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  1. Yea, im not sure how much i buy any technical limitation nonsense, considering global eq was later added using hz and db. Of course, according to the helix hype vids, they were already working on helix while the pod hd was launched
  2. My pleasure and glad that it was helpful for you!
  3. Mostly metal tones. check the modern metal and 7 string folders
  4. Yeah thats exactly it. I dont mess with that madness anymore and use input 2: same, so i can switch the gates off without changing tone (necessary to profile them in the kemper). I avoid input clipping via the pad switch. If input 2 is null (variax, aux), then nothing goes to amp B which means you only hear one cab/mic, not two blended together. So yeah itll be way different. I do keep amp volumes conservative to avoid clipping post amp eqs, then boost back up in a final mid focus eq.
  5. I used jzab's conversion utility to make files for all pod hd units, other than the 300 and 400, which cant accomodate how i make my patches.
  6. I dont have the new metal pack, though. I think its actually a boosted plexi iirc, that i used for that patch. Maybe its the standard jcm 800. Either way, yea, i think it gets the slash tone pretty well
  7. ^ youre welcome. Im just glad others are benefitting from my experience.
  8. I used to, but i just dont have time. Working on many things, but i figured revamping the setlist one last time was in order, as line 6 just released the helix, and the value of new patches will diminish as people move towards newer fancier things
  9. Everything is updated in the patches link. The ones that end with _N are the latest updates. The folders are by genre or by device, but its all the same patches. 3.5M and 1M should be negligible. I just wanted to avoid any high end attenuation. Really it probably doesnt matter.
  10. Fyi im using global input of inp 1 guitar, inp 2 same, imp 3.5M, and pad switch on
  11. modern metal: 7/8 string: clean: classic metal: classic rock:
  12. shred patches clippy:
  13. bump - entire setlist updated...for the last time. many of these came out REALLY good. Some of the new techniques I used will be incorporated into my guide, which is being converted to a wiki. If you are interested in taking a look, please PM me.
  14. Here's a summary of the changes I made since the last go round. - Many patches have less extreme boosting to thicken up the distortion tone - I found Q Filter settings of freq 70-85% and Gain and Mix around 50% were the best ways to dial in the djent. - If boosts necessary to get djenty left the tone thin, I'd use a Parametric EQ to thicken up the low mids. - I reset the Amp DEP's to around 50% almost completely across the board, with any tweaks staying within a small window of 40-60%. The only exception is Master Volume, and even here, I only boost it for the Plexi and JCM800, not the other models. I didn't follow my own advice in my guide in this respect before and it did lots of weird, artifacty things to the tone. If you're only listening to one aspect of things, it can initially seem like an extreme setting sounds great. But then you notice some notes behave completely different than others, and your attack gets this weird dynamics and compressed sound. Things are much more natural around 50%. - For my dual cab approach, I leveled the volumes between channels much more evenly, rather than giving more prominence to the bright cab. - I tried to use very similar if not identical EQ settings for both amps - different settings could reveal a kind of phasy, comb-filter type sound. Identical settings almost always sound most natural. - In addition to using more body from the darker cab, I generally made the amp EQ more balanced and less bright. - I found for Low Pass settings on the Mid Focus EQ, often I am using Q above 50% to add a resonant peak to the highs, then use frequency to place it exactly where the tone needs it. If a tone sounds dull, this is often a great way to make it cut through the mix, rather than just boosting treble across the board. You have control exactly where you want to stand out. I found this could be anywhere from 65% to 85% depending on the tone. - I got tired of playing games with Input 2 - I just set it to Same, flipped Pad on, and kept the Input Impedance at 3.5 M globally. - I tried to increase the volume as much as possible for all patches without clipping. Often this was as simple as boosting the Gain on the Mid-Focus EQ at the end of the chain.
  15. quick clip of the 7 string patches: Periphery, Chaosphere, Obzen, Scar Symmetry, Tesseract, and Veil of Maya. I did rework a couple of the patches since originally posting the link - the edited patches are up and can be regrabbed from the original links. This is still a WIP, so bear with me. I'm actually still learning things, lol.
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