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  1. zJFz

    POD X3 Live into PA (Tips on Mixing?)

    Say Im running an XLR to the mixer, and a 1/4" jack to an amplifier; would it be reasonable to run the XLR from the Left of the X3 direct out, and run the 1/4" from the Right of the Live out?
  2. zJFz

    POD X3 Live into PA (Tips on Mixing?)

    Great info. You mention running Left out of the Pod into the mix console; is there a significant difference when running Left opposed to Right?
  3. zJFz

    POD X3 Live into PA (Tips on Mixing?)

    Could you go more in-depth about running into a stereo channel? What are the differences between running stereo and running mono (the usual way im assuming)?
  4. Hey all, Does anyone have any tips on mixing a Pod X3 Live that is plugged directly to the mixer of a PA? (EQ, etc) Thanks!
  5. zJFz