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  1. yes, we're all different and thought processes differ, obviously thanks, I might visit ideascale some day
  2. it would be much nicer if it had some visual, eg exclamation mark next to IR block
  3. it's not that bad that I want to overwrite the preset, no, I accept the fact that it is saved with different IR that is currently on that particular slot (or should I say, name, there is that IR management now), but this message is like screaming "overwrite me with the new settings". I might have that IR in that slot at some time, but now it's now there, and I don't feel that is a need to overwrite
  4. greetings, is there a way to suppress the message which appears when loading a preset which doesn't have the corresponding IR(s) with which it was created ? I think it could easily be a yes/no toggle in Preferences -> Presets/IRs
  5. Sorry for not following up for so long. I ended up returning HX Stomp XL, I couldn't find any evidence of converters being identical to those of Helix Floor. I'm pretty confident it had nothing to do with the null test also. Here's attached noise floors. Those peaks are string noise, something of guitar origin, nothing of noise floor impact anyways. Thanks for ideas anyhow, this unit didn't do (didnt fill the role) what I expected.
  6. I apologize if it's somewhere in previous 55 pages, and, since I didnt find it in fw3.11 release notes... Block bypass states are not correctly displayed in HX Edit in spillover mode Helix Floor 3.11.0-b5021b0. Windows 10. HX Edit 3.11 to replicate: 1.enter spillover mode, action+home a blank preset, add whatever block. say, kinky boost 3.set it on snapshot 1 to "on", on snapshot 2 to "off", save now toggle back and forth between snapshots, on HX Edit the changes are not displayed, but on Helix Floor screen it's all correct if you exit spillover mode, block bypass states are correct in HX Edit
  7. I ran single frequency sine wave file into both units, and it shows that levels are matched when helix floor input pad is off and stomp xl input level is inst, and with these settings the noise comes I can't find any info which converters are used in stomp xl, helix lt ad is CS5368, can someone confirm these ? then there is the ac adapter factor, one is built in the other is external, but that maybe is superstition territory already
  8. yes, thanks, set to 1M ohm, global eq bypassed it is the same noise floor difference Ive noticed with other interfaces. previously had saffire 14pro, and a jump to clarett was huge in terms of clarity, but the helix floor is just unreal, mile ahead. so, I had an impression stomp xl would deliver as good
  9. outputs don't matter I think, because the comparison is done via usb in daw yes, pad off on helix floor input my first instinct on stompxl was to set input lvl to inst, only this way I get the incoming guitar signal on the same level as on helix floor and, with the level set to inst there is the white noise also introduced, with lvl set to line there is noticably less power Ive had helix floor for several years now, so, when I played stomp xl with the exact preset (3.11 teemah+placater to bring waveform up) I noticed the noise floor right away thanks for the advices, I think I went through all variants but couldnt bring the noise (anthrax joke here) down
  10. has the dev team of an option to make it other way around so that tap tempo isn't active at all, eg, tap - tuner, long press - bypass (switchable) ? m ?
  11. greetings, should helix floor and stomp xl sound surgically identical with identical preset settings ? I find that stomp xl has about 6dB higher noise floor (white noise) with the same settings than helix floor faqs and specs mention the same dynamic range of 123dB and the same converters whatnot but the sound isn't identical. what am I missing ? I though stomp xl could be a good light travel companion
  12. beautiful ! it isnt accessed via hx edit so it made me wondering. sorted out
  13. hi, under stomp xl global settings you can either use tap/tuner or all-bypass on the dedicated footswitch. is there an option (or workaround) to have the blinking LED to be off and to be able to access tuner (as it can be done on hx floor) ?
  14. thanks for the insight I should have mentioned that I am NOT looking to replace Helix but only the Saffire Pro. Yes, latency matters a lot and as much as I love hx probably anything from the focusrite lineup has better performance here than hx :-)
  15. hi all, I have a firewire (yeah, I know, it's 2020... back to the point) Saffire Pro 14 services to terminate in favor of a better (and Windows-compatible) interface, so I'm really curious how do the inputs on Helix and Clarett compare. I'm targeting perhaps USB 4PRE, and please don't talk me into the Scarlett afaik their preamps are far inferior to the Clarett series. Or maybe somebody has both Helix and Clarett and could kindly provide some DI of both interfaces ? The thing is, audio-wise Helix has set a high standard for me, so my secondary (or should I say - other) audio interface has to have as good audio inputs.
  16. I have still three pedals that Helix doesn't do. EHX Freeze, Digitech FreqOut and a looper one, all for very obvious reasons, and I can very much relate to GAS being regressed
  17. there has to be another story behind it, since the lt price hasn't changed at all (at least at thomann)
  18. requietus666

    Helix 2.9

    same here. Helix [granted, with some work] sounded great from day one, thus added functionality and customizability is very welcome
  19. requietus666

    Helix 2.9

    do you mean to say any snapshot to ANY footswitch ? I wonder, what endless possibilities this brings to us !!
  20. requietus666

    Helix 2.9

    this is veeeeery exciting update ! Ive never asked for updates (bought my helix way back when only snapshots were introduced) but the additions are super useful, each update has a thing or two for everyone, it seems. Well played, L6 ! Does " Update from HX Edit " mean that there is not going to be a need for "updater" install anymore ?
  21. at 449 and HX modelis it'a a "RIP hx stomp"
  22. 1. does there exist a 5stomp/5snapshots submission ? 2. also, would be nice to have tap tempo button persistently display tempo value, just like exp pedal, so handy
  23. once the blinking tap tempo switch is enabled, the problem disappears, indeed. But I always turn off the tap tempo led
  24. Footswitch 2 dim light goes off. Firmware 2.8. An easy to replicate bug. 4stomp/4snap mode, in general settings "dim/bright" switches. Create an empty preset. Insert FX block anywhere into chain. Assign bypass to footswitch 2. Press "MODE" to enter stomp mode. Voila, FS2 light goes off. Return to previous mode, still off. You can touch the FS or click bypass to have light return, but still, it goes off changing between modes. Tried on other switches, all normal. Yes, globals and everything were reset when upgrading fw.
  25. uninstall all previous hx edit, hx usb drivers, all updaters. install hx2.80. launch updater. that should solve. it least did for me, I was having exactly the same notorious "50% problem"
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