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  1. bkh1134

    Clean sound???

    Is there a method to getting a very clean sound? Like my Digitech pedal, when I put it in bypass the tone is pure unfiltered undistorted guitar. But when I mess around with the “clean” tones on the X3 it’s almost bluesy. Slight distortion and I can’t get a pure clean tone.
  2. Just realized I did in fact post something similar in the X3 spot yet never got a response.....it’s been a year and a half. Lol
  3. Ummm....welllll.....apparently I have a pod x3 live. Lol. My apologies. Does that change this whole thing now?
  4. Awesome. I’ll try that out. Thank you! And if it helps, run my guitars through my pod, through my behringer U-phoria then through my cR3 speakers.
  5. Lol. I understand that that tone in the song is acoustic. I’m just looking for something similar. For example. When my guitar is fed straight through my speakers I get a clean undistorted sound. Yet when going through my pedal I get distortion tone in my clean channels.
  6. I cannot for the life of me get a good clean tone. With zero distortion. I’m trying to get something like the beginning of Hypatia Rising by Darkest Hour. Any help would be compensated with 1 billlllion dawlers. ; P
  7. I am trying to get a solid clean sound. All the "clean" patches I download are distorted. Is this normal? I am trying to get the same sound as if I were to plug my guitar straight to the speakers. My set up is guitar to pod x3 out to behringer sound unit then to my mackie speakers.
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