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  1. fireball70

    HD500X with in ear headphones on stage

    "pianoguyy" - I understand "your situation", and you are absolutely right. But I just wondering if line 6 provided this functionality. I think it's not so complicated to be made. With something like: http://www.tc-helicon.com/products/guitar-headphone-cable/ good in-ear headphones and pod you'll have good IEMs without to buy additional hardware like headphones preamps or "sure" wireless "gadgets". I don't know the HD500X in details and don't know pfsmith0's idea for FX Send loop is good. I mean is this routing can be saved and used with any presets (tones), or must be setted for presets one by one. Thanks again!
  2. fireball70

    HD500X with in ear headphones on stage

    Seriously considering to buy HD500X. I want to minimize my gear and think HD500X is good solution. I can not find information on the following issues: Can I use HD500X to mixed signals from the PA in in-ear headphones and so to use it as personal monitor system. If "YES" which input to use for the signal from the PA (CD/MP3, AUXIN?). Can I control the signal strength from my guitar and mix PA. Do I need additional settings to prevent the signal from the PA to be back in the mix from the processor output, ie to be heard only in the headphones. If "NO"... :( Thanks in advance for your replies :-)