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  1. I also have a G&L Bass (L2000) with insanely high output and ran into the same issue. There are 3 ways to solve this: 1. Lower the pickups from the strings 2. Turn down the volume on your bass 3. Either use the aux in or the return in (both have a 10k ohm) if you only have the LT version (like me). I opted for lowering the pickups a bit ( around 3/16" on bass side and a bit less on the treble side - unfettered, open strings). This cleans things up a whole bit. I now run it through the Normal input with pad on and it's sounds great. I did however also try the return 1 set to line level but found that this doesn't do that much if your pickups are to close to the strings to begin with. Does your bass clip anything while you have no amp or pedal blocks in your patch? If not, you're probably just clipping some of the blocks later in your signal chain. You could also try to place an eq block before the amp block set to - 6db to simulate using a active input on your amp block. I haven't tried this last part but I think it should work!
  2. Can somebody from L6 please shed some light on this?
  3. Thank you. So pluging in an active bass in one of the returns (set to line level) would be the equivalent to using the aux input? I got the LT version.
  4. Anybody that knows what the impedance is for return 1 and 2 on the Helix LT?
  5. I´d also like to know that!
  6. Unfortunately, there's nothing over there (atleast that I could find) on the topic.
  7. Yeah I think I've read them all. The problem is that it only seems like people are guessing. I've read in one of the threads that there actually is a 3db pan law, but it doesn't seem that way since you still end upp with a slightly boosted signal after the merge. I know that this probably won't be an issue if you put the merge LAST in the path, but it will cause problems if you merge before gain sensitive blocks. LINE 6 really should clarify this so people can get the most out of their units.
  8. I've asked in the Facebook group and read some threads over here about the topic but some things about it still confuses me, so here we go again. Is there any panning law by default in the Helix while using Y splits or AB splits followed by a merge block? At what dB? Is the signal lowered att the split or at the merge block? I'm using a patch for my bass that has a y split in the beginning with some distortion blocks on path 1b, and no blocks on path 1a, followed by a merge block, some comp, mod and lastly a single amp block and a cab. I use this setup to "blend" the distortions with my clean bass tone before hiting the amp block. But something sounds "off" while doing this compared to just putting all the blocks on a single path. I do understand how panning does work and that merging two mono signals results in a boost of 3db, two stereo signals in a 6 db boost, etc. Allthough i compensate by cutting the output block of the merge block I still end up by a signal that sounds either slightly boosted or with to little gain hitting the amp block. The settup that seem to be working the best is to use a Y split with L+R hard panned to either side and then both panned center at the merge block + a -3db compensation at the merge blocks output gain. Even by doing this you can clearly hear a difference when moving fxs like a comp block before or after the split+merge. Am I missing something? I do not have the dist blocks in path 1b on all the time and I want my blocks to get the same amount of signal after the split/merge as if I wasn't usinging parallel paths. Is this even possible?
  9. I´d like to know this aswell!
  10. Yeah your´re probably right. Check out that link for optimizing Windows for audio that I posted above!
  11. Hi. I had the same problem and I think I finaly got it to work out! Check out my thread: "Pod HD500X causing crash in Reaper"
  12. Good tips! I THINK I finaly got it to work (it hasn´t crashed yet)! I did reinstall windows and followed some of the steps in the comments above. I also used this guide for optimizing Windows 10 for audio!: https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207355205-Optimising-your-PC-for-Audio-on-Windows-10 It´s very important to turn of all the features running in the background of windows. Also, set your comp to flight mode or turn of the network card if you can!
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