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  1. Hey friends, Just wondering if I can use my boss FS6 to control either of the following - Turning the wah pedal on the helix - ( as I hate pushing in so hard to activate it! I'm afraid i'll break it as ive heard that the pedal in the LT helix is prone to breaking and also - Can i use the FS6 to view my snapshots? instead of pressing both UP and DOWN footswitches? Thank you all for your time reading my post.
  2. Hey guys! I've been browsing and searching the forums and decided the Helix LT will be my next guitar related purchase. Now - I've tried finding this certain info but was wondering if anyone can confirm this is possible with the helix.. Whislt in performance view... Using my dual rectifier (with gizmo) to switch between channels only ( with no added effects just pure amp tone).. with then being able to stomp on a preset to choose a nice clean pre amp or 5150 model with the use the power amp of my mesa rec? Would like to confirm before i drop the $1500AUD! Thanks
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