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  1. jandrio's post in Battery life? was marked as the answer   
  2. jandrio's post in Electric through left output, variax acoustic through left was marked as the answer   
    if u place stereo fx AFTER the mixer u get stereo sound on BOTH channels.
    place the mixer LAST in the signal chain.
  3. jandrio's post in Noise Gate Decay setting? was marked as the answer   
  4. jandrio's post in How to use Expression Pedal without loosing a block was marked as the answer   
    it works i u c it the opposite way.
    i mean consider the fx return param as a -24 db level controller.
    so, set fx loop return=+24db 'n assign the hd500's master knob in such a way that with these settings u achieve the loudest output.
    now, by  reducing the fx return level 2 "zero" with the exp1/2, u can actually cut the output signal by 24 db.
    i suppose this is "near mute", isn't it?
  5. jandrio's post in Looking for some specific instructions for the Parametric EQ was marked as the answer   
    yes, it is. just place the looper in the PRE position using the FS3 (talkin' abt BUILT-IN LOOPER, NOT FX-LOOP)...
    quoting from "POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.10 - English ( Rev A )", page 8-2:
  6. jandrio's post in Tone notes in Custom Tone? was marked as the answer   
    notes 'n other info do not- repeat - do not download from customtone.
    u can read them by expanding customtone view, or opening detailed view of tone under consideration...
    tip of the day: right-click-copy notes from custometone 'n paste in2 notepad.
  7. jandrio's post in How 2 Store Unused Jtv Batteries 4 An Extended Period Of Time was marked as the answer   
    done bit of searchin'
    found this:
    and this:
    and finally this:
  8. jandrio's post in hd500 exp... pedal was marked as the answer   
  9. jandrio's post in How can i find my own topics was marked as the answer   
    here they r...
  10. jandrio's post in Footswitch Light For Multi-assigned Blocks was marked as the answer   
    place a studio EQ or noise gate (100/0)  b4 the color drive 'n match it's status with the LoResDelay.
    Assign same FS4.
    Now u got the light opertating as u wish (the red FS4 light is ON when the delay/ngate is on, and OFF when the color drive is on)...
    studio EQ and noise gate do not colour ur sound.
    Demo HD500X patch attached..
  11. jandrio's post in Pod Hd 500 Switch Between Tube Amp And Pods Pre Amp was marked as the answer   
    Try attached demo patch 'n modify at taste.
    With FS1 u can switch between POD amp sim and ur 4cm'ed tube amp.
    Note that u can also use BOTH pod amp and ur tube amp, if u enable both.
    4cm demo.zip
  12. jandrio's post in Hd500x With Usb And Line Out, Same Time was marked as the answer   
    It sound like u have a ground loop problem.
    Check out this one:
  13. jandrio's post in Pod Hd + Pod Hd500 Best Way To Connect Both? was marked as the answer   
    Hurghanico is absolutely right stating that u have 2 run HD-BEAN in2 HD500's effect loop.
    c attached pic and demo patches.
    Place the looper last in combo-chain (HD-BEAN) if u want it 2 play processed signal, or first in the combo-chain (HD500)  if u want it 2 play unprocessed raw guitar input.
    1) Of course there r several other ways 2 implement the HD500+BEAN combo, treat those patches as a starting point only.
    2) Cabling: connect HD500 FX send 2 HD-BEAN's guitar input.
        Connect HD-BEAN's usb or 1/4" unbalanced outputs (L+R) to recording device.
  14. jandrio's post in Hd 500 Sounds Horrible--sos was marked as the answer   
    POD HD500X/HD500 Pedal Calibration
  15. jandrio's post in Pod Hd Pro - Fx Loop Question. was marked as the answer   
  16. jandrio's post in Neck Swap was marked as the answer   
  17. jandrio's post in Pod Hd500x Amp Peramiters Are Not Present was marked as the answer   
    Use full amp model, not pre amp.
  18. jandrio's post in Where's The New Acoustic Sean's Video? Some Humor was marked as the answer   
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