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  1. Sorry if this has been brought up before but I have had a JTV69 from new for about 15 months and the original battery has now died and refuses to take a charge. Inserting it into the charger sees the red light stay on for about 10 seconds then it goes off. Battery tester shows voltage of less than 1 for a few seconds then nothing. I have a 2nd battery which is working properly in both guitar and charger. I have only charged the battery about 12 times in this period as I have only used the battery power on a few occasions when I have used a guitar amp as I always use the VDI power cable from a Pod X3, HD500 and latterly a Firehawk FX. The failure is a bit disappointing but my reason for posting on the forum is not to have a go at Line 6 as I love the guitar and Firehawk and a dud battery can happen to anyone, just a pity it was outside of guarantee although it is probably not covered anyway. I digress; my question is if you use the JTV exclusively with a DVI power source from a pod etc. should you take the battery out of the guitar or does it make no difference? I might add I do not leave the DVI lead plugged in when not in use and always lower the volume pot to zero when not being played. Average use of the guitar is 15/20 hours per week.
  2. Does anyone know a UK supplier with any stock of batteries as I have been trying for weeks without success? Email to Line 6 USA replied they cannot supply to UK and suggested I phone European headquaters, which are in fact, Yamaha in Germany. I know some have issues with using chipped batteries rather than cheaper generic ones. I don't but would ask if you are restricted to chipped batteries then there should be a readily available stock of them at all time.
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