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  1. I’m on here in the hope of finding a solution as my helix floor has just developed same fault. I’m thinking it’s a wear an tear fault with age then as I’ve had mine from when it was first released. I tend to do a lot of patch creation and tweaking using the hardware rather than hs edit. I reckon it’s just gave up with use.
  2. This is Alex Lifesons rig that I was trying to simulate on Helix as best I can...
  3. Wow - its an overwhelming no for stereo then! Well my set up is a clean amp left and dirty amp right panned 24 each side, into two separate channels of the PA and those are panned hard left and right. As people on here have said though, Im probably almost mono anyway with that little panning. I think I might post a photo of my patch to give a better idea but am wondering now is there any benefit of running two separate paths on helix to separate outs at end of path (hope that makes sense) i.e the two lines don't combine they go separate to the outputs at the edge of the screen. If running mono is that still okay to do. Sorry if that's a daft question...Also if I'm just using the left xlr (as that sums to mono) will there be adrop in volume as Im no longer going through two channels on PA?
  4. This is my Rush tribute band. We don’t play a lot of the early stuff but I use helix and sometimes variax for 2 hour rush sets. I’ve had problems getting the guitar to cut through at gigs but have recently change my patches to a baseline stereo patch and I switch in and out pedals for different songs. So, still a patch pervsong but it’s essentially the same just with different snapshots programmed and sometimes different pedals.
  5. sozeg

    Direct to FOH

    Very interesting topic. Been going straight to foh with iem’s for about 5 years, first hd500x now helix. I love the set up but find when listening back to recordings my guitar just doesn’t cut through. Rarely do I get the guitar cutting through. I’ve been questioning my set up as I run stereo but not in a mad spacey sound way just two amps with stereo delays and reverbs. Everyone I ask says don’t run stereo but I don’t think that is the problem.
  6. Can I ask then is there any point in using stereo reverbs, chorus and delay if you are running mono? Should all the effects not all be mono?
  7. Hmmm....thanks for the responses. A lot of folks online etc say to avoid stereo but that dames such a shame. Surely with the power of the helix it could be controlled? I had thought that by only panning 24 each side but then panning the output channels hard left and right would be cool? Tried it in rehearsal tonight and it sounded pretty good, maybe it’s better mono though as I never tried that. Alex Lifeson rig is stereo without sounding totally separated and certainly no phasing. I’ll persevere but appreciate the comments.
  8. I’ve been going out stereo with xlr’s for a good while but never felt I had the sound and spread I wanted. Im now using two amps with two separate outs with one amp panned 24 left and the other 24 right, using stereo reverbs and delays. It now sounds great through headphones and my daw. What’s the best way to treat this in rehearsals and a gig in terms of the pa mixer? Should i pan an each channel hard left and right at the mixer or both in the centre and the helix panning will sort it? Any help or tips with stereo out to pa with two different amps would be great, thanks.
  9. So after the update everything is there but some of my patches with fairly complex snapshots have gone to pot. I have a few that have acoustic on one snapshot, electric on another, a different electric with custom tuning on another. These are all wrong and it’s as if Helix won’t let me change them manually as the menu options are greyed out. Any ideas.
  10. Great stuff. Thanks very much for sharing. Really unique insight into the pit of a massive show. Please continue to add more in the future.
  11. sozeg

    Found a Helix case

    Cheers for the tip about trimming the top case padding on the Gator case. I cant seem to open the photo though - any chance you could post as a pdf or something?
  12. sozeg

    Found a Helix case

    Sorry to bug you again....did you remove the foam blocks in order to cut them or just cut them as they are sitting in the case?
  13. sozeg

    Found a Helix case

    Great, thanks. I've ordered the same board and it's due to be delivered tomorrow.
  14. sozeg

    Found a Helix case

    Hi, did you use Velcro on the bottom of the helix? If so did you have to remove the feet from it? Thanks
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