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  1. Thank you all very much for the quick replies!!! Thats perfect!
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has a list of the amps and the amps they were modelled after. I can't find a model pack handbook for the HD fully loaded bundle. I'm looking for a list Line 6's alias' AND the actual equivelant amps. If not for the fully loaded bundle, a list of the default built in amps would be great too. Thanks for any help you can provide. Also looking for a clean JCM900 tone if anyone has one. Appreciate your time!
  3. Hello, Please excuse my ignorance, but I typically use amps and more conventional hardware. I'll get to the point and later explain further details below in case they're require to examine my problem. I'm trying to run my HD500X to my KB37, which self monitors after relaying to my PC based Ableton Live 8. I achieve good visual decibel levels, and its is loud through the headphone jack when using over ear phones, but I can't seem to effectively feed my PA monitor (Yorkville NX55P) for any offensive volume levels, I've tried using a 1/4TRS that Y's to two mono 1/4 from the headphone jack to the Line/CD jacks on the PA, and am only able to achieve fairly quiet performance, nothing that would hurt your ears. This is with the onboard mixer engaged on the PA speaker, and about 3/4 output level and phones level. I could manage no sound with two mono cables from the analog outs (KB37) to the Line/CD jacks on the PA speaker. I'm trying to use the PA speaker as an FRFR instead of my modeling spider iv 150HD, which has no stereo input or uncoloured channel. I primarily use stereo effects on my HD500X. My existing setup is as follows: Guitar>Line 6 G90 wireless>HD500X>Boss RC-300 Looper>L/R Inputs KB37>PC/Ableton Live8>KB37>Headphone amp (via analog outs on KB37) I've been using this setup for silent moonlight jams, where everyone is on headphones. For this experiment however, (understand I'm not achieving stereo yet, just trying the PA out in mono) I've disconnected the analog outs and eliminated the headphone amp. I'm wondering what I'm missing, if I need a mixer in addition to the KB37, or if I'm not sending the proper line level? signal to the PA. I figured a 550W active PA would blow me away, so far I'm missing something... Any help would be very much appreciated, Thanks for reading,
  4. Hello All, MeAmBobbo, I've been using Line 6 gear ever since I got hooked on the Spider iv modeling, and just recently acquired an HD500X to breakout of the amp and have standalone modeling with more input/output options (midi). And although the built in patches are useable, the deep editing takes some hard theory and time to really understand and properly execute.. I have to extend my most gracious thanks to MeAmBobbo for not only taking the time to understand this unit inside and out, but to have truly nailed every patch he ever looked at. Thorough doesn't even begin to describe his execution, and efforts he has taken to explain all the many facets of emulating sound. A look at the HD500 guide on his site is a testament to this. I've been able to benefit from his efforts, I have his patches loaded into my setlist, and they are sonically perfect. I had no idea about IR, mic phasing, before viewing his site, and he explains them to very fine detail. I want to extend my (and I'm sure others') appreciation, for all the effort you have put into the patches, the site, and for sharing your knowledge and fruits of your labour. You have changed the way I approach modeling and built a lot of bridges so we all have a much better starting point. I watched very helpful youtube video on patch building by Skyproclamsit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39rvm-peVMg he referenced you, specifically regarding your very helpful mic phasing chart, and that's what turned me onto your site. Thanks for your dedication to the community,
  5. Hello All, I've connected my HD500X to a Boss RC-300 Looper using a midi cable. I set my tempo sync to global, and the HD is set to slave. The Boss is very frustrating, as I has to be the master apparently. I have been able to achieve a handshake between the units, where the HD matches the BPM of the looper, within.5 of a BPM. This is repeatable and patch changes on the Boss reflect the desired tempo, however, the tempo "tap" lights do NOT sync up so I fear that the tempo sync is being achieved in theory only. My ultimate goal is to sync my DAW (Ableton) to this clock as well, but I'd be happy to get these two unit sorted first...any suggestions or experience with this? I'm very new to midi, and I when I connected that cable, it appears there are a lot instructions being exchanged, certain buttons on RC-300 change patches on the HD. Where can I find a mapping of these? I presume they're set to default on both units, but I'd like to disable some of them, as many times its an undesireable change. Is this typically mapped using software or menus on the HD? Forgive my ignorance, an help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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