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  1. Thanks hurghanico! Do you know off hand if they ship to Canada? Or would you happen to know of a Canadian supplier? any help will be greatly appreciated! not sure why, but can’t find a canadian supplier when i search cheers Rick
  2. Good day ppl. I have two Hd500X pedals, one for home recording and one i use the other live and and at rehearsal. Live and at practice i use the 4CM. I was rehearsing last night and 3/4" through the night i switched from bank 7A to 9A, started playing and a minute it (automajically) switched to the tuner. I got the band to stop. I so i looked down and hit the 'A' button and 3 seconds later while looking at it, it did it before my eyes and switched to the tuner again, then it went to 9A, then &a, then tuner, without even touching the (up and down) bank buttons. So I unplugged it and hoped that a reboot would fix it, but it keep switching to the tuner on its own. Plugged it in today and it is just doing the switching to the tuner by itself.... All drivers etc are fully up to date according to Line6 Monkey. Im gonna try contact cleaner on on all the buttons and work them for a good cleaning, but am going See if anyone else has experienced anything like this first. Has anyone ever encountered this? Thanks in advance Rick
  3. There are many cheap or free recording softwares to install on your p.c. and simple to use. I use the oldest version of cakewake for working tracks to send to my band mates. i just bring the .mp3 to a track of its own then jam along to it, recording my guitar. on another track
  4. Good Day Everyone. Been recording with my pedal successfully for years using the USB out on the pedal. Need to start recording using a 2nd DI box track but have not purchased one or small interface yet. I have an older P.C. with no capture card. Just USB and the standard 1/8" audio and video jacks Can you record your tone track and a separate plain tone track simultaneously to two tracks(on your recording software) from the line 6 pedal using just the USB out? If not Opt#1(without DI box) just interface Is it possible you can send the tone signal via (1/4" out) to an interface, then send a separate signal via (XL out) to the interface, then to the P.C to record on two different tracks? Or will i have to buy both the Interface and the DI box to accomplish this? Any incite will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Rick
  5. Not following?? I went to filter/ voice box, tweaked it...... Didnt sound the Greatest So I tried it with a flanger tweaked it, use moderate Settings on my way pedal and it doesn't sound too Bad. I do see the vocoder, I'll mess with that see how it sound Without the flanger Thanks Rick
  6. Hi all, hop every one is doing swell! I have a gig on Saturday and a song that we cover by Motley Crue, kickstart my Heart he uses a voice box. I just do the best i can with a few effects and a strong wah pedal Does anyone know of an effect that may sound close to the voice box? thanks in advance Rick
  7. For $1500, I hope this is the be all end all! http://line6.com/helix/?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRonuKrJZKXonjHpfsX97%2BgpXLHr08Yy0EZ5VunJEUWy2YcFSdQ%2FcOedCQkZHblFnV0KTK25Xq4NrqcF
  8. Hi guys. Sorry for the late reply. I was able to try using the effect level to boost up my lead channel. Both the send and return were defaulted to zero Wow, what a volume explosion! Thank for the help, you guys are awesome Cheers Rick
  9. Hello everyone. I am using HD500X and the 4 cable method with a Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 I have been struggling with my ignorance on how to control the master output from each channel. But Struggle I mean I have no clue how to do it. :) So from scratch, to make it easy ,say i have my favorite rhythm channel 'A' and copy it to the next channel 'B'. I cant for the life of me figure out how to make the b(lead) channel louder. also struggling with the noise gate, should it be in the left or right side of the screen as being on the left if does not seem to be that affective. thanks in advance Rick
  10. i am gonna mess with that for sure, I am gonna try dropping the wah and see if thats all it needs. I dont need it for this particular song. I was doing it wrong and only diabling them. :bonk:
  11. I like replies like yours mainly because i can take a beating(and i usually deserve one). ;) Makes me realize what I am not seeing. I am a pretty busy dude I know. 11 hr a day tooling Engineer(including drive), two kids, two bands and a recording project. So I have to be ultra efficient at all my hobbies, as i usually can only enjoy and work on them when the kids go to bed...... <_<
  12. lol! What is the next generation of HD pedal looking like? If the DSP was doubled or allows for maxing out the blocks, I would glad pay extra for the upgrade to a newer better pedal. :) Just make sure that you can load the 500x bundles on the new pedal. ;) Hands down, I realy like what line6 has to offer. Especially the wireless unit I purchased a few months ago.
  13. I appologise for my ignorance. So glad it was pointed out.... ;) I will try to understand more, in the future, without complaining. Everyone, thanks for the tips, tricks and sugestions. :cheers: i will ponder all incite that has been offered, i suppose I can try overdubbing solos as well. Since I use my amp's sound live, 75% of the time, I should be able to max out the effects needed for that set up.(removing amps and fx loop block) A friend contacted me about the line 6 rack FX's that he uses in tandom with others, like a BBE bass maximiser, and is going to school me in how he utilizes it for his live and recording sounds. He has an older model, and loves the line6 rack stuff. cheers rick
  14. Thanks for all the insite so far on my issue. Adding effect sounds like my only real option that works 'best'. Got two more questions. 1 - how do you add effects pedals using the 4 Cable method and can you asign them to switches on the 500x?(like you would if you were using the direct cable method in the previous video I posted) 2 - Does any one know if the Pod HD PRO X has more DSP then its partner in crime the HD 500X? Been Entertaining the idea of rack effects for a while. Cheers Rick
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