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How 2 Store Unused Jtv Batteries 4 An Extended Period Of Time

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I have 2 JTV batteries 4 my 69s, but since I also own a HD500, I have never used them.


However, at the lives, I always carry one charged battery (4-2 leds on) with me as a “disaster plan†4 power-feeding the JTV in case the HD500 breaks down.  After a period of time the battery loses its 4 leds and self discharges 2 1 led. I then fully charge the other one and so on…


So my question is:  what is the best approach 2 follow in order 2 maximize the batteries life:


1.1.Must I follow a cyclic charge-discharge schedule?  Does this approach wear down the batteries?  


1.2. What is the max allowable charge-discharge limit?


Or should I forget the “disaster plan†and:


2.1. Just store them discharged?


2.2. Just store them fully charged?

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These batteries hold a charge quite a while.  You should probably recharge them every couple of months or so.  Life should be fine as long as you don't leave them  in a hot environment.  I keep mine in my JTV because I sometimes play it through one of my tube amps with the 1/4 inch cable.  Most of the time I use the VDI cable with my pod.  I end up recharging about once a month or so depending on how much I play it with the battery power.

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done bit of searchin'

found this:



Moli Energy Lithium Ion Battery Storage: Storage temperature range is -20 to 60° C. Recommended storage voltage range is 4.1 to 2.0 volts per cell. For prolonged storage periods, store discharged [i.e. 2.0 to 3.0 volts per cell] and at -20° to 25° C.    Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery Storage: The batteries should be stored at room temperature, charged to about 30 to 50% of capacity. We recommend that the batteries be charged about once per year to prevent overdischarge


and this:


Simple Guidelines for Storing Batteries

  • Primary batteries store well. Alkaline and primary lithium batteries can be stored for 10 years with moderate loss capacity.
  • Remove battery from the equipment and store in a dry and cool place.
  • Avoid freezing. Batteries freeze more easily if in discharged state.
  • Lithium-ion must be stored in a charged state, ideally 40 percent. This assures that the battery will not drop below 2.50V/cell with self-discharge and fall asleep.
  • Discard Li-ion if the voltage has stayed below 2.00/V/cell for more than a week


and finally this:


Re: Jtv Battery Life
by guitar4u on 2011-10-02 09:07:35


The Care and Feeding of Lithium-Ion (Li-On) Batteries

Avoid full discharges. It’s better to discharge Li-Ion batteries partway, then charge them up again. After they’re charged, unplug the AC adapter—chargers can’t really overcharge the battery, but it does waste electricity. Besides, a little bit of discharging/charging helps improve battery performance.


If you won’t be using an Li-Ion-powered device for extended periods of time,don't store the battery either fully charged or fully discharged—discharge the battery about halfway before storing it in a cool environment (heat shortens Li-Ion battery life—not that any gear likes heat much anyway). After removing the battery from storage, charge it to full capacity before using it again.

Finally, remember that no battery lasts forever. After a while the battery’s internal resistance builds up to the point where it can’t hold a charge anymore; at that point, dispose of the battery in accordance with local environmental regulations.

— Craig Anderton


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If you are using the battery as a backup at a gig, I would keep it fully charged.  Recharge  every month or so.  That may not maximize the life but it will make sure it's ready to go when you need it.  Temperature extremes are a life limiter so avoid storing it in an extremely hot or cold environment.  (Guitar case should be fine)  I leave mine in the guitar even though I usually use the HD500x to power it.

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