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  1. Thanks, that is helpful, though I feel like the notch is still a little too wide at max Q settings (it's not a true notch, just a deep narrow cut). This guitar is under warranty still, so hopefully I can get this fixed and won't need the notch. It's probably just the placement of the piezo pickup. It's sad that Line6 doesn't document these EQs better. They are really very poorly explained in the manual.
  2. davidstvz

    Notch Filter?

    Is there any way to do a notch filter using the Pro HD500? I have an acoustic with piezo pickup that has a nasty resonance right around 3100 hz and I just want to put a notch as narrowly as possible right there at 3000 or so. I don't see any good way to do that. On that subject, I don't see any good documentation for the EQs. What is the shift EQ for example?
  3. Thanks. That's simple enough, it's just not clear from the support website where you should begin. I got it all done and everything is good now. If I can make a suggestion to Line 6. For the downloads section on the website, remove the software and operating system lists from the top of the download page. Have the user only select the hardware product, then take the user to a page for that product. Tell the user the basic important things for that product (in my case; "Hey why don't you download Line 6 Monkey and use that to update your flash, firmware and/or to download the latest Line 6 Edit program!"). Have the complete software download list maybe at the bottom of the download page or something, not at the top where it can confuse the hell out of everyone.
  4. I recall looking this up a while back and read that there is no factory reset within the unit. However, is there a library of presets I can load onto the HD 500 that will amount to the same thing? I don't want to download user edited presets right now, I'd like the original factory presets if possible (or the latest factory presets). I still have the original presets installed (except maybe a few that were overwritten) but the editing program gives me the "invalid patch data error" and refuses to load any of it. I read that I could use an older version to avoid that problem, but I don't see where I can download that. Any help? EDIT: Let me simplify: 1) Can I get an old version of the software that is compatible with the old presets? 2) Is it possible to factory reset the presets? 3) Can I download a new set of presets that are compatible with the latest version of the Edit software, or do I have to download and/or create them one at a time? What I'd really like is to reset the presets in such a way that is compatible with the newest software... if that's not possible then I'll have to pick from the remaining options.
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