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  1. Hey Everyone, New proud owner of a Variax now... which adds to my Helix LT. I would just like some global guidance here as I noticed there is no VDI cable included with the guitar (that's a bummer) Question 1: From what I understand, is the VDI-to-Helix ONLY to allow control of programming between each other? Ex: I can use the Variax's controls as an Expression to change parameters of a Helix effect and/or use the Helix's expression to change settings of the Variax Question 2: Is there a difference in sound quality using a VDI vs Jack? Or Latency difference? Question 3: Is there a difference in polyphonic tracking using a VDI vs Jack? Like Helix Whammy effect, or Guitar variable tuning? Thanks everyone!
  2. I wish I could help you man, but unfortunately this never got resolved. It still does the same thing today, I believe it's an algorithm issue (they could program the HELIX so that the toe and heel positions are not too much at the end of the roll-off) but unfortunately I am not getting support from Line6 on this one, they keep saying it's a defective unit (physical issue). Guess what, I had my Helix replaced, and the new unit does the same thing. Now I just use my Whammy V instead, at least it's polyphonic, so it does sound better. Helix is great, but it ain't perfect!
  3. I can confirm what brue58ski mentioned which is bringing the master volume at MAX is as if your signal chain is flat/bypassed to amp Let me remind you that bringing the master volume down, will remove overall dynamics from your playing, so in some way, this can affect your tone & headroom, in a similar way then it is when you plug into a Tube amp, and your master vol is slightly to low for it to sound good... you need to reach that extra step in order for your amp to react and respond like it should... So brue58ski has the right answer I find, set your master at MAX... and if needs be, you lower down the volume when your doing live sessions or something...
  4. Hey everyone, I find it difficult to adjust the overall output volume as I create my chain. Do you find best to start with your master output at 12 o'clock or at MAX? Pros & Cons?
  5. I agree 100%, not only does it resolve the harshness issue (but his trick makes it super easy to set!) AND it gives an extra oomph with overall feel+dynamics...
  6. THANK YOU!!! Jason Sadites' video actually gave the precise answer I was looking for.... that's a great video (and he really knows his Helix ;-) )
  7. My signal chain is typical: Compressor - boost1 - Octave/whammy - Fuzz - Overdrive - Distortion - Boost2 - (EQ1 - PRE AMP - AMP - CAB - EQ2) - Modulations - Delay - Reverb EQ1 - PRE AMP - AMP - CAB - EQ2 is what I add ONLY when using a PA... I tried many different solutions between them
  8. I've tried 3 different "PA" scenarios: 1- In a practice session with a fully fledged Presonus mixer plugged with a pair of 350w powered speakers using XLR output / MIC setting (@studio) 2- XLR direct using LINE to Adam A5X speakers (@home) 3- USB to computer using Logic Pro for recording output to Adam A5X direct from Macbook Pro (@home) In all 3 scenarios, I tried to filter with equalizers, use Amps/Cabs, using High cuts in global setting, in an added Equalizer effect, in the Cab, in the Amp... Tried using IRs Basically, after all that work playing around with the sound, I am never able to get a "satisfying" sound... Plugging the Helix directly to my Blackstar HT-20 or Blackstar ID:60 is miles better then it is with any of the scenarios above (and I don't even use a 4 cable method) I'll give you an example: The Blackstar ID:60 also has a Tube simulator (6V6, 6L6, EL84, etc...), if I use that combined with Helix effects (no Amp/Cab) I will achieve a result 10 times superior then I will using those same effects + EQ + equivalent Amp/Cab from the Helix. Now, I do not think the difference should be so obvious right? I mean, I've played with Helix's effect enough to be able to achieve a bass sound while using a guitar, and trust me, it really does sound good. I know my way around it when plugged to a real guitar amp But for achieving good sound on a PA or recording/USB, I can't do it.... I mean I can, but it just sounds bad to my ears. So if anyone could share the AMP/CAB combination/settings they use that for them works well, I'd be really happy to hear it. I play Muse, QOTSA, Royal Blood, and a lot of classic Rock (Led Zep/AcDc, etc...), let's say I use a lot of Fuzz and harsh Overdrives/Distortions (which is why maybe I have a hard time setting them right on a PA) By the way thanks for helping guys, I really appreciate it. You all ROCK!
  9. In fact, you just reminded me that that option exists on the POD HD, in its own limited way... hopefully we will see the light Tried all of those... it's not that simple actually... I fear the 1/4 output is not done properly for the LINE setting, it does not work as it should, same goes for the XLR output (Mic/instrument) all it really does is lower by a few decibels, which is fine if you lack input volume on a unit or vice versa, but that's it. Helix LT rocks when plugged into a real Guitar Amp, but is kinda sterile on a PA Maybe Helix NATIVE works better through a PA? Don't know. I do know I've achieved better results with Amplitube through a PA then I have with a Helix
  10. Hey Guys, So to give you new insight on this thread, after doing many tests, I finally came up with a conclusion. I was able to "attenuate" the fizz sound, not with the high cut but more with the global setting's HighQ at around 9k lowered by 10db. That with a lot of playing around with the global EQ and a few extra things like adding a pre-Amp + Amp/Cab setting, etc... That being said... the overall result still sucks... :unsure: Maybe I haven't found the right settings yet, I don't know, but overall it ain't great. Basically my biggest disappointment is that I get much better results using my Amp Emulator output direct to PA from my Blackstar HT-20 (almost sounds/feels the same as the actual amp plugged to a cab) then I do with ANY settings I try on the Helix. So maybe that's my issue, something we could ask Line 6 to add, an Amp Emulator output! Just imagine how effective it would be if we could use the XLR or 1/4 jack output to act like an Amp Emulator instead of simulating LINE output. What do you guys think?
  11. Thanks for all the responses... and let me put you a bit more into perspective. About the fact of the XLR being too HOT or not, or setting the XLR output to LINE or MIC... I've tried them all... the end result will pretty much be the same for the "fizzyness" (now obviously if I set the output to LINE and set my Master volume at MAX, it'll overload... but that is not the point) The thing is, if the AMP/CABs simulators are so great on the Helix as people say, why can't I reach any good sounds with any of them plugged with quality studio monitors (I use a pair of Adam A5Xs) If I remove the amp or cab simulators and use solely effects, I can achieve better sounds on ANY of my guitar amps... and I am talking MILES ahead! And I am talking guitar amps that range between 200$ to 500$ in value... nothing special. I don't expect it to be superior, but I've seen YouTube A/B shootouts between the real thing and using direct to PC, and it seems some people were able to achieve pretty good sound by doing so. I just don't get how... Any insight?
  12. Hey Helix fans, I am trying to get a descent sound from my Helix LT direct to PA through XLR. Problem is: it always sounds to edgy/fizzy when using any kind of distortion And instead of adjusting each effect with a super low "treble" setting, I'd prefer to use them just as I would real pedals into an amp, so I stay familiar with them. I've added a global high-pass filter to 8k... but still, I find it kinda just gives a "pillow over speaker" effect Any Amp/Cabinet combo settings you would suggest that might be ideal? Any suggestions for global settings? EQ settings? Thanks everyone
  13. Hey Josh, Since that's an existing feature on the Pod HD ( you can determine at which position of the pedal position you reach your 100% value for toe and 0% for heel) I wrote to Line 6 about it... I am not sure they understood exactly, it seemed clear to me. I think maybe it's just a different team of engineering or something... Still awaiting an answer, I'll keep you posted
  14. Line 6 denies that it could be a calibration/software issue, instead they are convinced it's only hardware BUT The problem with the Helix LT is that the full "Toe" position can be configured so that your parameter can have a value between of 0-100%, but always maintaining that max position. So it doesn't work for the whammy or pitch shift, cause if you are offset by 1%, and say you want to reach a full octave, you never actually do and sound off-key. There is a very simple way to resolve this issue, which is a feature available on the Pod HD, which allows to determine at which point of the heel/toe position can you reach that 0 or 100% value. So say my value I wish to reach is +12 (1 full octave), the "Position" should allow to determine at which point of your expression pedal do you want to reach that value. So say you are 3/4 through the full toe position, you could say... that's my +12 (100% of the value)... and then all the way through to the max position, it would keep that max value... Voilà ! Resolved! Instead, we can only say we want the max toe position to be +12, or +13 or +11, but cannot determine where/when the max toe position is reached. Bad programming. And I am surprised no one notices.
  15. No I haven't. I did notice it happens mostly when I add external pedals through the send/return inputs. Eventually, I had to return the unit, the new one works fine, but I did not have time to change with the exact same setup if the same thing happens. I believe it could be resolved with a firmware update, but Line 6 says it's a hardware issue. Loosening/tightening the pedal notch won't make any difference. Hope this helps
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