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  1. Happy New Year - Line 6 Loungers, Just wanted to extend a hats off to the team handling post sales support. As a long time 500X user/advocate and Variax 89F owner I graduated up to the Helix Floor on Black Friday 2020 (not much of a day thanks to Covid). I was hoping that I'd score a backpack in the process. But come that Friday morning there were no Line 6 Promo's with the Helix backpack. I checked all the top sellers and nope, none offered the backpack. So around 10am, I pushed the button and within a few hours I had my Helix via Curbside services no hassle and no mess. Besides not getting the backpack I was a %90 satisfied customer and eager to make up the rest by getting to work with my new gear. I am a sucker for choosing outside the norms, and I got the "Gold" Limited Edition Helix Floor. That way, your Helix will never get confused with mine. Laugh. It turns out, a few days later, that there was a Line 6 Promo, for the backpack. It was either Later Friday or Early Saturday when I noticed the Promo. I jumped on the chat support for GC and there person I dealt with attempted to honor the promo and to have the backpack sent out to me. It was late in the day, he said that I should check back in on Monday and they would be able to do the transaction. I then got onto GC chat during business hours non-holiday. They said that GC does not fulfill the Promo items for Line 6 and that I should reach out to Line 6. I created a Support Ticket with Line 6 Support and over the next few weeks, I went through 2 more rounds of conversations with GC to honor the Promo. I presented GC with all the sales information that Line 6 provided me. GC refused to honor the PROMO because I had purchased the "GOLD" Guitar Center ONLY Limited Edition. Stating that the backpack only applied to the black "standard" version. Line 6 support had already confirmed that the PROMO was not tied to a "SKU". Buy a Helix, regardless of color, you get a backpack. When asked about how that item would be inventoried, they admitted that GC would end up with a free backpack. Those who are in business accounting and inventory, can see there's an issue here. Especially if GC sends an invoice to Line 6 for the PROMO fulfillment, GC gets money they don't deserve and product in their inventory. Seriously who should win that battle? Line 6, Guitar Center, or the customer who just spent cash money? What part of "the customer is always right" did GC not understand? Especially since it did not mean any money loss to GC or Line 6. Line 6 Stepped up to the plate, and took responsibility to fulfill the PROMO despite the fact that GC had plenty of backpacks that Line 6 had "pre-shipped" to GC just for the PROMO - GC had PROMO inventory and they refused to honor the PROMO. I was attempting to support the local business, so I did not purchase from the big online Sweetwater Facilities. Maybe there's a reason GC just keeps getting smaller and smaller. It is unfortunate, because at 15 years old I walked into one of the oldest GC stores, Fountain Valley GC, and my life changed forever. That was nearly 40 years ago. I have always been a supporter of the local GC stores. I will be using that backpack - as soon as gigs start back up!! Line 6 Support - You Did a Great Job!! Thanks and Happy New Year.
  2. Hey MMU3269, Go To the Downloads section and Get the drivers - You'll need the following: 1. Monkey for Account, Owner Validation, and Software Update/Download - That should get you on the road to using your computer to modify your HD500X as well as recording direct from the USB interface of the 500X. Enjoy your new pallet and Be Blessed!!
  3. Chili87, Hard to say what the issues is without hearing the sound. What do you mean noisy interference? Like a Hum? Does the interference go away if you disconnect the guitar at any point in the signal? Is the amp near any computers or other electronic devices? If it is Hum then you need to add a Noisegate or compressor to the signal path. Check the amp settings for each signal path. Be Blessed!!!
  4. The only issue with using a combo amp like the Bassbreaker is that it will "color" (often poorly) the modeling tones you create within the 500X - You could get past that using the 4CM (4 Cable Method) - OR Another option is to purchase a FRFR (Full Range Flat Response) Monitor - They don't color the tones you create on the 500X - Trav...
  5. I use my 500X to record directly to Audacity, Reason, Ableton, and ProTools and I've never had a single problem.. Must definitely mean that Line 6 has produced a faulty driver..
  6. I would tend to think that wires are wires and if the wires came off the jack/plug then this is something that can be repaired - Often times this happens when cables are over stretched or some other force/usage has caused the cables to disconnect from the solder in the jack/plug. That is something that can be repaired. A little less easier to repair is when the wires come lose at the ear side. Much more of a challenge to repair. But wires are wires, and if the issue is wires it is something that can be repaired.
  7. Just as Mystic Recommends a Buffer would be better to use than a Booster - Best way to remember the difference: A Buffer helps with maintaining signal tone through out an FX loop/pedal board A Booster helps with maintain or boost the signal volume throughout an FX loop/pedal board - Trav...
  8. I've got a 500X and I connect it directly to my windows 10 computer and I have Used Audacity, Reason, and Ableton to record directly from my 500X connected via USB ..
  9. Is there any information on the BSOD when it happens? In most cases the BSOD will leave some clues (bread crumbs) as to why the crash occurred - If you could capture some of the data and search on it, you might get an idea of what actually caused the crash. If it hasn't been recommended, I would suggest using a different USB port. I would also make sure you're using the latest version of Reaper - Make sure that you have disabled any power management of the USB ports as well.
  10. Well it would appear that the issue is more complex than I thought and related to the Churches sound system or power. I connected to my home studio system and nothing shocking happened Obviously me being connected the power and touching the mic is completing a circuit, I just have to figure out what the loop is.. I will try a different power outlet and a few other possibilities. Definitely do appreciate the input guys!!!
  11. PA System is Plugged into grounded power conditioner power board - Mixer is plugged into a power conditioner power board
  12. I connect directly from my 500X to the Venues (Church) Snake/Mixer/PA System - I was "told" that the previous sound guy did have to rewire the plugs for proper grounding, but maybe I need to check them again. However, I've used the same power outlet, the same 500X, with a couple different guitars a Fender Strat and an Accustic/Electric with no shocks or issues plugged into the 500X using the 1/4 input on the 500X. This was the first time that I was using my JTV and singing at the same time. I will be running a test tonight with my home studio. Plugging the JTV/500X into my mixer and a Mic into the mixer and see what happens..
  13. It is the Variax VDI Cable with the Shielded Connectors -
  14. Good Afternoon JTV Crew - My Setup: JTV-89F -> Variax Cable -> POD HD 500X -> Mixing Board -> PA System I was singing this past weekend and when I touched the mic which is connected to the mixing board -> PA - I got a nice little shock - Kinda like the 9V battery type of shock - It kept happening so I switched to a different MIC with a different cable and plugged into the snake on a different port - Again I got shocked - I put my JTV-89F on a stand and used the MIC without a shock - A little more testing with JTV in Hand and when I was touching the strings of the JTV I would get shocked - Ideas? Unfortunately I only have 1 Variax Cable - Which is actually a replacement direct from JTV Support - My 500X is connected to a grounded power strip which is also connected to a properly grounded power outlet. Tested with ground tester.. The power on the stage was built to spec to make sure the power onstage didn't produce that ungrounded HUM.. Thanks for any and all input.. Trav...
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