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  1. Hi y'all I have also experienced the DI fizz when connected straight to a PA. Here's 11 tips. Change the amp. Try a Cali Texas Ch2. They're a really brown sounding amp and take an overdrive pedal really well. Change the cabinet. Different speaker makes a big difference! Change the mic type and placement. A 160 ribbon @ 1" off centre can calm fizz nicely. Dial back the distortion! Too much distortion creates too many nasty digital harmonics and isn't musical. Filters: Roll off high frequencies (low pass filter) to about 7-8 kHz. There are several places to do this: cabinet, EQ block, global EQ or the mixing desk. Tilt/10 band EQ all give different 'flavours'. Add an IR before the amp! Loading an IR after ther speaker can remove the fizz (but sounds muddy to me). Loading before seems to improve the fizz but retain the character. Use Controller Assign (CA)... to create a simple 2 channel amp: Add a high gain amp, use CA to program the Drive parameter for minum and maximum drive levels and assign to a Controller (footswitch). Also set the master volume, treble, presence etc to min/max levels to compensate for higher drive. DI (My personal preference): I use Palmer PD1 03 JB (Joe Bonamassa) DI between the Helix and the mixer input (with pt 6.). Set 1/4" jack line output to instrument (not line). Helix out at line level gives a level drop which is normal for a DI. Setting 1/4" out to instrument level gives a 1:1 ratio. Compensate level drop by increasing the Helix output and/or mixer pre gain. Mix and match with the above points. Listen at a reasonable volume to get the full effect. At low volume levels speakers will not produce as much body so you'll hear more fizz! (it's all perception!) and then diall the top end down too much. BUT, make quick decisions and rest your ears every 20 minutes as you won't hear the differences after that. My personal approach: Do 1 to 6 first. Listen. Play. Get to e.g. three amp/speaker + modifcation combinations that get you close to your sound and tweak these. DON'T keep changing stuff at random, you're wishing your life away! Most important!!! Play you chosen settings IN CONTEXT. Context is i.e. with backing tracks, jamming or rehearsal. The sound of your room and your mood or health status in that moment matters too. Isolated tweaking (absence of contect i.e. without playing to tracks or with others) is ok up to a point but context ALWAYS changes how you perceive your sound so just deal with your frustrated emotions and learn to compromise! Disclaimer: These options work for me. The sound you prefer is determined by your preferences, context etc. Tweaking as in points 1-7 seems to work for a lot of players. It's a process of experimentation but you have to start with knowing what sound you are looking for. Happy playing muchachos! G
  2. I have my first gig coming up since I've had the Helix and I would like to start setting up some patches. I had an HF Effects previously and am confident about setting up 4CM with my amp, but I would like to set up a seperate DI output to the PA that also has an amp and cab sim in that stream. I think I know how to do it but any tips or outright rules and advice would be appreciated. I don't have a PA to test this on at the moment but we will have one for rehearsals in a few weeks so I would like to have this roughly sorted before then. I have searched the forums but seems difficult to find, for me anyway. Thank you!
  3. I recently bought a second hand M9. Signal chain will be mostly be: Guitar > shure GLXD16 > M9 > mixing desk/PA.. Occasionally it will be: Guitar > shure GLXD16 > M9 > Amp Do I need to put a DI box into the mix, after the M9 or does it not matter/need one? (I will be using this with an acoustic guitar)
  4. Oh boy. I'm in a mess. I have been trying to plug in my HELIX in three different FOHs of three different bands now ... and it ALWAYS sounded like perfect lollipop. I always had to kick out the Helix and go by classical tube amp in the end, I never succeeded to get a decent sound, no matter, if those sounds were of my own programming or factory presets or even Jason Sadites presets. And the PAs were very different from each other, there was one huge one from the late 70ies, one compact one from the 90ies and one very new Dynacord powermixer. The problems were very different, but could in no case be solved, no matter, what I tried. On one PA (70ies) the Helix sounded damp, no dynamics, like some badly adjusted, old transistor amp, and on the Dynacord it sounds dull with some strange frequencies and some clipping, although input gain is set very low and there is no clipping on my headphones or studio monitors at home. I have no FRFR yet and I won't buy one, unless I am convinced, that going with a HELIX into FOH really will get me a great sound and not laughter from my band mates. But I am far from being convinced after all my bad experiences. Friend of mine has a Kemper, just plugs in, sounds great from the start. Forget Fletcher Munson, it just works! Furthermore, on no PA did I get adequate pressure like with my tube amps. Only volume ... Did I buy the wrong gadget??? Or am I just too stupid to check out, how this connection can be performed satisfactorily? I found out some problems such as phantom power and how to avoid them, but no overall solutions. So I would be VERY thankful for some instuctions on how to dial in the perfect XLR output signal. I know that the problem IS HELIX based, because the keyboard sound as they should. A Kemper sounds as it should. But not the Helix. There are so many possibilities that maybe I just lack the correct combination of settings to get it done ... So, if anyone could help me with a list of settings (such as: Should the XLR output better be on MIC or LINE? I tried both, but there is obviously more to think about ...). How need the global settings be set? How to balance frequencies on the mixing console on one hand and on general EQ on the other hand? How should I set the large global volume wheel? I love the Helix, it is quite easy to use and gets me the results, I want, when doing recording (USB connection), but live ... as I said, it's a mess and a drag.
  5. Hi there, since a few months now, I'm using my HX stomp and I love it. Yet, I'm still unsure in what speaker I should plug my new baby in. I have a Spider Jam which doesn't have any FX loop so it's a no as it is hard to have a neutral sound on this. And I have my drums amp (a Roland PM-10), which is so far the amp I'm using through the line input :-) I play mostly at home, and I'd like to have the best sound of my pedal at home, and since it has built-in amp & cabinet simulations, my understanding is that the most neutral speaker ("PA" ?) should be used, rather than a fancy amp with its own personality. I don't know how neutral my PM-10 can be, and I'm not familiar with the PA thing, so can you tell me what kind of speaker can I use to have something which doesn't level down my HX stomp ? I'd like to have get a speaker at a reasonable price, and which takes a reasonable amount of space :-) Many thanks
  6. Hello. I am the happy owner of an helix LT and a PC112+. It’s a really powerful combination and I didn’t think I’d see any limitations with this setup for some years. But fate might have caught up with me already. The thing is I’m doing a small solo gig in a few days. I was going to run my guitar and my mic through the helix - only to discover that the LT doesn’t have an extra XLR. That’s exclusive to the full Helix. Instead I now run my mic straight into the PC in FRFR mode (through the mic1 with some gain). And the helixLT through the digital port on same PC. That gives me guitar and vocals alright. But the vocals are dry as the desert. And next to the sweet tone I’m getting on my guitar the contrast is grave. so my question is: is there ANY way I can unlock some reverb for my mic using this setup? Or is this destiny telling me to always go with the biggest and most expensive option possible when buying gear? thanks a bunch guys.
  7. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my HX Stomp. I bought it 6 months ago and been using it as both audio interface or plugged into my scarlett ever since. I'm really satisified. Lately, I decided to use it as an effect stomp in front of a tube amp (effects only, no amp or IRs) or straight into the PA. All I got from these two scenarios was disturbing noise and no sound. The routing signal has always been: guitar - jack cable - Hx stomp - jack cable coming out of the L/mono main output - Amp or PA. Nothing worked. Needless to say, I checked all the cables I used and they're all good, I used 4 different amps, 3 PAs. Has anyone ever experienced something similar? PS: as audio interface or in front of my Scarlett (L/mono output to interface preamp) works very well. Thanks so much! Love to all
  8. I am looking for some clarity in the Helix Owner's Manual, 1. What is a "mono play-back system" ? 2. Why "connect only the left/mono XLR jack? Below is a link to the Helix user manual regarding this topic. 25. XLR OUTUse balanced XLR cables to connect to your studio gear or the house mixer, PA or FRFR speaker(s) when playing live. When using a mono play-back system, connect only the LEFT/MONO XLR jack. This should be an informative post for, (i would guess 1,000's of people? If not more), and expect to expand on the topic.
  9. I have been running my Helix through a powered single speaker, but i have sold it and i have a Behringer EPA 900 (, i am actually thinking it may be better through the Behringer system as it will be in stereo but i'm not sure how to best connect the Helix to the EPA 900. If you look at the EPA900 it has 8 channels, 5/6 and 7/8 can be used as stereo. Now with the inputs on channels 5/6 and 7/8 only being 1/4" or RCA im not sure which connection method best to use. Do i run dual 1/4" cables from the 1/4" outs on the back of the Helix, or do i use the S/PDIF outs to the RCA inputs on those channels Or possibly some other method i havent thought of Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  10. Im new to the hx fx and could really use some recommendations and help regarding impulse responses. I run my guitar through a bbe sonic maximizer and then through a vox Ac50 ( with upgaded tubes, and V30’s :) ) I run the hx fx in 4cm. My band rehearses D.I. Into the mixer ( drummer plays a roland TD30, so its really nice) but its still important for me to use the AC50 as the tone is incredible and regardless of the fact we all use “ in ears” live and in rehearsal im using a moderate amount of amp volume on stage and blending it with my D.I. Signal into the P.A./monitors. Thats why i was really excited to use impulse responses. Heres where i can use some help/recommendations and opinions. 1. Ive played around with placing the IR block before and after the Fx loop 1 block. so far I prefer it placed after, but i cant really tell much of a difference. Anyone have any info or experience with this? what is your preference? 2. I downloaded a bunch of IRs . I have some “speaker” ones (the allure pack) and those all seem pretty useable. One of the best results ive had so far is the V30 IR (from allure) I have the mix set to 100 and the volume somewhere around -6.5 -8.0 db I also find it totally necessary to use the low cut feature as the bass frequencies easily start to overdrive. Changing IR,s the confusion/frustration/doubt starts to set in. Heres some examples- Acoustic guitar resonace ir’s i have , including this hollowbody ir i have sound absolutely funky. Maybe they are crappy idk but its led me to believe that IR’s work best emulating something similar to your sound. I mean i run v30s out of my cab. So running a V30 IR after my effects loop block seems to make my D.I. Signal sound alot more like my amp and that is a wonderful result. but trying to make it sound like a jazz box, or a hummingbird acoustic, is experimental and probably wont yield good results. However, i did load a gods cab (its like a 6505 with a mesa cab and a sm7b mic) it needed a ton of low cut. And it really overdrove my signal easily. But at -8.0 db lvl with 100mix and a low cut, when i added a distortion, i got a killer sound. I mean awesome metal tone. some feedback or personal experience on this would be a godsend. 3. So to some it up into some more direct questions. whats with the overdriving? are some of these ir,s supposed to be distorted? where as some are just clean cabinet/mic “simulations” (or moments in time whatever you wanna call it) -8db seems awful low for a level setting should i be looking elsewhere? what kind of mix and level do you guys use? Is 2048 samples always better? Anything pertaining to using impulse responses with hx fx in 4cm especially settings would help alot. If in the end i can properly add an IR to all my presets resulting in my DI sounding more realistic and just having better tone altogether i would be very happy. just dont know if im doing it right.
  11. Can I connect a Spider V 60 to a PA system through the USB output using a USB DI such as those made by Peavey or On-Stage? Guitar > Spider V 60 > USB DI > mixer > PA Thanks.
  12. Hey Helix fans, I am trying to get a descent sound from my Helix LT direct to PA through XLR. Problem is: it always sounds to edgy/fizzy when using any kind of distortion And instead of adjusting each effect with a super low "treble" setting, I'd prefer to use them just as I would real pedals into an amp, so I stay familiar with them. I've added a global high-pass filter to 8k... but still, I find it kinda just gives a "pillow over speaker" effect Any Amp/Cabinet combo settings you would suggest that might be ideal? Any suggestions for global settings? EQ settings? Thanks everyone
  13. Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute and share some fun I had with the Helix last week. I work at a church and typically use Helix as my all in one electric guitar rig. Recently, however, I've been using Helix as an effect board running into an amp. Last week I also needed an acoustic guitar for one of the songs so I set that up through Helix as well. Electric guitar through the guitar input, using the 1/4in out and the Acoustic through the Aux input and XLR Out. Worked great! It was great having access to all of the reverbs and delays with the acoustic guitar and it all worked seamlessly together. For many of you, this might not be much of a revelation but I had a lot of fun working it out and using it!
  14. Hi! I'm from the Philippines and the gigging scenario is usually like this. Most of the time clubs here would have a decently powered guitar amp (50-100w) but not all clubs mike the amps so it can sit well in the mix with the vocals, drums, and bass. I use an HD500x. To get more consistent sound both on stage and at the audience I was thinking of sending the PL outs to the onstage guitar amp's FX return, and the XLR outs to the PA. The problem I have though is that if I set up my patches with any of the cab sims on, the FOH sound may be good, but the stage sound from the amp would be usually muddy. If I set the output mode to Combo Power amp, I know I would get a good sound on stage but I fear that I would have that harsh DI no cab sim sound coming out of the PA. So I guess my questions boil down to the following: 1. Do the XLR outs have some sort of "always on" compensation / speaker sim even if the active patch has the cab sim turned off? 2. If not, then I would have to turn on cab sim so that the HD500x's XLR PA feed would sound right, correct? How do I now make the stage amp sound good in this set up since the cab sim already colors the sound? Thank you MH
  15. Can the firehawk 1500 amps do all the orange amps because I just need one amp for gigging. All my orange amps are heavy to bring around so can the firehawk 1500 do that.
  16. Hi Guys, I am currently using my POD HD500X connected to a PA active speaker (12", Behringer) and have no complains with it... But I've been thinking for a while on trying it with a valve amp. I have found online a few people using a Blackstar HT-5, little and affordable valve amp, and they seems to be happy with the sounds. - Is it worth the mess of the 4CM, modify all my patches, ... for the 'valves'? Will be noticeable the difference? Or is still straight to PA the best amplification for the POD? I play mainly modern progressive rock/hard rock, so I will be using cleans as much as distortions. Cheers.
  17. Hi, week-long lurker, first-time poster. Just got the Helix and love it. Only played it through cheap-ish headphones and still blown away. I've sifted through this forum as well as ones on other sites and compiled a lot of helpful tips about my following question, but also enough confusion to warrant asking it here directly ... I am looking to buy a speaker/PA system that will cover the following personal needs: I am using the Helix to process guitar as well as some electronic drums, a synth sometimes, looping w/an external looper, possibly even my vocals. So--primarily I'm a one-man band (and having the ability to process all these things through the Helix, on top of replacing my pedal board, is why I got it; really, it's a revolutionary device, not that I need to waste time preaching to the choir, but truly, revolutionary is an accurate descriptor for it), and thus the speaker/PA setup should reflect this use, particularly w/the idea in mind that it'd be used as my amplification in small venues (coffee shops->small bars sizes). I also play guitar in a couple of bands and would like to be able to use the same speaker/PA as either a monitor if we play somewhere that has FOH or on its own if we play somewhere that doesn't. Again, small-size rooms; not expecting to play theaters any time soon. From all I've read, this doesn't seem like an unreasonable expectation from the various FRFR/PA options out there.. I'd like to ideally use the same setup at home so I don't have to be concerned w/creating different patches for different systems, and would like the patches I create to translate as well as possible to FOH (I've read a lot about all that and understand moving from one system of playback to another will always cause some differences in how the patch comes across, but just looking to have decent expectations that things won't shift too drastically). One concern I read about is that creating patches using low volumes on speakers won't translate when the volume is increased in a live situation (or it may have just been playing through them w/the volume low won't sound too good?), and thus a suggestion was to use studio monitors at home. I'm open to this idea, but again, ideally would like one setup that covers it all. My favorite comment from those I've compiled is the one that seems to directly address my needs--"I'd go for one L2M just to give me an all in one home jamming, jamming w/friends, and a gig solution"--so perhaps my question is really, does this answer to another user's question also successfully answer mine? I'll also mention I have a JamHub, if that's helpful to know/put to use at all. I wouldn't mind not using/needing it though; really hoping to keep things as streamlined as possible, and the JamHub usually stays in my office. Thanks a lot for any help you can offer-
  18. Hey all, Does anyone have any tips on mixing a Pod X3 Live that is plugged directly to the mixer of a PA? (EQ, etc) Thanks!
  19. Hello Everybody, I have just purchased an Helix ans I would like to know how to setup a simple configuration that suits my need : Every day I practice at home on computer with backing tracks (for now I used Line6 UX2 audio card). Every week I go to the rehearsal music studio with my band. I use an existing amp + cab. It is not always the same (Fender, Blackstar, ...) so I should rely too much on learning the settings of a specific one. Every month I go to a concert where I usually plug directly into the PA. Rarely, I would like to use my Fender Blues Junior which has only an input and no effect loop. Well, I think I am quite new to this despite the fact I am really a geek for a living and I play the guitar for almost 20 years now. If you have any advice, please don't hesitate to write ! :) Thanks very much guys, Poukill
  20. Hello, Please excuse my ignorance, but I typically use amps and more conventional hardware. I'll get to the point and later explain further details below in case they're require to examine my problem. I'm trying to run my HD500X to my KB37, which self monitors after relaying to my PC based Ableton Live 8. I achieve good visual decibel levels, and its is loud through the headphone jack when using over ear phones, but I can't seem to effectively feed my PA monitor (Yorkville NX55P) for any offensive volume levels, I've tried using a 1/4TRS that Y's to two mono 1/4 from the headphone jack to the Line/CD jacks on the PA, and am only able to achieve fairly quiet performance, nothing that would hurt your ears. This is with the onboard mixer engaged on the PA speaker, and about 3/4 output level and phones level. I could manage no sound with two mono cables from the analog outs (KB37) to the Line/CD jacks on the PA speaker. I'm trying to use the PA speaker as an FRFR instead of my modeling spider iv 150HD, which has no stereo input or uncoloured channel. I primarily use stereo effects on my HD500X. My existing setup is as follows: Guitar>Line 6 G90 wireless>HD500X>Boss RC-300 Looper>L/R Inputs KB37>PC/Ableton Live8>KB37>Headphone amp (via analog outs on KB37) I've been using this setup for silent moonlight jams, where everyone is on headphones. For this experiment however, (understand I'm not achieving stereo yet, just trying the PA out in mono) I've disconnected the analog outs and eliminated the headphone amp. I'm wondering what I'm missing, if I need a mixer in addition to the KB37, or if I'm not sending the proper line level? signal to the PA. I figured a 550W active PA would blow me away, so far I'm missing something... Any help would be very much appreciated, Thanks for reading,
  21. Hi guys. Just wondering if it's possible to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. That is, I want to hook my Firehawk through a PA system, but can that also be used to run a microphone through for vocals? I was looking at something like this: Basically, my set up would need to sound good in a room with drums, vocals and a bassist. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  22. Hi there, this is what I ideally want at a live gig with my 8 piece band: My guitar goes into the Helix. Connect Helix with Line 6 Link cable to L2T (used as my floor monitor). Connect Helix with two XLR's to FOH-PA. Feed the stage-mix of the rest of the band into my L2T. When I use the volume knob on the Helix, I just want to change the volume of my guitar on the L2T and let the FOH-sound (the 2 XLR-out's) to be unchanged (and let the PA-guy handle that) And I want to be able to change the volume of the mix of the rest of the band on the L2T (less dependant on the stage mix guy). I know the first 4 bullets are possible. What about bullets 5 and 6? Thanks!
  23. I am in the process of redesigning my stage from a small corner wedge to a 32' - 36' wide stage. I picked up a pair of L3m's, and an L3s. One issue is that I have a low roof. About 9'. While I am not 100% that I will do this, I am considering mounting the L3m's horizontally. The videos show that they will automatically act as a floor monitor. Even if I manually select Reference/PA, will the speaker still function well horizontally? My concern is that the 100 degree x 40 degree spray will now be shooting at the floor and ceiling and not across the room. Also, with such a low ceiling, I don't want a stage too high. With only one L3s, I am considering placing the sub centered under the stage; but on its side. Will it still work well on its side? I am most likely going to mount the sub on its side, while the L3m's are likely to be mounted vertically, but I want to keep my options open if possible. Thanks in advance for all the help/feedback.
  24. helllo my fellow man, definitely have been dying to create my first pod post and im already a year old user, procrastination is a harlot but uh this here sitiuation had to be brought up to the boys for this here noobeh. thanks aton. so here is my desired signal chain: ---PODHDPRO--crownXLS1500 rack'd amp--PeaveySP-2 600wPA speakers--- First question: shall i run the outputs of the pod hd into the crownXLS using balanced(XLR) or unbalanced(1/4) i plan to use the pa speaker for all around use, from band practice, to live, and to just me riffing off on myself. i want clarity like most and im playing an electric guitar with a back track from desktop btw... Second question: i also have a yamaha emx 640 6channel mixer i could put in the signal chain right after the power amp and then into pa speakers but honestly i have no clue if thats is useless or necessary..? (i have been using studio monitors when writing but im just tired of it sounding like runny shards when i plug into my spider iv combo amp or our other pa system for practice) Third question: would you guys recomend using an old arse pa like the peavey sp-2ti 600w for this setup or should i go with another rig setup approach. i always thought just my pod hd pro to pa system would do but apparently not but im not to sure on this point, so far im just following directions of a god-like guitarist friend of miine (refering to new power amp addition). id like to say the help would be for the greater good lol but i appreciate all who read this.
  25. Seriously considering to buy HD500X. I want to minimize my gear and think HD500X is good solution. I can not find information on the following issues: Can I use HD500X to mixed signals from the PA in in-ear headphones and so to use it as personal monitor system. If "YES" which input to use for the signal from the PA (CD/MP3, AUXIN?). Can I control the signal strength from my guitar and mix PA. Do I need additional settings to prevent the signal from the PA to be back in the mix from the processor output, ie to be heard only in the headphones. If "NO"... :( Thanks in advance for your replies :-)
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