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  1. requietus666

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    1. does there exist a 5stomp/5snapshots submission ? 2. also, would be nice to have tap tempo button persistently display tempo value, just like exp pedal, so handy
  2. requietus666

    Helix Bug Reports

    once the blinking tap tempo switch is enabled, the problem disappears, indeed. But I always turn off the tap tempo led
  3. requietus666

    Helix Bug Reports

    Footswitch 2 dim light goes off. Firmware 2.8. An easy to replicate bug. 4stomp/4snap mode, in general settings "dim/bright" switches. Create an empty preset. Insert FX block anywhere into chain. Assign bypass to footswitch 2. Press "MODE" to enter stomp mode. Voila, FS2 light goes off. Return to previous mode, still off. You can touch the FS or click bypass to have light return, but still, it goes off changing between modes. Tried on other switches, all normal. Yes, globals and everything were reset when upgrading fw.
  4. requietus666

    I bricked my helix rack because of 2.8

    uninstall all previous hx edit, hx usb drivers, all updaters. install hx2.80. launch updater. that should solve. it least did for me, I was having exactly the same notorious "50% problem"
  5. hey all I ran into this issue, too (stopped on "boot failure", helix wasn't recognized by updater), on Windows 10 x64. What helped was uninstalling ALL hx drivers, and reinstall the hx2.80. Doesn't say in the instructions, but well, I'd suggest L6 adds this to some knowhow or faq page
  6. requietus666

    Unreliable Footswitches - Does other have this issue?

    I too have issues with helix footswitches, but only the tap tempo, particularly footswitch 12, and it is a different kind of annoyance. If I have timebased effects in a preset tied to a tempo, entering and leaving tuner mode sometimes changes the tempo thus the tails of effects. Aargh ! I would appreciate a possibility to remove taptempo feature from the surface at all, leaving footswitch only for tuner mode.
  7. requietus666

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    how can an update (and it's free for chrissakes) be disappointing ?
  8. requietus666

    New forum layout suuuucks

    and you also obviously haven't visited forum from a mobile device, that "click here for common faq" thing is annoying, gets in the reading way
  9. requietus666

    New forum layout suuuucks

    it is possible to remove "popular posts" sticky thing at the top ? what have you done, really
  10. requietus666

    Boss GT1000, like WTF

    I have to confess I didn’t get into Helix party when it was released with only the first available patch-browsing demos, but pulled the trigger only when snapshots came into play, and community had grown. But something tells me that with this Boss this isn’t even the case :-D disclaimer. and for the sake of progress, I wish I’m wrong
  11. requietus666

    Why only 60 seconds for the looper?

    please, l6, dont make touchacreens ok, back to the topic.. you were saying ?
  12. requietus666

    ...Whoa- Pending update (2.50) pinned above

    it's different fw. somewhere in faq it reads an urge to update hxfx owners to 2.5 as soon as it is available
  13. requietus666

    ...Whoa- Pending update (2.50) pinned above

    I think this might be true when you are making sure you're buying some tehcnological algorhithmic atomic whatnot superiority which anyway is measured in microscopic scale. But this is music and creative convenience in the first place. It could be another thing to ask for a this or that bug fixed, but no one seems to really talk about it
  14. LOL, indeed this is what happens if you tease with a "coming soon" and leak (give) some release technical details :-D