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  1. I am not him, no, but I play that role. Good observation!
  2. Thank you very much - that was the trick I was looking for! Knew it could be done and was very close to figuring it out. MJ
  3. Hi all, Apologies for the potential repeat question - likely has been addressed, but I’ll ask… With POD Go, can I: - Use 1 guitar cable in - Access my bass preset and have the bass preset output to one 1/4” - Access mandolin preset and and have the mandolin preset output to a separate 1/4” - Bass and mandolin would never be playing at same time Essentially, I want to have my live playing so that I can use the POD Go for both instruments, outputting to different “channels” (simply switching the input cable between my bass and mandolin, muting via kill switch cable). Would appreciate any help - I’ve read through the forums and am not sure if this is possible or how. Thanks! MJ
  4. Really? Can you post a link to it? Thanks!
  5. Excellent idea (and fit). Very surprised Line6 doesn't have a bag/case/backpack specifically for this unit, since it's meant to travel easy. Maybe in forthcoming months... Thank you!
  6. Hi all, Curious about carrying bag/backpack/case for the Pod GO. Any recommendations? Thanks! MJ
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