. I have the HX Stomp and I want to be able to get a nice sound direct to a PA. Question is .. since I don't have a PA in my house, can I use headphones to tweak the presets and they will sound the same when I connect to a PA system?.. Im looking for a way to setup my presets at home before the gig.. Thanks!
  10. sdahe

    Using my amps return

    Hello, Can I use the HX Stomp's amp simulation with my amp if I go from the HX Stomp out to the effects return of the amp?... Im bypassing the amps preamp if I connect the pedal to the effect loops return right?...
  11. sdahe

    New with HX Stomp

    Hello... Im not adding an IR with my current Amp+Cab... Im only using the IR when Im going directly to the PA with no amp.
  12. sdahe

    New with HX Stomp

    Hello.. and thanks I use the stomp in 4CM when Im using my Marshall amp.. and the IR's when Im going directly to the PA with no amp. Sometimes Im lazy and don't want to bring an amp to a gig and I'll just connect the stomp directly to the PA. That was the main reason I bought this stomp box
  13. sdahe

    New with HX Stomp

    Hello, I've been using analogs pedals for many years and now I've decided to use the HX Stomp in my pedalboard. Im totally new in the digital world for guitars so I have some questions. Excuse me for my newbie questions.. hahaha.. But Im an analog man coming into the digital world. Let's start with my questions... 1. When I use the 4 cable method this means I can place the delay into the amp's effect loop and other pedals in front of the amp?.. I know I have to make a block for the effect loop in my HX Stomp so I'll have the amp in the chain... to have something running through the amp's effect loop I have to place that after the effect loop block right?.. and before that block anything I want in front of the amp.. 2. I've seen that you can placed blocks in a separate path from the chain... is this the same as placing a delay into the effects loop of an amp? 3. Another thing about the IR.. I bought a 4x12 Celestion Vintage 30 IR from Celestion and they send me o bunch of wav files. Which on is the one I install in the Stomp?. And what's the difference between IR1024 and IR 2048 This is what they send me... (Im trying to understand the IR thing) Thanks I hope I have explained my self well
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