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  1. Like already mentioned, there's no way of knowing 100% what's gonna be announced at NAMM, however...there's no way they're gonna release a new Stomp this soon. No way. Get a Stomp and enjoy.
  2. 90% of a really great convincing gain'd up rock tone is about the IR you're using. Some believe the built in cabs are good enough, but most know that a great IR makes ALL the difference. Same exact philosophy of running your real tube amp into a lollipop cabinet. No amount of tweaking will really give you a satisfying tone. Getting a couple good IR packs from like Ownhammer or Celestion will be the difference of almost wanting to return your Helix and using it as your main rig and loving it.
  3. Everyone will have an opinion on this and not necessarily in line with each other. Mine: - When dialing in tones (especially gainier/medium to high gain tones), you have to do this at close or right at stage/gig volume. - I typically run my big volume knob all the way up, or close to it, and back down the main L/R output volume. I just make sure to tell the sound guy "Start with the channel gain a 0 and EQ flat". It sort of emulates a cranked amp better and really gives you the best of all frequencies, as well as, dynamics and punch. - When going full direct to FOH, keep in mind...PA speakers do not have that same mid range, low mid range guitar friendly punch and "body" that a speaker cab in the room has. Same as when you physically mic a cab and what comes out of the PA half the time is underwhelming. So the biggest headache for me, is really a lot of tweaking and trial and error and really experimenting with EQ, mid range. I find that tones may sound great at home, then turned up at a gig....it may sound buried in the mix and not a lot of that mid range, tube amp girth. So if you're dialing in tones at home and it sounds mid range heavy, chances are in the context of a loud PA or a band mix, it's just right. - Another trick on gain tones, is adding the minotaur in front...gain all the way down, tone higher up (then pulling highs down on the amp)..and the level up to taste. That adds so much clarity and dynamic to the tone. - Another trick you can try is turning the sag down a bit. Tightens the amp up.
  4. From what I understand this isn't poly yet.
  5. Thanks in advance. I just got a Stomp this week. Background, I'm very high level proficient on a full Helix Floor. It shipped with firmware 2.65. Been working on building presets for about a week. I went to update to 2.82 tonight. The update ran successfully. Yes, I did run a full backup first. After the first reboot following update, NO OUTPUT. It sees an input (tested by engaging the tuner. Left and right 1/4 jacks are not live. Neither alone or together. I've done everything. I've run the buttons 1 and 2, buttons 2 and 3, and buttons 1, 2, 3 resets. I've rolled back as far as 2.70 and re-updated to 2.82. NO OUTPUT. To save the initial low hanging fruit troubleshooting, yes tried different cables. It's an issue with the unit itself...sees input, but no output. Is there another reset anyone knows of? Before I return the unit, looking for help.. Any ideas? Thanks, Brian
  6. Dude. "In a few years"? Why are you even thinking about what Line 6 will release in a few years? All things change in a few years. Do you not purchase a cell phone because Apple will release a new model in "a year"? Do you avoid purchasing a vehicle in 2019 because they'll release a new one in 2020? Would you not buy a laptop because it's obsolete in 3 years?
  7. bvaladez74

    Direct to FOH

    Hi guys, Thanks for the responses. Just to reiterate. I wasn't looking for answers to troubleshooting. It's a fact, that going from gig to gig, sound company to sound company, you're going to get a different default EQ curve depending on systems, speakers, the mixer itself, etc. You're getting a different starting point tonally depending on the sound system you're relying on. I'm fully aware of letting a sound man know to set things flat and the tricks to cutting through more. I was just stating my experience and my end result. I've noticed most take minimal gear hauling and convenience over getting the best tone possible. My goal is tone first, authentic tube amp feel/tone in FOH and on stage...THEN convenience. Thanks all.
  8. +1 on the PPC212. I have all the Orange Cab sizes. They are far superior tonally than most other options.
  9. bvaladez74

    Direct to FOH

    Hello all, So, I love my Helix first off. No issues here in terms of lack of experience or knowledge with the Helix. I'm very comfortable on a deep edit level. Easily expert level. I've got presets for each configuration. Direct to FOH, Amp fx return, 4CM. I've done a few gigs with it direct to FOH. For medium to higher gain scenarios, I've learned quickly that in that situation, obviously the Helix relies heavily on a great PA. The variables are so apparent. Moving from sound company to sound company over the course of different gigs, direct to PA results are all over the place in terms of tone. One company's sound system speakers will have a completely different default EQ curve than another. What sounds amazing setting up your tones in a high gig volume FRFR situation can very well not sound a fraction as good when your tone is in the hands of a sound engineer. In my experience, it's not just a slight tweak of midrange, lows, highs. It's more major. I found for me, I'll be forced to stick with bringing a speaker cab, running 4CM to an amp, or into a power amp situation. The negatives of inconsistent MIC techniques far outweigh the tonal results of an unknown PA scenario at any given gig. I still get amazing functionality out of the Helix. Me setting up my tones in a full test PA, gig volume (Midas mixers, Turbosound or QSC mains/subs and QSC K.10's or K.12's for FRFR monitors) and it sounding incredible...could easily sound totally different with other PA rigs. Half of the time, so much worse, that you're now scrambling at a gig to fully re-EQ things to get through the gig. Turning on the global EQ and radically tweaking in a hurry. Not every situation, but just as much so as not. I know everyone has a different experience. I get it. I'm not looking for answers. Just reporting my experience with direct to FOH. Here and there, it's good....and other times...not even close. All depending on the sound engineer and the PA gear. Has zero to do with the Helix settings itself. After all my test gig scenarios, I'm completely content...still keeping my Helix as my main board, but running into a physical amp/cab. Perfect set up for me. :)
  10. Matrix GT1000Fx. It's industry standard for a lot of Axe FX users now. I use it with my POD HDx into 16ohm orange cabs. You're not going to find anything better. Oh and don't share gear. 2 rigs into a single power amp?! LOL!!! Dude, buy 2 Matrix power amps and you're set. Would you share a toothbrush?
  11. Like mentioned above, you're only missing the required POD FX loop block in your signal chain in your preset. That turns on the POD's FX send jack which is plugged into your amp's input. So your clean tone patch isn't actually giving you signal to your amp's preamp clean channel. You're only getting the amp model son of plexi. It also explains no signal on the next preset. It's not global, the FX Loop block in the POD needs to be added per preset.
  12. Really? A question about removing rubber feet? Wow.
  13. bvaladez74


    Use the Tube drive and vetta juice (SPARINGLY)
  14. I have a POD Pro X and a Matrix GT1000. The Matrix needs a strong input signal going into it. So make sure your mixer levels and amp volume levels are as maxxed out as much as possible. If you can...max out the amp model volume and zero out the mixer. Make sure you're ALWAYS using 1/4 inch outs, NOT XLR and the output level on the back of the POD Pro is set to "line". The volume difference is huge. With a Matrix, the design doesn't behave like a tube power amp. I've noticed it's opposite. Where you'd normally run your power amp at high volume and your preamp would control the level. I run my POD with the master volume at 75% up. It gives a really strong input signal to the Matrix. Then I push my Matrix up as loud as needed. Also, "if" you don't need it...don't run in stereo. Run the Matrix in Bridge mode to get the full wattage (depending on speaker impedance). One last thing...if you wanna get crazy...the Matrix responds louder, the more cabs/speakers are plugged into it. :) Hope that helps. Brian
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