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  1. Thank you so much!!! I feel like an idiot. I had it set to guitar and thought that was correct but.... I was using my Variax! Problem solved!
  2. Hello, I cannot seem to get the dry tracking option working in ProTools with my Helix. I've tried reading the Helix manual, looking through Helix posts, ProTools posts and any videos I can find but nothing so far. Here is what I have set up: In Helix I have: USB connected to Windows 10 PC in Global Settings I have USB In 1/2 set to Multi In the patch I have output set to Multi In ProTools I have: Playback Engine set to Helix I/O is reset to default with the Helix settings that populate automatically Tried mono track set to input 7 as well as input 8 and get no audio Tried stereo track set to input 7/8 and have no audio In Windows I have: Audio device to recording and playback set to Helix If I select input 1 I can record the processed track fine...no issues, but I cannot get the dry track to record. This is my first time trying this as I have always recorded the XLR out of Helix into my Focusrite interface. I wanted to try recording a dry track so I can use Helix Native to process the sound. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  3. BTW, I forgot to mention that I usually do not use the USB for recording as it seems it always changes the soundcard used in Sonar from the Roland device to the POD. Can I use the analog 1/4" outs to record using this method?
  4. Thanks for the info! I hadn't realized I posted in the Helix forum...Sorry about that.
  5. I have a JTV and a Pod HD500 and I'm wondering if I can record one track using amp models from the Pod HD500 and one track as a dry signal simultaneously so I can re-amp in the future. Is this possible with the gear I own? I use a Roland ASIO interface for computer recording. Thanks for your help.
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