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  1. It was enough for me to open the unit, take out the springs under the buttons, re-stretch the springs and re-install, re-assemble the unit. The switched themselves were just fine.
  2. For me, it was enough to open the unit, pop out the springs under the buttons, re-stretch the springs, put them back, re-assemble. The switch itself was just fine.
  3. Looking at the Mid-Focus EQ graphs, to me it looks like: 0% Q gives 6dB/octave. 40% Q gives 12dB/octave 100% Q gives 20dV/octave
  4. Oooh! Do you have a link that will let me download the previous driver? I can't find it on their website.
  5. Here's the response I got back from Line6: Thanks Paul for your patience. Right now, the only work-around to install our drivers is to disable Memory Integrity. I've informed my team about this issue, and they're already aware. This is the only work-around right now for our products. We've made the suggestion to find a possible solution with future updates, but that's not something I can promise for now.
  6. I submitted some snapshots of the security messages I'm getting with the Line6 drivers and the response I received back was: Thanks Paul for providing that info. I'll share this with our team, and let you know if I hear anything new about these drivers. I may not have an answer right away, but I'll see what I can find out. Regards, Pete
  7. I just opened a Line6 ticket and asked for an updated driver. Let's see what they say...
  8. The latest Windows 11 update has a security feature called "Memory Integrity" that complains I have an incompatible driver: L6PODHD564.sys by Line6, dated 3/30/2012 I have not yet tested if I can still connect the HD500 to my Win11 PC, but I worry about what this means for the future. I doubt Line6 will update this rather old driver. Anyone else have any issues with Win11? FYI, other drivers that cause the same problem are: rdwm1027.sys from Roland (maybe my old PCR USB keyboard, which still works in Win11) GEARAspiWDM.sys from GEAR Software (appears to be part of DVD recording software, which I don't have - not sure where this came from) wdcsam64_Prewin8.sys from Western Digital (not sure where this came from either - lots of videos describe how to remove this).
  9. A much better replacement USB port is readily available, cheap, and fairly easy to replacement, so it is very possible to get you back in shape. You'll need to search this forum for "USB" to see where to get one. If you want your HD500 bad enough, this is a viable option.
  10. Thank you. That's what I've discovered since my 2014 question. I appreciate you taking the time to post this.
  11. FYI, it's working fine on my end with a fully up-to-date Win10. So, we know it IS possible.
  12. You'll want to take a look here and download the "Huge 185M EQ frequency response file (zip)" linked at the bottom. That shows what the frequency response of ALL the EQs look like, including the parametric EQ and the various Q settings. There's lots of other cool geeky stuff there as well. Enjoy!
  13. If I'm reading your question correctly, yes plug your XLR microphone into the XLR input on the back of the HD500X. Start with the gain knob, back there next to the XLR input, turned all the way up. Then, using the HD500x editor, route channel B to the Mic. Keep Channel A on your Guitar. Now you have two signal paths, Mic and Guitar, that each can have their own FX blocks. When you get to the mixer, route channels A/B to L/R so the two signals come out their own L/R outputs. Be aware that 1) you lose stereo output, and 2) if you put any stereo FX after the mixer then you'll mix up the MIC and Guitar audio. I'm writing this from memory, so I hope I got this right...
  14. You'll probably get the best answer by going to your DAW's forum. Each DAW has it's own way to connect to your audio interface, whether it's the HD500X or a separate box. Be prepared to provide a detailed description of your signal flow.
  15. If you want to get a clean sound out of an amp model then, according to this thread, the cleanest amp is the Blackface 'Lux Nrm Pre. There are others that are very clean as well. Just look for amps with low distortion numbers in the last column. Anything below 0.1% can be considered very clean. You'll have to be satisfied with the resulting frequency response you get, though.
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