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Found 14 results


    HD 500X

    Qué tiempo de vida le queda a la pedalera POD HD500X, que tiempo en tiendas, tiempo para que no la fabriquen más, para que la descontinuación??? Agradecería alguna respuesta.
  2. is there any way i can separate two guitars one in the aux and one in the guitar input? Can i separate both guitars into different amps if i am running stereo ? like having aux input into left amp and guitar input into right
  3. Ok, I am getting a little tired of this error. I have an awesome sounding channel with one open spot to add one last effect. low and be hold i get the error, so i say bye bye to my pre-amp EQ, which is really a large part of that tone. Well it wont even let me change the preamp to a pitch/bass octaver...WTHeck is wrong with this pedal!! I try dropping the delay too and it still gives me the error?? I seem to held back by this pedal now and it seems i can only replace it now to a different brand, since there is no patch to fix this PITA error. UNLESS..... someone has an answer to why Line6 cant fix this annoyance. yours truly, VERY Frustrated. Rick
  4. If anybody has a print out of the factory presets on the HD500x such as: User1 1A - Whatever 1B - Whatever User2 ​User3 so I can easily read it off my music stand for my upcoming gig I'd appreciate it. I realize I can get my HD up here on my Computer and screen snap sections but I'd rather get a printout for I'm sure someone has done that. Also, How do you with your Foot, Switch User Banks? I now push down the Knob but use Foot for ABCD but need to know and also want to confirm that if I full up the foot pedal then the volume will be off . My First public gig with HD 500x and yes I have read the manuals and been messing with it for months just that gig time closing in.
  5. ЗдравÑтвуйте Ð¡ÐµÐ³Ð¾Ð´Ð½Ñ Ð¿Ñ€Ð¸Ð¾Ð±Ñ€ÐµÐ» HD METAL PACK активировал его но в окне LINE 6 LICENSE MANAGER Ñтот пакет не поÑвлÑетÑÑ Ñ‡Ñ‚Ð¾ делать? Hello. Today I purchased HD METAL PACK activated it But in the window of LINE 6 LICENSE MANAGER, this package does not appear what to do?
  6. Hello guys. I recently bought a pod hd 500, I need to find some good patches for live. Unfortunately I do not have time to create my own patches. I hope that you can help me to find some custom tones that I can use in my performance. I have a stratocaster american standard (with single coil), I'm going directly into the PA and use one speaker cabinet. I need: - 2 clean tone (as twin reverb), one of these for funky rhythms - 2 crunch, (one with more gain for songs like 'Black or White') - 2 lead tones (For songs like 'Beat It', I want it all, The show must go on,) I hope you can help me thanks in advance :) Ps. sorry for my bad English
  7. I'm using PODs since 10 years, started with XT now STILL using my X3L with Gearbox, because later PODs are NOT downwards compatible. I play about 500 songs (cover and own) and for each song I configured at least 1 or 2 Tones (slots). With X3L - having 2 Tones in one slot - I'm using the (2nd) Expression Pedal to switch/blend between two Tones. Regarding the Models I'm using a lot of them. Besides the usual Plexi, JCM800, Fender, Boogie and other common Models etc. I'm using the Matchless D30, Angel P-Ball, Bomber X-TC, JCM-900, Silver Jubilee, Line-6 Spinal Puppet, Insane and other less common models. All-in-all a lot of work done to configure my Tones. I had learned that with the HD Series I can NOT use my previous Tones. Additionally the model pack strategy is different. So I'm about to switch to Kemper or AXE-II. But now I saw a Report about the HD Technology based Firehawk FX - and found all my previous Models included. However the Firehawk FX doesn't meet my requirements regarding plugs and connections etc. Now my Question: Are there any plans for the HD 500X to offer a model pack with ALL previous X3 models - ideally with a Tone/Bundle migration utility from X3/Gearbox, which would convince me to wait.
  8. You can use the cabinet simulation without amp simulation? I would like to use a pedal valve that I have as a pre THROUGH Loop effects and cabinet simulation only. PODHD 500X
  9. Hi everyone, I own a X3 Live which is my gig companion for years, a true workhorse battered and proved. The years are passing, however, and I'm considering to leave it as a backup and purchase a newer unit. I have an eye on the HD500x, which seems to be overall good, except for one thing... On the X3L I use a headphone for stage monitoring, so I assign the master vol to control to XLR only, this way I have the 1/4 outs at full volume, and I can control the headphones volume with the master vol knob. I haven't seen any mention to this on the HD500x reference... can't it do this? Thanks in advance.
  10. My HD500X is producing a noticeable hiss when I try to add analog pedals via the effects loop, even if that loop is not active. For example, I have the effects loop programmed into a block in front of the amp(s) block. Even if I turn the effects loop off, I can still hear the noise AND a hissy version of the analog stomp pedal itself. In this case, it's an EVH Phase 90 MXR pedal. The same issue is present when I try the EVH 117 flanger pedal. Using standard instrument cables, the HD500X's FX SEND connected to the input of the stomp box. The stomp box output is connected to the FX RETURN L/MONO on the HD500X. The FX level switch is set to STOMP. Also, the stomp boxes sound better when NOT used in the FX Loop of the HD500X. For example, if I plug my guitar directly into the stomp box itself, then connect the output of the stompbox to the GUITAR IN jack of the HD500X it sounds less noisy and more natural. I use batteries to power the stomp boxes. Any advice for solving the FX loop noise issue? Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, I'd like to know if anyone of you could help me : I've created patches that are - to my opinion - cool, but I need extra volume to play during solos. I've used by the past other stuff that used to feature a solo switch (without changing from one patch to another). HD500X doesn't have it. Any suggestion ? Thanx \m/
  12. I wan' to buy an 500X because I had it with carring a heavy amp had and tap dancing on my pedal board. I have a 212 cab with V30s. If I use the POD HD500X with a power amp to power my cab, should I turn off the cab/mic simulation? Can you plug 2 guitars in the POD HD500X? For example I want to put a piezo bridge in my guitar and it would be cool if it could handle both outputs.
  13. After so many years happy with my analogic Ibanez guitar effects pedalboard I wanted this new thrilling object... Hope it will not turn my life into a nightmare with crazy settings etc... but make it an heaven! Hints, Tips, Dos and Undos for an absolute beginner, to be prepared/ready when the box arrive? :D Thank you, ciao. Carlo_C
  14. Will we be seeing a new rack unit, or is the 500X now exactly the same as the HD Pro just with built in floor control? If someone from Line 6 could tell me whether the HD Pro is powerful enough to match all the new features and DSP power specs of the 500X (albeit with firmware upgrades etc)? Or does the 500X surpass the HD Pro's capabilities? Cheers,
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