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  1. Hello friends. I formatted the PC again, and the problem continues. I tried it on another PC, and not the driver problem is hardware POD HD! I used different cables, different ports 2.0 and 3.0. and only the ASIO driver works with Ableton Live but not always :( this will have solution? I am very sad
  2. Hello friends. Today Install the latest version of Windows 10 before another older version of windows I did not happen this: when Studio One or Reaper looks for the ASIO driver does not detect it, and crash DAW! only occurs with Windows 10 latest version. (Windows 10 v1607 x64bits) in MAC OS nothing like this happens,, everything normal. I reformatted , I installed again. and the problem does not go away someone happened this problem? I reset my Pod HD Pro X , installed drivers again bla bla bla ... :unsure: regards!
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