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  1. You sir just made my day! Running Logic on a new 2021 M1 Macbook Pro (Montery) and the only thing I didn't like about my new machine was Native not being available, even tho older projects that used Native loaded fine. Uninstalled, re-installed, tried this and it's now 'validated' without running Logic in Rosetta. Thank You!!!
  2. Well, I figured out my issue and I feel like a tool; I often stick an asterisk in front of folders so that they appear at the top of a new column (I'm a Mac guy)... My folder with all my IR's had just such an asterisk, and neither Kazrog or NadIR could navigate it. It was showing but not loading if that makes sense. Went back and removed any potentially difficult to navigate symbols (*, /, :) and everything is loading just dandy now. In terms of navigation the Recabinet is awesome, and yup, it stores named presets how ever you want 'em. I plunked down my hard-earned $ as soon as I got it working. Now to the Kazrog sandwich!
  3. Thanks! I'll look up the Rosen, but I'm really digging the Kazrog interface, I'd love to make it work. I'll try some other patching tomorrow, but I'm wondering if it's somehow something I'm missing in Logic. In the video that got me started with this the guy was using Cubase; he loaded NadIR then Helix and hey presto he sounds like John Petrucci, stereo delays and all. And totally agreed in the HXN send/return thing. I up-voted that idea on Ideascale earlier today, but I really don't wanna wait until they get around to implementing it... :)
  4. Been trying to use Helix Native with either NadIR or Kazrog Recabinet in Logic Pro X (13.3.3) and for the life of me can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Using OwnHammer IR's. When I load them directly into Native they sound fine (great even), but when I load them into either of the managers/deconvolvers the change is almost imperceptible. I can hear it doing something, but all the fizz is still there. Tried loading in the channel's Audio FX slot either above or below Native, no difference. Adjusting the output of either plug-in changes the overall track volume so I know it's in there somewhere. Is there another IR manager I should be using in Logic? Any help would be most appreciated, I'd really like some easier way to navigate this monster set of Marshall cab goodness (over 7000 IR's? Can that even be right?) I just picked up than loading up then clearing out and reloading every IR slot in Native. Thanks!!!
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