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  1. Hi all,


    Recently I fell for the temptation, as so many others, to extended my 5 year Helix floor experience by adding a James Tyler Variax 69, impressed as I was with all the content I found on the web. As much as I like the guitar itself as well as the features it opens up to (esp multi tuning at the flick of a switch as well as no longer needing acoustic guitars), I did run into some unexpected issues:


    • How get firmwere updates for JTV69 as well as Win OS drivers (line 6/audio/midi) since Monkey is no longer supported as of jan 2022 and this was the designated tool? Workbench does seem to reckognize JTV69 when connected with Helix floor, however there is no option to update JTV firmware nor get OS driver update. NB I can still download and install Monkey, however functions requiering connectivity, give an error message, saying my line 6 login is not valid ... and it sure is valid. How/where is the functionality covered that Monkey provided previously?
    • How can I change default workbench path C:/OS/documenten/user into my preference? NB as most users, I want to keep C: clean as a dedicated OS drive, with NO data what so ever on it.
    • How stop workbench from doing automatic backup at startup (it most of the time isn't needed and as such is unnecessarily eating away cpu time and disk space).
    • What can cause my downloaded presets (esp the acoustics ones) to not sound anything like they sound on the internet? I specifically chose to download presets that I could A/B with vids on web from users that (as far as I could tell) have identical hardware (helix floor + JTV69) and using FRFR speakers? What am i missing?
    • What is the size of the alan wrench required for changing string heigth (sadles) on JTV69, as the 0,05" (1 mm) alan wrench, I use for my US stratocaster, does not fit?
    • Using the JTV69 with helix floor works fine, but connecting to PC with the standard interface and fully charged JTV69 battery, shows a green light on PC side of USB hub, but a red light on the JTV69 side. Conseqently the workbench does not reckognise the guitar? What am i missing?
    • Is there any connectivity/interfacing/functionality between Helix Edit and Workbench?


    Kind regards


  2. Thanks again all, for your kind words and understanding, it sure helped. I feel a little less foulish now, to the extend I think I dare leave the house again, in a few weeks :-)
  3. Sept 7th, 2020 Hi all, The mystery and problem are solved. Different to the previous amps I used the 4CM on, the Marshall has a programmable serial FX loop that can be switched on/off at the front of the amp with a little button and as such, potentially, can also be effected by midi (CC 13). Be it that switch has been set to on, ever since I started using the 4CM, this somehow must have been turned off between, when I finished configuring and testing the Midi+Snapshots and the next morning, when I found my Helix no longer sounding any of the effects in my presets. It never occurred to me that the solution, as someone suggested, could be in something this simple and obvious. I never changed any of the settings on the amp manually, nor the cabling, nor anything else. I have only been fiddling with the helix presets/snapshot/midi. Therefore, I cannot think of how that FX loop switch got switched off, unless it was some weird midi thingy. I know, I should have checked the entire chain, including the amp more thoroughly rather than focus on Helix. But I was frustrated after spending so many hours in getting midi to work (I am still getting weird results when using more than 1 Instant Command in a snapshot). Also, as said, I did not change anything on the amp side, so never considered that the problem could be hidden (in plain sight :-) there. Meanwhile, I am blushing ear to ear with shame as I should have found this before troubling others with this. Having said that, thanks very much to all for your time, effort and advise. Hoping you will forgive me my folly. Kind regards, Eric
  4. @rd2rk Thanks for your feedback that I followed up on. Hence updated to v2.92 for HXEdit and FW. However to no avail, same issue still persists. Helix will control Marshall through CC's as intended by using a number of presets/snapshots so defined, but apart from the dry guitar signal, none of the also defined effects in the same presets/snapshots, is audible, even though they clearly are being active. Also (de)selecting them using Mode, does not work either. regards Eric
  5. Netherlands sept 6th 2020 Hi all, Issue: Guitar signal audible BUT none of the helix effects is audible anymore. Relevant gear: Helix Floor 2.90 + Marshall JVM410JHS, 4 cable method + Midi cable. Last 3 years I used Helix Floor with multiple amps. Initialy through line in, then via FX loop return, only using the amp not its pre amp and then, to include the pre amp, with 4CM. All of that always worked fine. To illiminate needing Marshall controller for selecting channels etc, I updated presets, using Instant Command from command centre, selecting Midi CC. By selecting Midi CC 16-19 (resp channel 1 to 4) + associated value (0-2) to select green/orange/red setting of that channel. Still worked fine, even after reboot of both Helix and amp. Then updated each preset with 1 to 3 snapshots (typically: rythm, crunch, lead) and did full bown test. All worked fine, it allowed me to use all presets and their snapshots and controll the Marshall. Using Mode, I could even swap the helix display, to see and toggle on/off any of the effects used in each snapshot. All in all, it did exactly as I wanted. But then I rebooted both Helix and Marshall. All snapshots still worked, I could still control the Marshall as intended, but NONE of the defined effects (Mod, Delay, Dist … etc) was audible anymore, were as the Helix (and Edit App) did show them as active! I tested (in between Helix was rebooted): Created a new preset with only Send/Return block for 4CM and 1 effect block => result: guitar audible, effect not. I tried many. Repeated previous without the Midi cable => result: guitar audible, effect not. I tried many. Restored Helix backup from before the snapshot settings but with the midi controlled presets. => result: guitar audible, effect not. I tried many. Restored Helix backup from before the Midi setup. => result: no sound at all Reset Helix to facory settings + created preset with Send/Return block for 4CM + effect block => result: guitar audible, effect not. I tried many. Is it something I overlooked, or is my Helix broken? regards Eric NB I did raise a ticket, but i can not wait 3 days to get a reply, I totaly depend on the Helix for my sound.
  6. Thanks all for your help. Problem seems solved. As suggested I put a dummy plug into the FX Send AND when also opening up the volume for the channel, it worked. I would have expected the pre amps to be bypassed completely, but without opening the channel volume it does not work, were as it does ignore the channels eq? Anyways it works and sounds great, so problem solved. Thanks guys for fast response. regards Eric
  7. Hi all, Until now I used my helix through the FX return from a Lab L9 (solid state). Sounds great and works fine. However, if I connect the helix with my JCM900 in the same fashion, it does not make any sound, regardless how much I crank up the volume. Also, if I connect my guitar to the FX return of the JCM directly, there is no sound at all. If I connect the guitar to the regular input channels A or B, all works fine, so amp itself is ok. But when I connect the helix to either channel I need to crank up the volume considerably before it becomes audible and then also sounds mudded. Questions: - I would prefer using the FX return from the JCM as i do with the Lab L9. Is that doable? If so, how do I need to do that (if that is different than with the Lab L9)? - Do I need to increase the output signal from the helix? If so, how do I need to do that? - Do I need to increase sensitivity of the FX return? If so, how do I need to do that? - Or is it likely that the FX return from the JCM900 is broken, since I do not seem to get any sound from it even when directly connecting my guitar? NB I prefer not to use a 4cm method as I do not intend to use the pre-amps from the JCM. Thanks for your suggestions. Eric
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