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  1. POD HD500X Edit POD HD500X Edit Version 2.26 Released 4/9/15 Works with: POD HD500X This version of POD HD500X Edit adds support for HD Model Packs. It also addresses a previous issue in which certain Deep Edit Parameters did not appear correctly. OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 ( 36.92 MB ) Get Download direct link (requires logged-in user)
  2. some demo patches follow: sweet child o'mine Line6 HD500+JTV direct to PA (free patch download): Guns and Roses/Sweet child o'mine (1406) black dog Line6 HD500+JTV direct to PA (free patch down load): Black Dog (1406) hotel california How to play Hotel California solo harmony with James Tyler Variax 69s and Line 6 POD HD500 money solo HD500+JTV direct to PA isolated guitar la grange Line6 HD500+JTV direct to PA: ZZ Top La Grange with patches (1406) shine on you crazy diamond Line 6 HD500: How to approximate the sound of Shine on you crazy diamond more patches available here tone analysis in the description of each vid with customtone links... enjoy :)
  3. new Wet&Dry preset: sh, keep on podin' :) ps or shall i say ...helixin' :D
  4. try loading the patch with input setup="Preset" NOT GLOBAL. ie: Step one: load "hd500 edit" Set two: Change input setup="Preset" Step three load the patch. The {Input 1: Guit+Aux+Varx - Input 2: Same } is the default if input setup="Global" :)
  6. nico, we r ...lost in studio work, composing+recording+producing a dozen of new songs, cover lives have been postponed 4 a while :) here is a small unreleaded beta-sample (with non-english lyrics)
  7. try connecting the jtv with 1/4 cable. if snaps disappear, then buy a new vdi cable.
  9. after downloading 'n unzipping from the foll link, u will find a simple hd500.exe file which simply can read ANY hd500 bundle 'n create the csv file (readme.txt provided).
  10. well, nico, as a matter of fact is is a little more complicated :mellow: when i have time, i'll post specific user-instructions (or a compiled version of this code)... but, yes, with this procedure, we can easily produce printouts of ANY bundle (ie 8 setlists).
  11. well, here is a simple java class that "reads" the hd bundle file 'n creates a csv file which u can open with exel. the hd bundle filename is hardcoded, so u must change it (note the double backslashes). attached is the csv produced by an "old" HD500preset.h5b
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