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  1. Oh great, here we go with the old "your a troll" crying. Quit while you're ahead! lol.
  2. I will comment however I please.... “quit while you’re ahead” that’s funny! Guess I have to do what r2d2 says
  3. How can the answer to the question not be political? The answer is tariffs....who brought on the tariffs?
  4. I downloaded this last night....I just tried the first IR in the quick start folder and dropped it in the Cali Rectifier factory preset and WOW what a difference. Highly recommend giving it a try. This is coming from a novice Helix user that’s not very good at dialing stuff in...but getting better.
  5. I also disagree with DD, he definitely has a wealth of information but seems to dis on the Alto. I wonder if he’s even tried the Alto’s? This is is not meant to rip on DD, just a difference of opinion. I had a used Yamaha DXR 12 and didn’t like it at all( maybe it had an issue, not sure). I couldn’t dial out the trebley sound. I sold it and bought the Alto 312 and love it.. When I first hooked it up and played I thought OK this is what I was expecting. I liked it so much that I bought the Alto 310. I have them up on those mini stands in my jam room and it sounds great. If the 312 sounds to boomy or bassy, put it up on one of those stands or just adjust your settings in the Helix to dial it out
  6. You Sir are correct. When the loop is added for the Freqout pedal (first after the input block) there is a lot of noise when the loop is on and Freqout is off (or the Freqout is on). if put it after the distortion block, it is fine. Strange
  7. Yes, creating a send/return block after the input block. Input block is set to Muti and noise gate is on. Trying to put the Freqout first in the signal path, as Digitech suggested, and wanted to experiment with placement of the flanger in the signal path. if I have the signal path.....input---send/receive---distortion---amp---cab---and so on.......turn on the Freqout pedal there is loud noise/ no hiss. If I have the signal path.....input---distortion---send/receive---amp---cab---and so on......turn on Freqout pedal and its dead quiet. Same if I try the flanger pedal.....not using both pedals at the same time. Thanks for the help
  8. I recently acquired a MXR EVH Flanger a few weeks ago and a Freqout pedal today.. If a create a send/return in the Helix and put one of the pedals in first position(tried 1,2,3,4 send/return) creates a lot of noise when either pedal is on (unusable). When off no noise/hiss. If I put it second or any other position it’s fine(rules out bad cables)....Tried each pedal separately, same deal. Not a noise gate issue...I don't think, I'm using the built in noise gate not a block, tried adjusting. Do I need a noise gate block after the send/return in first position? The noise I'm getting is a bad hiss like I'm running super high gain with no noise gate. Not understanding why this issue is happening. thanks for any advice...
  9. My bad I thought due to the amount of posts you had that you were a newbie looking for help but it looks like you have it all figured out. What would you do if you need more volume in said live session? Go into edit and adjust everything during the live session?
  10. Good to know the channel volume on the amp won't affect tone, i'll start by adjusting that. This was on a clean patch with some modulation, I will experiment more with levels in the chain. I don't want to hijack this thread....hopefully LineFever has gained some insight on different ways to adjust volume.
  11. I'm still very new to the Helix. When I first started building patches or even messing with presets, my first thought was "what is up with the volume?" The Helix is still quite the puzzle to me....but what I've been doing is utilizing the output "blocks"(round ones that are always present at the end of the chain). I have my volume knob set around 11ish....I build a patch....adjusting amp channel settings and other effect levels, ect....then adjust the output "block/circle" to taste. i've adjusted it from 0 all the way to 10db-12db depending on my patch. Again, still new to it....and this might the wrong way to go about it. The Helix is not plug and play, be prepared to put some time into turning dials and getting a big grin from what you create.
  12. I have my Helix plugged into a power strip with a few other things and just use the switch on the power strip to turn everything on/ issues.
  13. I had the Mercedes DXR12 and was not pleased with the sound.....I sold it and bought the Ford TS312 and have been very pleased with the sound, zero complaints. For $300 I am very happy with my can get the TS310 for $249. I bit on the more expensive is better thing and have to disagree...I may have had a defective DXR12. As soon as I powered up the Alto I was all smiles :) I don't find it boomy, I read that also and was concerned. This is all just my opinion. Here is the speaker stand I'm using. Perfect size for home use, small footprint but sturdy.|ClickCP
  14. Dang cruisinon2....tasty a$$ $hit!!! Respect!
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