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  1. Yep, this is true. I am in preset mode and I hoped FS4/5 have the same capabilities as FS 1-3 sending PC messages. Wouldn’t that be logical? It seems I will have to use a very small midi switcher (Desaster area) and send it’s midi via the HX Stomp midi in to midi through/out. I need 5 midi pc messages to run my looper app on my iPad (grouptheloop).
  2. Thanks indeed @rvroberts
  3. Thank you guys, very much appreciated!
  4. Do I have to trust my ears or is there an input or VU meter do monitor the input signal and set it right ( just before clipping)? I could not find any hint in the manual.
  5. Hello, I am new to this forum and bought a HX Stomp to accommodate my AX8 or simply have a tiny wonderbox that fits in my guitarcase, including guitar that is ;–) I hooked a Lehle Mini footswitch up to use it as FS4. Can’t find a solution to send a midi PC command from the footswitch to midi out of the stomp. Don’t tell me the stomp is limited to 3 PC messages that can only be sent by its own FS 1-3. I can switch a block on and off with the ext. FS, but can’t trigger that midi PC. I hoped for a better midi out implementation, but still love this little thingy...
  6. Sorry for my premature statement above folks. I listened to the video again with proper earphones and had to realize the Helix sounds much more dynamic and refined. Still I could swear I listened to a shorter version of this video before, right? However, different miking, different player and playing skills with the Hd500, me thinks. but why use a video like that to market the helix? (Which indeed to me sounded slightly "muddy" (for lack of a better word) on the lower strings, for a plexi that is - as someone else pointed out earlier here. Well, no way around trying gear out for yourself if you want to shell out your hard earned money. Learnt this the hard way when I had the tc electronics so many went crazy about but Irealised after the purchase almost instantly it will never be for me...
  7. Standing in line for a fractal fx8 but also wanted to testdrive the Helix also because of its brilliant UI. But I expected a significantly better sound than the hd 500 after listening to the marketing blurb - just something I cannot hear in the comparison video, especially when listening to the plexi stuff – tone and string definition, where is it? Still happy for every vid that does not mask the sound with high gain settings...