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  1. I ordered my Pod Go with Musician's Friend on April 2 and UPS will deliver it tomorrow 5/6. My friend ordered from Guitar Center back in February and his Pod Go is in back order status. Someone posted on another site that Guitar Center just charged his credit card this morning so maybe GC orders will be shipping soon. Just guessing.
  2. I have a Headrush FRFR-108 that I use with my Helix and it sounds great. Showed it to two of my friends and they both ordered one the next day. You could get a new one for around $199 or less if you buy a used one.
  3. marhil

    POD Go FAQ

    I also ordered from Musicians Friend back in February and noticed the ship date was changed to May 15th. I called MF customer support and they told me the May 15th date was for new orders. Hoping my order is order is in the first batch/
  4. I pre-ordered one back in February. Hopefully I'm on the list for the first batch.
  5. Thanks Phil. Great news. Any idea when the editor will be ready ? Do you know if the release date is still on schedule for April ? Think the release of manual is a good sign release will be on or near scheduled April release date.
  6. marhil

    Release date.

    No I would not cancel order. Earlier there were retailers advertising release dates in February and early March. According to Eric Klien from Line 6, April is still the targeted release date.
  7. marhil

    POD Go FAQ

    Thanks Phil. That's what I was thinking. I was skeptical when I saw the earlier ship dates.Think sellers/retailers are just trying to grab pre-sales by posting earlier shipping dates.
  8. marhil

    POD Go FAQ

    Last night I was surfing the web and I discovered several major retailers had various shipping dates for the Line 6 Pod Go earlier than the April date that Line 6 posted. One was as early as Feb. 15th and two had March 31st shipping dates. Also saw several sellers on reverb.com selling Pod Go with dates earlier than April. Don't know if these dates are valid or dealers are just trying to one up each other to get pre-sale orders. I'm taking all this with a grain of salt for now until I see something official from Line 6.
  9. marhil

    POD Go FAQ

    Can the main outputs and amp out be used simultaneously ? For example having the main outs connected to mixer/PA speakers and then connect the amp out to my amp for a monitor for my guitar.
  10. Thank you guys for the great information. Now I understand why there is a BIG difference between the sound I was hearing from my studio monitors and headphones versus the sound through the PA and amp. Now I have to work on dialing in the sound on the PA speakers & amp. The studio monitors I am using are small Mackie CR3s which I use in a very small room. I primary use the Helix with the studio monitors and headphones. The PA speakers are only used when I jam at my friend's house. I'm only an amateur and do not play out. Never understood the big difference in sound until now. Thanks again to all who posted replies, really appreciate it.
  11. I have a Helix Stomp and it sounds great though studio monitors and headphones but kind of thin and tinny thought PA speakers or tube amp. I tried 80 and 100 hz low cuts and high cuts at 4000 hz on the cabs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sound so good through the studio monitors but not thought PA speakers. I know there is good sound out there for PA just need to get my settings rights.
  12. Thanks Phil. I did not try the factory reset before restoring setlists from backup. Will try when I get a chance. Does the FS9 & FS10 reset bring in the new factory preset patches from 2.82 ? Thinking it does.
  13. I updated my Helix last night from 2.70 to 2.82. Made backups, full and individual setlists prior to updating. Update went smooth. Problem is now my snapshots are not working. Still have all of my setlists. The snapshots are missing the labels that they had in v2.70 i.e 'Clean' 'Chorus', 'Lead' etc. now the snapshots are just generic names like 'Snapshot 1' Snapshot 2' etc. I tried importing one of my saved setlists but that did not fix problem. Also sometimes when I step on snapshot the changes do not take effect. Anyone else having these problems with snapshots in v2.82 ? Any suggestions ?
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