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  1. Can't wait to start playing with my new L3m's and L3s!

  2. I am in the process of redesigning my stage from a small corner wedge to a 32' - 36' wide stage. I picked up a pair of L3m's, and an L3s. One issue is that I have a low roof. About 9'. While I am not 100% that I will do this, I am considering mounting the L3m's horizontally. The videos show that they will automatically act as a floor monitor. Even if I manually select Reference/PA, will the speaker still function well horizontally? My concern is that the 100 degree x 40 degree spray will now be shooting at the floor and ceiling and not across the room. Also, with such a low ceiling, I don't want a stage too high. With only one L3s, I am considering placing the sub centered under the stage; but on its side. Will it still work well on its side? I am most likely going to mount the sub on its side, while the L3m's are likely to be mounted vertically, but I want to keep my options open if possible. Thanks in advance for all the help/feedback.
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